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Logistics - Alfa Romeo Racing Spare Parts - Long Beach Grand Prix 1983

At the 1983 Long Beach Grand Prix I enjoyed several days observing and photographing the complexity of logistics involved in shipping Formula One cars around the world and preparing them for racing.

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Hackerrank Day 15: Linked List

Linked List: A data structure that consists of a group of nodes which represent a sequence together.

  • Order matters (can’t move nodes around)
  • Space is dynamic…
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Exercism JS: RNA Transcription

Write a program that, given a DNA strand, returns its RNA complement (per RNA transcription).

Both DNA and RNA strands are a sequence of nucleotides. 143 more words


Hackerrank Day 4: Class vs Instance

Write a Person class with an instance variable, age, and a constructor that takes an integer, initialAge, as a parameter. The constructor must assign initialAge to age after confirming the argument passed as initialAge is not negative; if a negative argument is passed as initialAge, the constructor should set age to 0 and print Age is not valid, setting age to 0. 295 more words


Engineer's Hands, Digital Watch And Switch Panel - French GP 1985

This Renault Engineer is wearing a Vema digital watch.  It is similar in design to 1980’s Casio and Seiko watches but I’ve been unable to discover anything about it.   69 more words

Formula 1

The Octave

“The octave is the means by which the three mothers set up the process of rhythmic response. It is the law that to each action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

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