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Off the Mat: Constructively Compassionate at Home

Constructive Compassion

My hubby and I are arguing in agreement. Again. This time about word choice in an online article about parenting boys. The content is almost irrelevant. 586 more words

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Advice From a Teacher on the Importance of Timing

by, Heather Keyser

A compliment

should be given

right away

to someone

who has been


for the sake of

artistic expression.

The compliment

should not… 217 more words


‘Dating is subtext, marriage is text’ . . .


I’m still hooked on Dr. Linda Seger’s book: Writing Subtext. In it she quotes psychotherapist and script consultant Dr. 897 more words

Creative Writing

Failings don't make a failure

I enjoy editing. I like to pick apart a story or a sentence. I like to worry at a word until I find a winner. I like grammar rules and enjoy being able to implement them. 488 more words

Open Water - One of my favorite scenes in my "work in progress" novel.

Here we are, treading in the open water of the Northern Pacific. Two mere grains of sand in a great ocean of cold grey unknown. Our sight limited to the blur of our flesh a few feet below, and our lungs enduring the stress of the frigid waves crashing at our backs. 452 more words


The Sunday Morning Special! "Criticism Is Not Constructive: Managing Your Tongue On The Internet"

The Sunday Morning Special!

Criticism Is Not Constructive:

Managing Your Tongue On The Internet

In the cybersphere, everyone is encouraged to “comment” on just about everything. 99 more words


Taking Care of Myself During Internship

I am one month into my internship. I am being challenged and rewarded in so many ways everyday. I have worked out my first evaluation with my coop and it has given me specific areas to work at, which I am thankful to have. 366 more words