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Nothing Is Neutral

If I asked you why you read novels, watch movies, play video games, play sports with your friends, or anything like that, what would be your answer? 528 more words

Free Time

The Power of Slowing Down

“Doing nothing

is better than being busy doing nothing”

~Lao Tzu


The above quote is a beautiful reminder that we often impose “busy-ness” on ourselves.  If we step back and truly analyze how we spend our days, they are largely consumed by driving here and there, watching TV, scanning the internet, and checking our phones.   649 more words

Smile, it’s contagious

Recently I was working on a project where I have long term relationship with the organisation.  The team had always had its challenges and always had a challenging culture, but you would still largely find people who were happy and were passionate about seeing the team succeed.  161 more words

Leadership, Team And Culture

Fri Jan 02 11:54 AM 2015

Build the world you love. Don’t oppose the world you hate.

The world will change when those with the spirited energy and purity of youth understand that trying to tear down the old world is nothing more than being enthralled by our present predicament. 89 more words

Primates On Typewriters

They say practice makes perfect..

You ever feel like there’s one thing that you just not that at? Well, in my case, I feel that way whenever I try to draw human (ish) people. 632 more words


Instruction that supports learning process

Education is about looking both into the past and into the future, which is why it also has two opposite purposes: to ensure cultural progression and to prepare students for their unknown future. 425 more words

Meaningful Learning

Teacher Smack Talk

Teachers inspire, fill students with hope, help students polish their road to success, and do so much more that it would take a couple of dissertations to even revel a surface understanding of the positive things teachers do. 324 more words