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Day 111

So, this isn’t hand written… and it’s the first time in 111 days…because of craziness. (But it will be when I return home!) My house’s water pump broke. 107 more words


Mapping the Theological Landscape

There are some helpful ‘spectrums’ about theology. I use Grenz & Olson’s formulation of:

  • Folk
  • Lay
  • Ministerial
  • Professional
  • Academic

as a starting point to initiate those who are entering the conversation. 108 more words


Two Hopeful Realizations

  • Life is plentiful in helping, when we dare to ask for the right things. Being open and honest what I wanted a few weeks ago has resulted ever since then in increasing opportunities to grow.
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Constructive Conflict

It has been mentioned throughout this blog series that communication is a means of breathing life into others. However, not all communication is used that way. 418 more words



It is coming up to a year that I started this blog. Five days a week, I write a little something that I hope will encourage those reading, to be, think and do better. 298 more words

Self Help


Watching a toddler’s routine is something like a flashback of our own lives. They have their own problems that sometimes resemble with our problems. I am getting an opportunity to see my nephew’s daily routine for the last two days. 393 more words

Life As We Know It...

Embrace the Glorious Mess

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle”

In this world, everyone of us has to suffer their own predicament, encounter diversity in several and often unimaginable forms, and fight our own battles.  196 more words

Self Expression