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Please Do Not Close The Door, Iceland

We have had a thing for Iceland for a few years now, mainly due to Seth’s honors thesis. But none of us currently contributing to this blog have actually been there, yet. 592 more words


Fighting Flouting Fishing Fleets

Tragedy of the commons on the high seas, fought by those who perceive their interests in common enough to do something about it (a tricky thing… 687 more words


Coffee Better Understood

From the Atlantic, where some of (but not all) our favorite coffee stories have come from in the past, we have this new item to share: 432 more words


Five Minutes Related To Taste

Thanks to the New York Times for continuing to reach for our attention (click above to go to the video):

Eduardo Rivera, a Mexican-born farmer living in Minnesota, is striving to make organic vegetables accessible to the Latino community.

14 more words

Re-Use That Amazing Phone

No one on our team is exempt from the temptation to have the latest, greatest whatever. But we have gotten into the habit of reminding each other it is not always necessary. 717 more words


Coffee Capsules Are Terrible For The Environment, Still

Way back when, early last year, we thought for sure this company was going to respond seriously to the challenge posed by the fun-yet-serious viral campaign highlighting its environmental atrocities. 737 more words

Personal Statement

Food Supply Change

Only by scaling up the farm-to-table concept will we see a change to the industrial food production processes that lead to waste and related problems. We cheer our colleagues at Accor for this initiative: 161 more words