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Working on the Blog - 1

Today’s Task List

  • Improve typing with Ratatype
    • Finish level 1 finally
  • Writing Kotlin Articles
    • Start structuring brief articles on how to write apps in Kottlin…
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Tag-Turbo Engine Made By Porsche In The McLaren - Monaco Grand Prix 1985

If current speculation is correct we may see another Porsche built engine in Formula One.  The possibility is very exciting!

Formula 1

Rothmans Porsche At Dusk - Le Mans 1985

This past July I started a new Facebook page under my name Dale Kistemaker. Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100019909210341.

My new timeline has posts from my early entries from this WordPress blog Poetics of Speed with new additional information.  112 more words


Inside Rothmans Porsche - Manfred Jantke, Helmut Flegle and Jürgen Barth - Le Mans 1985

Jürgen Barth joins the Porsche brain trust in their Le Mans pit box.  Barth, the son of former F1 and Sports Car ace Edgar Barth has been deeply involved with Porsche as an engineer and race driver.   156 more words


Inside Rothmans Porsche - Jacky Ickx And Peter Falk - Le Mans 1985

The great Belgian race driver talks with Peter Falk, the extraordinary race director and engineer who was also head of chassis development at Porsche and responsible for refining some superb road cars.


Inside Rothmans Porsche - Jacky Ickx and Norbert Singer - Le Mans 1985

A brilliant driver and brilliant engineer whose significant contributions were crucial components of Porsche’s extraordinary success in Endurance Racing.