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7 Types of Sargento Cheese Recalled for Listeria

By Caroline Picard

Eating the bacteria can be potentially fatal.

Hold the nachos. Sargento just recalled seven of its cheeses for a potential listeria contamination. An outbreak at one of its suppliers affected shredded and sliced varieties, including colby, jack and taco cheese. 214 more words


New twist to an old scam: Whatever you do, don't say "Yes"

The phone rings. There may be some static, some fumbling around, a caller who says they’re having trouble with their headset.

Then the voice on the other end of the line says, “Can you hear me?” 306 more words


.....why those Samsung phones exploded.....

………..here they go….bet they blame it on the jelly roll……

Samsung has conceded that its attempts to push the Note 7’s performance to its limit was a factor in a string of overheating problems that led to the device being recalled. 484 more words


Lincare – Respiratory Specialists – Consumer Alert

One of the things that really “bugs” me is when a medical facility takes advantage of a patient looking to them for their help.  We have a list of issues and we are starting with this one today because even though it’s about one person’s issue, it might help others going through the same thing. 456 more words


Why did the 16APSK mux at 97°W 3980H disappear?

If you have read some of my previous posts you may have discerned that I am no big fan of any of the free-to-air satellite forums out there. 1,034 more words

Consumer Alert

Some Thoughts on the Utter Hell of Air Travel - with a particular shout-out to Delta

If you do not believe in hell, you have little experience with air travel.  Unfortunately, I have such experience, lots of it.  I know painfully, horribly well the cycle of disappointment, frustration, anger, and extreme physical and mental exhaustion that is the stuff of air travel. 1,361 more words


Here's how to find a satellite dish installer, but should you?

I suspect that most readers of this blog install and maintain their own satellite dishes, either willingly or reluctantly. Just as some people like to tweak an automobile until it’s running perfectly and exceeding the manufacturer’s specifications, some people enjoy the challenge of setting up and maintaining a satellite dish system. 548 more words

Consumer Alert