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Carbon-Calculated Menu Planning

From the folks at Phaidon, news of a top artist’s contribution to the climate change conversation, in a manner we can kind of relate to: 219 more words


The Future Of Coffee Matters To Us For More Than One Reason

We work in several countries where coffee production is important to the national economy. We serve coffee in every property we have ever managed. Many of us working in La Paz Group are coffee junkies. 394 more words


Beware The Compost

Thanks to Conservation for their tireless effort to review important science and summarize it for we, the less scientifically-trained folk:


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A Business Model To Fish For

Heroes are, by definition, not easy to come by. When they get profiled, read it (this one is thankfully not merely fluff):

…The ordeal, and the perspective of middle age, snapped him to attention and caused him to refine the company’s mission.

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An Object Lesson on Tote Bags

We discovered the “essay and book series about the hidden lives of ordinary things” called Object Lessons through The Atlantic a few months ago, when we shared an article on… 1,059 more words

Consumer Behavior

FDA Bans 19 Chemicals in So-called Antibacterial Soap

In my family we practically never used antibacterial hand-wash, because it wasn’t proven that they perform any better than normal soap – it was convenient sometimes to have a quick gel to clean up on the go without water, but antibacterial consumer products in the household were pretty much nonexistent. 1,051 more words

Consumer Behavior

Guilt In The Eye Of The Beholder

A few days back I was struck by a post on this site about lab-grown foods, and wanted to continue the thought exercise by sharing a few comments on a brief article I had just read elsewhere on the intersection between  406 more words