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How Much Energy Does A Bicycle Produce?

We had been wondering this too, we admit:

An NPR listener (with what may be the best Twitter handle ever — Booky McReaderpants) inquired whether a home can be powered by bicycle-powered generator.

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App For Food Waste Reduction

Thanks to the Guardian for their coverage of stories about reducing food waste:

FoodCloud: new app proves a nourishing idea for wasted food

The distribution of surplus food in Ireland is being transformed by FoodCloud.

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The Undoing Project, Reviewed

We are happy to see that the book mentioned last month is now available and has been reviewed in the New York Times, among other places, in addition to author… 573 more words


Urban Cycle Heaven

Scandinavia in general (and Denmark in particular) is famous for forward thinking initiates, both socially and environmentally. Thanks to the Guardian for sharing this milestone. 424 more words


World Class Recycling

Thanks to the New York Times for reminding us who’s who in the world of recycling:

Germany Gleefully Leads List of World’s Top Recyclers


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Learning How To Eat

When an author of Bee Wilson’s stature publishes it is not surprising to see reviews in the news outlets that we tend to source from in these pages. 535 more words