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What are constructors?

“Constructors are special type of member class functions which performs initialization of every object automatically when its created.”

Compiler identifies that the given member function is a constructor by its name and return type. 

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The question of the questions

Did Ferrari make the best choice redesigning almost completely chassis, mechanics, cooling system and powertrain for 2016 season? This is what both supporters and experts go on asking themselves. 269 more words

The Different Opinion

Generating a deck of cards with an object constructor

On my previous post, someone asked why we use constructor functions.  In a nutshell, we use constructors to save us time.  In today’s tutorial, I’m going to illustrate this by creating a deck of cards. 518 more words


Constructors in java (Inheritance)

We will look at constructors and what gets called first and how the flow is when it comes to inheritance.  If there are cases that I have missed out, please feel free to comment so that I could add them for everyone else who can benefit. 519 more words


Meet the constructors family

Most of the time you will use init constructor which works pretty much as the one seen in C#, Swift, or Python. The memory for object is already allocated, you just have to set the values for the object members. 500 more words

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