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Useful feedback: 3 essential rules

For writers, no days drag on longer than days without feedback from your editor. You’ve sent him a 1,200-word document that reflect some facet of your very self, and your editor will be returning it to you with comments and criticisms. 1,142 more words


The Reviews are in!! Well... Sort of.

The Reviews are in!! Well… Sort of.

So far I’ve received two very different reviews for my book ‘Breed, the secret design to maintain racial inequality among the despised classes’. 784 more words


How to give constructive writing criticism that actually helps

There is an art to giving constructive criticism. Once you’ve narrowed down what needs to be said, it can be difficult to get the message over. 18 more words

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Why Does Putting Yourself Out There Attract So Much Hate? There's A Difference Between Destructive And Constructive Criticism

Brotherhood, sisterhood, concealing each others flaws, giving each other 70 excuses, advising each other in PRIVATE, positive words and thoughts, and not backbiting are all weighted heavily in Islam. 1,023 more words


How to Give and Take Constructive Criticism

Hello and welcome to Art Faire. This article explores the subject of constructive criticism. While this is not strictly an art topic, it is a very important topic in art. 470 more words

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No, I'm making all of this up

It’s probably safe to assume you’ve found yourself in this situation before:

A colleague asks you to read their material and give your thoughts on it. 407 more words


This article was inspired by another member of my writer’s group who had just this issue which she posted on Facebook. Her cousin gave her a very intriguing plot for a story but when she received the actual manuscript, the writing was awful and she couldn’t get through the first few pages. 686 more words