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A Difference In Opinions

Criticism is a fickle thing.

On one hand, it can be issued in a positive context, allowing for recognition of potential improvement in a specific situation. 302 more words

On The Edge Of Everything

How To Be A Teachable Woman

I recently read a verse in Proverbs that really struck me. It was one that just jumped off of the page and really stuck with me for the whole day. 534 more words


Learning and discerning criticisms

Mercury retrograde is on its way out this weekend and it sure did come with its ups and downs. Of course, whether there is mercury retrograde or not, there’s always something or other going on in life. 960 more words

Constructive Criticism

my poetry rule #5: ask for feedback (and really listen)

This rule I have for myself is one I had to embrace humility about. It helped that in college I had to sit in a group in creative writing class and have my poems critiqued by other students. 552 more words


How to deal with criticism?

Once you are active in the world, people will throw all kinds of things at you. What life throws at you is determined by so many forces, but what you make out of it is one hundred percent up to you. 955 more words


Tool 7: Constructive Criticism

Constructive criticism is a combination of positive and negative feedback (Neese, 2017). A very large part of a leaders job is to give feedback to their followers. 262 more words

C is for Caim

(n.) Sanctuary. An invisible circle of protection drawn around the body with the hand, to remind one of being safe and loved even in the darkest times. 990 more words