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The importance of beta reading

Six months ago I wouldn’t have been able to tell you what a beta reader is, or what their purpose is but along my journey to becoming a published author, I have discovered what beta readers are and why they, to me, play such an important role, especially in the revising and editing stages of publishing your book. 456 more words


GW2: The Constructive Criticism Postscript to Raids

Ok, I lied. In the spirit of being positive, let’s not end on a downer note.

What are some viable things that Anet can do in the future to improve the GW2 raiding experience? 1,116 more words

Guild Wars 2

Construction criticism (or where have all the detours gone?)

Constructive criticism is the art of offering feedback on work performance to help a person improve. Construction, specifically road construction, is an effort to improve the roads. 860 more words


Constructive Criticism: Direct Customer Feedback Through Public Channels

Constructive criticism is always important, regardless of the type of business you’re running. It’s one of the single best ways to not only identify areas where you and your team truly excel, but more importantly, identify things that you could be doing better that you might not be otherwise unaware of. 542 more words

Learning from feedback and 'criticism'

“If you look for perfection, you’ll never be content.” ― Leo Tolstoy

I am not perfect, say it to yourself for a moment. I am not perfect, nor will I ever be.

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Career Blunders to Avoid

Over the course of my professional life, I made good and bad decisions that significantly impacted my career.  Most of my good decisions were the result of what I learned from prior experiences, the influence of good managers, and advice from trusted co-workers & friends.   728 more words

Barrier Check

Friday Fiction Concrit Subgroup

Dear fellow Fictioneers,

In light of some comment-conversations a couple of weeks ago, I have approached Rochelle about the possibility of creating a group-within-a-group for those wishing to bring back the critiquing element to Friday Fiction. 862 more words