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Criticism: You Suck

Artists, athletes, teachers, geologist, those people who refill the soap at self-service car washes: all benefit immensely from criticism.  358 more words

Nudity in Halo

​We want your opinion. We’ve also discussed this topic before but haven’t delved into it as much as I’d like to. Tons of art communities and video game communities (including Halo) have banned showcasing posts or even having discussions that contain nudity. 651 more words


On the Subject of Interpersonal Criticism

Our lives are perpetually in a state of flux and they should be because we grow through making mistakes and learning from them. Unfortunately, we are often too afraid of failure or being corrected and this can hold us back from reaching our true potential on individual and societal levels.  961 more words


The Importance of Critique

I felt that a nice way to open this blog to the world would be with some writing on what I’ve found to be one of the main, core, primary active components of a writer’s growth and improvement. 992 more words


Write Your Heart

I have been writing for as long as I remember. In fact, I remember sitting in an oversized chair, tapping away at my dad’s PC using DOS Word to write fantastical stories about princesses and monsters. 556 more words


10 Tips On How To Be A Great Mentee

Here at Suzzanne Uhland’s Blog, we always talk about the ways someone can be a better mentor and how rewarding this type of relationship can be for all parties involved, so in this occasion want to turn the tables around and chat about things from a different perspective. 867 more words


Operation Resolution Week 1

On January 1st, 2017, Halo Headquarters, in an even further attempt to reunite Halo community, launched #OperationResolution. In a Facebook post on our page we detailed: 1,114 more words