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Team Work

This passage is usually used to describe marriage and how wonderful it is to have a lifelong partner. But, I want to talk about it in the context of team work and a sense of belonging. 395 more words

Life Skills


Today’s Reading:James 4:17
Have you stopped to think that four people die every ten seconds?

Life is very short, so we need to ask two questions: What are we doing with our lives? 156 more words

Daily Message

Embracing Criticism

I showed the first few chapters of my book to a couple of close friends yesterday. I wasn’t too nervous as the writing was very rough and I pre-warned them that I was only really looking for story criticism. 238 more words


Time Has Taught Me Things

In 2010, I started writing my own teen novel. I worked on it for a long time and then eventually felt like it was terrible and it would never get published, or even finished. 444 more words


When it comes to movies, video games, and music, I evaluate everything based on its own merits. I don’t compare it against personal expectations, but rather, view the work as an expression of creator intent and see how well it achieves its own objectives while keeping in mind the challenges and obstacles that had to be overcome for it to come to fruition. 340 more words


Pack (mule) mentality

You never fully appreciate how much things like groceries and laundry weigh until you’re lugging them around the city at 1 in the morning, dropping shit, and sweating profusely. 557 more words


Surviving Constructive Criticism (With Nita)

1.  Lights up at the notification.

2.  Reads comment.

3.  A proud anger brews inside her as she analyzes the comment.

4.  Gets really mad/listens to angry music. 62 more words
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