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Improving our tango is a constant challenge. It’s a never-ending journey that involves stumbling, understanding, refining, and practice.

Generally, there are two ways to address our progress. 192 more words

Argentine Tango

Discussion Topic -Listening to Reviewers

I’ve reviewed a lot of books. I’ve had great experiences and very bad ones. I’ve often wondered how much stock the actual author puts into reviews. 211 more words


Tango isn’t just a leisure activity, or something we do in our spare time. It’s something we actively make time for.

It presents goals, then challenges us to realize them. 123 more words

Argentine Tango

Raising A Constructive and Considerate Child

One thing I’ve really striven for as a parent has been to raise my child to be considerate of others and to display empathy.  She’s very Type A and all about being the center of attention – but despite this inclination, she is extremely considerate of others. 1,435 more words


Writing with a partner

I’ve done a fair amount of collaborative writing in my life but I find that it’s not something that works for everyone.  In fact, I was even quite bad at it as a young adult.   253 more words


Feedback or Frivolous

After working on my very first project for weeks, it was finally time to upload for another round of reviews. It had been reviewed by a few others, so things should be fine right? 543 more words