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Entrepreneur Rookie Year - Lessons Learned

It has been just over a year since I first entered the local startup community in Cape Breton and now is a good time to reflect on some lessons learned. 828 more words

Diana Penty is open to constructive criticism

New Delhi, Oct 14, 2016: Diana Penty is open to constructive criticism. Actress Diana Penty says she is open to constructive criticism, and want to work on her flaws. 21 more words

How to give good feedback

As an editor I spend a lot of time going over content with a critical eye, making edits, suggestions and rounding it all into a nice ball of feedback I can send back to an author. 366 more words

Creative Content

Eight Big Benefits of Belief (Self-Belief)

In life it is necessary to have some beliefs. That does not mean that you need to follow any dogma or belief forced on you. You can pick your own beliefs with discretion. 580 more words

Self Esteem

no, your editor is not out to get you

Editing seems to get a bad reputation in the circle of writers near me, especially those just starting or those trying to get back to their feet. 786 more words


Constructive criticism and commenting

Constructive criticism in blogging word seem to be one of those mystical unicorns that shouldn’t exist but it actually does, so people are afraid to use it. 919 more words

Annie's Perception


Every generation presents us with outstanding leaders, and our own is no exception. However, we have also faced overwhelming failures of leadership, so much so that leadership today is a dark place where at times we are afraid to go. 271 more words

Leadership And Values