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Guardian Pressure, Gates Commitments, Turning The Dial

In case you have missed the campaign that the Guardian has been waging, click the image above, which will take you to their partnership site, … 545 more words


Your Customers Don't Care

Another irrational behaviour of people is that we feel we are being noticed. In a sea of people, we feel conscious of our behaviours, because we have a feeling of “being watched”.   221 more words


Irrationality in management

There is a fundamental flaw with how we; as humans, behave: We think our rules don’t apply to ourselves. We think we are above the peculiarities that explain those around us, and somehow we are a unique snowflake and these don’t apply to us. 238 more words


We Love Salamanders, But Their Invasion Must Be Stopped

Our attention to stories reported in various media outlets about invasive species takes many forms, but invariably they are alarming, this one being no exception: 786 more words


Extreme Recycling

As the California drought continues public and private sector organizations look to solutions to comply with the State’s mandatory water reduction measures. In addition to… 495 more words


Defining A Word We All Use Constantly, And Are Concerned About

Thanks to one of the great writers on food-related ethical issues for getting us to think about a core definition for our everyday vocabulary, including taken-for-granted words like this one: 516 more words

Consumer Behavior


Our literary bird-loving activist took it to another level, as the film (click above) testifies well.  Really, this must stop. Thanks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology for bringing this to our attention… 314 more words