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Negative Nancy

My cousin and friend alluded to the fact that I’ve been a real Negative Nancy. It’s just been my way of relating to people for quite some time. 244 more words


Shop Anniversary Give Away

In about two weeks (Friday 09 September) I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of my online shop, abitofglueandpaper.ca. Though I have not made any sales from it, I still consider it a milestone. 221 more words


Ninja writers Academy: The put me there assignment

The assignment this week was all about showing versus telling. This has never actually been my strong point and so high have just attached some of my work in progress and I am going to leave it to you to tell me if I have shown what is happening or just simply told and need to look at this again. 720 more words


Your edge of the world

There are thousands of miles between

your golden coast

and mine concrete

Thousands of things to go wrong

potential for heartache

potential for loss

Potential for fresh faces turned… 56 more words

Creative Writing

See a Critic as a Friend

No one likes constructive criticism.  Especially not about something you spent hours or even months creating.  Everyone hates it even more when the criticism is from a  competitor. 562 more words


Sincerely though, Thank You For Your Consideration

Words form sentences,

sentences form paragraphs–

page upon page

my heart bleeds

and for you there is a disconnect,

so you pass on my manuscript. 26 more words