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Many people make many resolutions at the start of the new year and take oaths to stick with it throughout the year. But a funny fact is, instead of fulfilling them they even forget that they have made those resolutions!😂 165 more words


Anxious Thoughts Are The Worst

These horrible thoughts attached to you when you are anxious & totally not yourself. They come at you when you are weak & filled with pain. 160 more words


Feedback from Class Screening

In todays lesson, our class had our first screening of our films so far! It was really interesting to see the progress made by our classmates and was also hugely useful as we all commented on each others work giving comments on what we liked and how we could improve. 343 more words

Short Film

The Constant Comeback

Hi there!

Again, I am back on my blog after months of being logged off. I always tend to give up, get a mental block, or get lost in life to where I feel nothing I do is worth it. 437 more words

Is Arguing Necessarily Bad?

We usually associate arguing with unhealthy relationships. However, this is not always the case. It is not our arguments that make or break our relationships, it is the ways in which we argue. 186 more words


Know your type and live accordingly! (Part 1: Basic)

There are two types of people in this world:

Type 1:

They are struggling for food, health, money etc. Or living in extremely difficult situations like suffering from incurable diseases, no family, no home, physically disabled, begging on streets, mentally ill etc. 366 more words


Believe, so you won't lose!

No, I can’t do it because it is hard! No, it can’t be happenning because it seems to be impossible! No, I can’t….. and so on and so on.. 290 more words