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Composting As Big Business

The photo above looks almost surreal, but this is not fake news:

The Compost King of New York

What happens to food scraps after the city takes them?

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Food, Its Contents & Its Discontents

We appreciate that an immigrant restaurant owner has the courage to state the unpopular but important facts underpinning one of the popular memes of our time (thanks as always to the salt over at National Public Radio in the USA): 269 more words


Jimmy's Sunny Disposition

What a decent man, we say every time we see news of Jimmy Carter. This story is no exception, and we especially appreciate the example he is setting with this action… 405 more words


Rapid Radical Progress

In our┬áseventh year based in Kerala, India we have experienced progress each year in the quality of connectivity, but another state to the north may become India’s superstar of connectivity, faster than we can imagine: 556 more words


Economic Models Adapting To Evolving Challenges

The Moneyball approach to thinking about how to make the next big breakthroughs in conservation–not surprising that we are hearing this from The Nature Conservancy’s best and brightest: 957 more words


Boosting Crop Yields Without GMO

Thanks to Anthropocene for this summary on agricultural technology possibly breaking through the GMO debate in the near future:

A non-GMO approach to producing bigger, better wheat…

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