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Is Arguing Necessarily Bad?

We usually associate arguing with unhealthy relationships. However, this is not always the case. It is not our arguments that make or break our relationships, it is the ways in which we argue. 184 more words


Know your type and live accordingly! (Part 1: Basic)

There are two types of people in this world:

Type 1:

They are struggling for food, health, money etc. Or living in extremely difficult situations like suffering from incurable diseases, no family, no home, physically disabled, begging on streets, mentally ill etc. 366 more words


Believe, so you won't lose!

No, I can’t do it because it is hard! No, it can’t be happenning because it seems to be impossible! No, I can’t….. and so on and so on.. 290 more words


Goosebumps Of HOPE 💗

Life can snatch everything you have except “YOU” and you have the power to restart everything again by holding the hand of HOPE. :) 229 more words


" TRUTH AND CONSTRUCTIVE VS DESTRUCTIVE , FALLS , FOES AND FOLLIES OF THE  UNSCRUPLOUS AND TREACHEROUS " . MORAL IS ONE PERSON ON SIDE OF TRUTH CAN BEAT HUNDREDS AND THOUSANDS OF PERSONS WITH LIES. DEEP NEETI 8 " TRUTH AND DARE " or " SUN TREATESE " OF 44 vs 99 or Constructive 143 ( One 143 Means I Love You ( Importance of SUCCESS WITH LOVE  vs PERISHMENT WITH GREED AND PERMANENT LOSS. LOVE RESPECT LOYALITY REPRESENTS LOVE OR 143 ( HERE 99+44=143 and 44 is no way comparable to 99 and 143 ) . Mainly 5 Characters in this real plot and based on true story OF DEEP define this Deep Neeti or Sun Treatise 8. In this story Main opponents are 4 Characters out of Top 5 amounting to 1+1 = 11 ( As they consider themselves no less and very strong like 1+1= 11 and All four amounting to 44 going 4 fold in power but still unware about  Main Key Character they are wasting time on Knowledgeable Character 1 who alone is equal to 99. Since 44 of Character 2+3+4+5 ( 11 each ) collectively equal to 44 is not even half of 99 and even shorter than the best of Characters 2+3+4+5 combined at 44 vs 99 it finally proves that One Truth can beat thousand lies and ditchers in short or long run all the way. Main plot is in Main 5 and Rest of Characters from 6-10 are hardly any decision makers rather just inspiring conspiracy , the foes and folly.

They say Love is Majestic. Nothing can match Love , Patience , Tolerance and Non-Violence. Just like forgiveness is a trait of strong similarly in a reciprocal , Violence is a trait of weak. 654 more words

Clean Up Your Mess!

If you break a glass by mistake you run to pick up the pieces and clean the mess up. You know this very well that crying over that loss and not cleaning it up is useless. 302 more words


First coalition talks constructive: German parties

BERLIN (Reuters) – Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservative bloc and the pro-business Free Democrats described their first talks on building a coalition government as constructive on Wednesday, but a meeting later with the Greens could prove more difficult.