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Artist Statement: 1st Attempt

O h good G*D!, how I have procrastinated on this essential piece of expression!

As you may be aware, I have only begun this journey last year and have recently made the decision that I must move forward and address the business side of being an artist. 255 more words


Off the Mat: Dark Days

Dark Days

Driving his die cast metal school bus ‘round its pressboard wooden route, my kiddo hums under his breath. Tune recognition takes a while to reach my conscious mind. 686 more words

Contributing Writer

In Over My Head

Today, it happened.  I turned in an assignment early, thinking that my instructor would respond with the “A++++++++++” touted by “A Christmas Story”, as he practically sings.   235 more words

Right brain, left brain, no brainer.

Pre-1980’s research into the brain appeared to show that people fall into two distinct camps – left brainers and right brainers. The left brain was  supposed to be the logical, problem solving side and was claimed by people who were good at maths and unemotional, whereas the right side was for all those airy fairy, creative types.   549 more words


Writing Progress: Thinking about peer review on my screenplay.

I finished this stage of the revision process where I took the notes I made and changed the screenplay accordingly in Final Draft. Now it’s time I seek out peer review. 486 more words


For All Writers On All Levels...We All Have Critics...

When Criticism Becomes Bullying

So here’s the thing: As a writer, I welcome feedback. I need feedback if I’m going to grow and develop my talents. 222 more words


Part 1/2: The Art of (not) Complaining

I often remind myself of the British adage, ‘Never Complain, Never Explain.’ I was first introduced to this concept by this article, which I saw on… 773 more words