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Inheritance in C#

As we know object-oriented programming enables you to declare and use a new class as a descendant of another class. This process is known as  254 more words

C Sharp

Method Overloading in C#

Methods can be overloaded in C# in any of the two ways:

  • By specifying different number of parameters.
  • By specifying different types of parameters.

Overloading on the return type of method is not supported in C#. 223 more words

C Sharp


Lets take our earlier statement :

Bottle bottle1= new Bottle();

We have 4 words and 1 operator in the above statement. Lets look at each one in detail… 76 more words

Java With Basic Concepts

Constructor chaining and some other good tips with constructors

Blogging after a long time actually, I was bit busy with last exams and migrating to Colombo, Sri Lanka. I have a good news for you guys that I have joined… 668 more words


Case Solution for American Constructors Inc.: World Outreach Expansion Project

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      American Constructors Inc.: World Outreach Expansion Project

Authors :           Leanne Miele, Kenneth J. Klassen

Source :             Ivey Publishing… 256 more words