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Consumer alert - Mondelez India Foods - Cadbury bar infected with fungus

Food Business Operator : Mondelez India Foods

Product :  Cadbury bar

Issue : Infected with fungus

Consumer complaint :

I brought a cadbury worth rupees 10 rupees on 11th febuary 2016 and i found that the bar was contaminated with fungus! 165 more words

Consumer Awareness

Consumer alert - Amul Ghee — Ghee make by chemicals

Food Business Operator ; GCMMF / Amul (Manufacturer), Reliance – (Retailer)

Product : Ghee

Issue : Substandard quality 

Consumer complaint :

I bought 1ltr of amul ghee from reliance store which is made up chemicals. 103 more words

Consumer Awareness

Consumer alert - Maggie Noodles — Insect inside packet

Food Business Operator : Nestle India (Manufacturer)

Product : Maggi Noodles 

Issue : Insect inside packet

Consumer complaint :

I am from Jamshedpur Jharkhand, Yesterday i made maggie noodles and while eating i found a insect. 28 more words

Consumer Awareness

How Do I Fight Food Waste?

“So, what do you do to fight food waste? Give very concrete examples.”

Surprisingly enough, I have only been asked this question once. Most of my conversations about food waste involve me giving examples of wasteful practices in the food industry and how households generate waste due to obliviousness, pointing out the environmental and economic senselessness of it all. 579 more words


Consumer alert - Amul / GCMMF — Amul Lite 200 gm - bitter tatse

Food Business Operator : Amul / GCMMF 

Product : Bread spread

Issue : Tastes bitter

Consumer complaint :

my name is Gaurav Gaur,
i had found bitter taste, consistency was not proper & not have proper sensory attributes… 34 more words

Consumer Awareness

Consumer alert - KFC India — Plastic strip found in Krushers cup

Food Business Operator : KFC India

Place : Growels Mall , Kandivali (East), Mumbai

Product : Krushers cup

Issue : Plastic strip found in Krushers cup… 152 more words

Consumer Awareness

Consumer alert - Reliance Fresh — Loose basmati rice mixed with other grade of rice

Food Business Operator ; Reliance Fresh 

Place : Chunabhatti, Mumbai

Product : Basmati Rice

Issue : Mixed with broken rice

Consumer complaint 

Complaining for reliance fresh chunabhatti Mumbai, when I had bought loose basmati rice was mixed with 40 percent broken and small rice other grade.i shown to the in charge officer but his answer was doubtful and not satisfactory while full of container of rice was occupied with same the issue.I saw first time since 4 years so feel bad. 50 more words

Consumer Awareness