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They say practice makes perfect..

You ever feel like there’s one thing that you just not that at? Well, in my case, I feel that way whenever I try to draw human (ish) people. 524 more words


Instruction that supports learning process

Education is about looking both into the past and into the future, which is why it also has two opposite purposes: to ensure cultural progression and to prepare students for their unknown future. 425 more words

Meaningful Learning

Teacher Smack Talk

Teachers inspire, fill students with hope, help students polish their road to success, and do so much more that it would take a couple of dissertations to even revel a surface understanding of the positive things teachers do. 324 more words

What Takes Your Money‬?

My Friend,

I have also observed that the resources we do not contribute to the constructive things of life, we inevitably contribute to the destructive…


Stepping Outside The Box

Last year I took an acting workshop. I am not an actor by any means but I was open to experiencing a different method of opening myself up. 132 more words

Acting like I know what I'm talking about... by offering some feedback to my classmates! Should be interesting...

Greetings once again. I come to you tired and dreading the long week ahead of me. Tigerfest weekend most definitely got the best of me, between celebrating my fraternity’s (Theta Chi for those who don’t know) … 1,076 more words


Critique vs. Criticism

Similar but not the Same

Two words that seem the same, but yet have a significant difference. Criticism is defined from Merrian Webster as “the act of expressing disapproval and of noting the problems or faults of a person or thing”. 304 more words