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"How do you feel when somebody gives harsh yet constructive criticism?"

I don’t think there is such a thing as harsh and constructive criticism. I think if it’s harsh it probably isn’t constructive, and if it’s constructive it can’t possibly be harsh. 522 more words


Thick-Skinned They Are Not

There’s a lot of stir on the web the past few days concerning a certain Twitter Q&A that was “hijacked by trolls”. For anyone not on the up-and-up in the writing community, controversial… 1,112 more words

Under Construction: Communicating Criticism

Criticism can be difficult to deal with, regardless of whether you are giving it or receiving it.  Many people misinterpret constructive criticism as negative feedback.  If taken or given the wrong way, … 508 more words


The Talented Man

He’s high on his own ego,
has to tell everyone he can:
“You’ve found the real deal;
pay homage to the talented man!”

Dismisses most other writers: 163 more words


The Hard Copy Masochist

It’s hard copy time!

With only one more Brone-Reimagined scene to sweet talk out of the old imagination, tomorrow I will be ready to send the whole of The Hushing Days to the printer. 115 more words



This story introduces us to a phobia which knows no boundaries. It affects the rich and successful as well as the poorest of the poor. It also affects politicians and preachers. 412 more words

Culture of Critique

I used to consider myself a leftist before I “woke up” and realized the left-right paradigm in politics is made up of all sorts of false choices. 838 more words