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The wrong questions and responses in GATE 2018, Physics.

Here is a summary of the questions which has possibly been set wrong (I have given details below) or numerical answer types whose answers have been given incorrectly as per the declared answer sheet. 217 more words


Designing a system well...

Designing solid and flexible systems can be challenging, but if you get it right it can radically improve the quality and reliability of your work. Whether you’re in a touring environment or a fixed installation, here’s a few suggestions to think about when putting together your system designs. 1,011 more words


The habit of responding

I used to be called the walking dictionary in my English class, not because of my collection of word meanings and vocabulary, but because I was responding to every single question (about words) from my classmates, be it simple or complicated; and when I could not deliver the answer, I made my self a note to look up the definition (and may even went further to explore the roots of the words, derivatives, phrasal uses, etc.) to response to them later. 934 more words

I Think About Me

What is it like becoming self-employed after retirement? - An educator's story.

What happens when you reach retirement and realise that you’re not ready to quit working life? Read the story of one woman who did not want to retreat, so instead set up her own business venture after she retired.

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Green Hair, Don't Care

I’ve had green hair now for about three and a half years.

Before that I had most colours under the sun – apart from blonde, I could never ‘do’ blonde as I’m pale with a slightly ginger tinge, and it just makes me look ill. 1,152 more words


Ryan King: A Sound Analyst & Advisor in Finance

If you are looking for a professional financial analyst and process improvement expert for your company, then you can count on Ryan King of Indianapolis. With 18 years of experience in the financial, marketing and management sectors Ryan King is a true professional in his fields of expertise. 409 more words