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There is a tendency to hold back

Owing to the grand plans of future

Trying to manipulate the past as well

With rewritten dreams

Yet, the overwritten scribbles resemble entwined troubles… 74 more words


We Are the Creators of Our Story

Where we are is a one story. Where we are going to is another.

We can only go where we want from, where we are now. 242 more words


Election Day!!!!!

Did you know that it was only in 1905 the post of Prime Minister was officially given recognition?

However, it has been said that the first ever Prime Minister for Great Britain was Sir Robert Walpole, who led Great Britain for 21 years in 1721-42, although some may argue that the first “Prime Minister” of the United Kingdom (Great Britain and Ireland) was in fact William Pitt the Younger. 102 more words

Woodworking Industry


I said, “I want to be friends.”
“Don’t you think I’m attractive?” you asked.
“This has nothing to do with that,” I replied.
“Are you rejecting my love?” you asked sadly. 144 more words

Day 111

So, this isn’t hand written… and it’s the first time in 111 days…because of craziness. (But it will be when I return home!) My house’s water pump broke. 107 more words


Mapping the Theological Landscape

There are some helpful ‘spectrums’ about theology. I use Grenz & Olson’s formulation of:

  • Folk
  • Lay
  • Ministerial
  • Professional
  • Academic

as a starting point to initiate those who are entering the conversation. 108 more words


Two Hopeful Realizations

  • Life is plentiful in helping, when we dare to ask for the right things. Being open and honest what I wanted a few weeks ago has resulted ever since then in increasing opportunities to grow.
  • 69 more words