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Constructors in C#

A Constructor is a special method in a class/struct with the same name as that of class/struct without any return type, used to initialize fields and members of a class/struct; 432 more words


Day 6: Arrays and Constructors

Today, we learned about arrays and constructors. Arrays are lists that contain multiple objects or values in one variable. To create an array, we use square brackets and place items separated by commas. 238 more words


Spirits of the Mountains - Part 3

Builders from the Earth Phaeton

The teacher, Natalia Kazimirskaya, comes from the village of Kondoma, Kemerovo region. In her childhood, on the road near the village stood a stone sculpture of six meters high with rough-hewn features on two cubes-pedestals. 407 more words

Bernard Asset Photographing Nelson Piquet In The Brabham - German GP 1983

Bernard had been photographing very close Piquet for some time when he gently reached into the cockpit and slightly repositioned Piquet’s gloved hand for a better composition in the picture. 33 more words

Formula 1

Ferrari Fans - Belgian GP 1985

Although these three men are wearing Ferrari overalls I believe they are spectators. They are not wearing the team uniforms and are carrying a Ferrari flag.  66 more words

Formula 1