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JS Object Model

Create an object constructor so you can use it as a blueprint to create new instances of that¬†object later (in this example, that instance of the Person object is ‘bob’). 19 more words


Logistics - No Step March Grand Prix - Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

When I first entered the staging garage at Long Beach I was the only photographer working.  Slowly, the trucks kept arriving and the shipping cases and wrapped cars were unloaded.

Formula 1

Logistics - Alfa Romeo Racing Spare Parts - Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

At the 1983 Long Beach Grand Prix I enjoyed several days observing and photographing the complexity of logistics involved in shipping Formula One cars around the world and preparing them for racing.

Formula 1

Hackerrank Day 15: Linked List

Linked List: A data structure that consists of a group of nodes which represent a sequence together.

  • Order matters (can’t move nodes around)
  • Space is dynamic…
  • 204 more words

Exercism JS: RNA Transcription

Write a program that, given a DNA strand, returns its RNA complement (per RNA transcription).

Both DNA and RNA strands are a sequence of nucleotides. 143 more words