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Fish Fraud Falling

Thanks to Conservation Magazine for pointing us to this bit of scientific evidence that, while fisheries are on the whole in a dismal state, steps are being taken in Europe to address one of the symptoms: 473 more words


On Food Waste

We’ve featured food waste here many times before, since it’s such a global and upsetting problem–an issue that one could call a “wicked problem… 246 more words


Oceans Of Plastic

You may have seen headlines in recent days with predictions about plastic overtaking fish as the primary mass of our planet’s oceans. Go straight to the source… 515 more words


More Reasons For A Plant-Dominated Diet

We serve fish. We love fish. We love fish too much, all of us. Every day we get more evidence of the logic for shifting more of our diet to be plant-based, and this article in today’s Guardian adds one more powerful data point: 233 more words

Marine Ecosystem

Guardian Pressure, Gates Commitments, Turning The Dial

In case you have missed the campaign that the Guardian has been waging, click the image above, which will take you to their partnership site, … 545 more words


Your Customers Don't Care

Another irrational behaviour of people is that we feel we are being noticed. In a sea of people, we feel conscious of our behaviours, because we have a feeling of “being watched”.   221 more words


Irrationality in management

There is a fundamental flaw with how we; as humans, behave: We think our rules don’t apply to ourselves. We think we are above the peculiarities that explain those around us, and somehow we are a unique snowflake and these don’t apply to us. 238 more words