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Responsible Fish-Sourcing, 2.x

Rules change. Guides get updated. Staying on top of this topic requires effort. But it is worth it. Thanks to the folks at the salt for an acknowledgement that… 498 more words


Admire & Emulate

It is not the first time we have enjoyed a good long read about either of these companies’ and/or founders, but this one in the Guardian offers a good look circa 2017: 638 more words


Impossible's Intriguing Inclination

Meatless is not even a concept yet for some, but we’re working on that. Many of us contributing on this platform have already started taking it seriously… 438 more words


Install Solar Power In Your Home

Thanks to the Guardian for this series of videos:

Every day, the sun kickstarts mini power plants in about 942,000 homes around America. We are of course talking about solar energy – and in 2017, it’s never been cheaper to invest in it for your home.

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Climate Change

You Had Us At Non-Toxic

Thanks to Anthropocene:

This non-toxic battery lasts a decade, could be renewable energy’s missing piece

by Prachi Patel

As more and more people install solar panels, the need to store solar power is growing.

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Composting As Big Business

The photo above looks almost surreal, but this is not fake news:

The Compost King of New York

What happens to food scraps after the city takes them?

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Food, Its Contents & Its Discontents

We appreciate that an immigrant restaurant owner has the courage to state the unpopular but important facts underpinning one of the popular memes of our time (thanks as always to the salt over at National Public Radio in the USA): 269 more words