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Real Feng Shui

I have always been a strong believer in Feng Shui. Since my first home, I have engaged many Master. However, none has proved positive n consistence results. 617 more words


Services offered by Construction Consultancy Companies in London

Are you looking for a reliable Clerk of Works in London to ensure that your projects are on the right track? Count on one of the reputed construction consultancy companies around you. 554 more words

Hiring experts for engineering consultancy in Sharjah

Experts in the scheduling, designing, and construction of infrastructures, including both public and private infrastructures aiming to build proficient foundations, are and have always been in great demand.   279 more words


Costs everything if you aren't Understanding..

I ask people all the time, what’s the most important thing in any type of relation?

Most common answer I get to hear is love. But again, there’s no love without trust. 433 more words


The importance of UC and Telephone consulting?

Unified communications (UC) have been around in one guise or another for 15+ years and it has provided efficiencies in working practices, enablement of agile working and system integration to the point that it is often seamless to use telephony within other applications. 228 more words


#DonkeysToInnovators - Choosing what to keep

Top tips on making decisions about what to keep on Disabled Living’s Donkeys to Innovators project.

So, you’ve loads of stuff. You’ve loads of great stuff. 143 more words


5 Offbeat Careers To Embark Upon!

To every ‘ Where do you see yourself in five years?’, if your mind palace takes you to the deep seas, to the vineyards or to a Michelin star restaurant, but all you do is simply nod and say – software developer, doctor or a CA! 860 more words