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The Compliment of Criticism

“Criticism is something we can avoid easily by saying nothing, doing nothing, and being nothing” –Aristotle

Criticism is truly hard to take no matter how it is given. 

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Life Experiences

The Art of Feedback

Part of what we’re learning in Creative Writing is how to provide helpful feedback to our peers. Just like there’s an art to writing, there’s an art to critiquing writing. 336 more words


How to Take Criticism: Five Tips

If you want to be a Creative Writing student, or a writer at all, then you need to develop some thick skin. Creative Writing programs generally take on a workshop format, where the writers sit in a large circle or break off in teams and share each other’s work, and then offer one another feedback. 1,009 more words


Love Hurts

Love hurts? Well, yes and no. Love should never involve abuse or neglect that is psychologically or physically painful. Jesus Christ CHOSE to accept his suffering on the cross. 338 more words

Holy Spirit

Dear Writers: Feedback is not Censorship

When you decide to become an author or a writer or whatever ‘free spirited creative thinker’ title you call yourself, you knowingly enter into a pack with the writing gods of old, accepting the fact that anything, everything, and all of the things you write and send out into the world will be analyzed, combed over with a microscope, shot with ultraviolet lights, and whatever else it is those CSI guys keep in the backs of their vans. 1,109 more words


"A Not So Complex Review" By George Corchado

Atlanta rap trio Migos is back with their second studio album Culture, and it’s probably their best project yet. Since the 2013 release of their breakout single Versace, the group has contributed to hip hop in ways that no has in a long time. 413 more words

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February: Inspiration for Intreprenuer

“Mistakes Are Not Synonyms for Failures!”

By: The Energy Shifter, Treashure Banks

“Cicely, can you please explain to me why the location for next month’s event has been changed? 665 more words