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The "Should" Mind

We say things are not as they should be. I say, “things are what they are, so now what?”

Over the past months I have been thinking a lot about how things ‘should’ be. 1,051 more words


Internet, Inspiration, and Boredom

If I find the internet boring, then clearly I am doing it wrong?!

I have found myself, on more than a few occasions, thoughtlessly scrolling through various social media platforms, blogs, youtube videos, and feeling generally bored by it all. 566 more words


Sandwich Method

This blog post correlates with the one I just published on the Web Design portion of my blog, so if you’ve not read that yet go ahead and read it… 270 more words

Soft Skills

Educated Literates!

On his convocation day, Usman was feeling on top of the world while holding his graduation degree and having a shiny gold medal round his neck. 317 more words


Giving Him My Power

Although he’s not included with my LOA works,I am still giving him my power. Each time I think about having my ideal life & I think about how he’s not going to¬† benefit or take control,& how these are my rules not his. 180 more words

02: Reading Mean Comments

Problem Statement:

It is very easy to comment with an intention to bring someone down, however it is very difficult to appreciate someone sincerely. Similarly, it is very easy to accept a compliment, but how many people can take mean comments sportingly? 371 more words

Video Analysis

Critical analysis of feedback on the display

Here I will be looking at our feedback and look for some constructive feedback. Overall I thought that we actually did pretty well with how much feedback we actually got, considering I didn’t see many people go to our display. 837 more words

APP Module (Project X)