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An amazing initiative - https://ourfuture2014.wordpress.com/

This is inspiration at it’s best – a project aimed at simply connecting people for a better future in this region. For this particular project, young Albanian and Serbian people, together with people from the Netherlands, get connected through an exchange program. 78 more words


Exploring: Managing the Building Process

The next stage of development of Agile Project Management is Exploring: Managing the Building Process. This area covers, Controlling without interfering with the build, Managing constructive collaboration and Managing issues and risks.


I'm just curious...

Do any of you have a particular person that you enjoy..I’m not sure how to really say this..competing with? It’s kind of hard to say this without it sounding like you’re actually in a competition with someone, that’s not what I’m getting at. 417 more words


What Forgiveness Is NOT About

“Because we often forget what the true meaning of forgiveness is…”

I have to admit that sometimes I want be more merciful than God,
by doing things that most probably will just going to hurt me more. 78 more words


Happiness, Solitude & You.

Growth, Change, Self Discovery are all a lonely journey that either repels or attracts certain people into ones life. Along the journey, challenges are at a constant recurrence and so are people in those challenges. 848 more words

My Story

Welcome to A better future for the Balkans!

Our warmest welcome to all of you interested in sharing of and taking part in positive, constructive ideas and thought regarding the Balkan region. This is a non-nationalistic, non-rasist, non-discriminatory website aimed at focusing on the present, as well as the future – without ever forcing anyone to neglect their memories of the past. 83 more words


Creating Patterns

These my thoughts
And I’m sticking to them
Slow to create but worth the work
Filling in thoughts like colors
Creating a mental masteriece
Thoughts behind every stroke… 108 more words