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In The Pits After Pole Position For Teo Fabi In The Toleman Hart - German GP 1985

This was the first pole position for a Hart engine in a Formula One car and the only pole for both Teo Fabi and the Toleman team.

Formula 1

Stefan Johansson - Honda/Spirit Pits - Austrian GP 1983

Renown motor racing journalist and competitor Denis Jenkinson (wearing the red sweater) stands studying the new Honda engine.

Formula 1

Stefan Johansson In The Spirit-Honda - British Grand Prix 1983

Honda returned to Formula One as an engine supplier powering the Spirit F1 car driven by Stefan Johansson at the British Grand Prix in 1983.

Formula 1

Java Constructors Part 2

Today I went through a follow-up lecture about constructors. Basically what I learned was how to generate a constructor using IntelliJ which saves a lot of time. 265 more words

Java Constructors

In this lecture, I learned about a trick to quickly generate getter and setter methods. Once you’ve declared the variables in the class, you highlight them then go to code > generate > getter and setter. 391 more words

Effective Java -3rd Edition - Part 1 Consider Static Factory Methods instead of Constructors

Key Pointers

  1. A Class Members consists of Fields, Methods , Member Classes and member Interfaces
  2. A Method Signature Consists of Name and type of its Formal parameters; Signature does not include the method return type.
  3. 677 more words
Java 8