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Investor behavior and ranking investors as customers.

Pleven, Liam, “This Is Your Brain On Money,” WSJ 4/18/2015

Making off-the-cuff-decisions

Biases in decision making

Evidence that investors can be their own worst enemy… 288 more words


Tipping the psychological balance...the case of Snapdeal

Almost everything that happens in the field of marketing can be explained by consumer behavior. Psychology or the study of people’s minds forms the basis of this explanation. 789 more words

Balance Theory

When life gave Chipotle lemons, it put them behind the counter

No, really.

Chipotle is making a variety of efforts to improve food cleanliness and safety after sales-crushing problems with E. coli and norovirus last quarter. Apparently as part of that, the company seems to have moved the lemon slices it once kept out for food and drinks behind the counter.  271 more words

The Green Suspects, antecedents of skepticism and its influence on green purchase behavior

author: Jordy Nijholt

Aim: Environmental concern among consumers is rising, while green products have a difficult time to gain market share. Discrepancy between environmental concern and behavior has been increasingly researched. 146 more words

Fly on your own Hoverboard!

Finally, a hoverboard that really flies! Ever since the 1985 movie “Back to the Future,” we have longed to use real hoverboards to get us from place A to place B. 242 more words

Classroom Activities

LinkedIn is getting absolutely pummeled because of a lousy outlook—again

LinkedIn’s stock is plummeting in after-hours trading on a decidedly poor outlook for the start of 2016. The company beat earnings and revenue estimates for the fourth quarter of 2015, but it forecast revenue of $820 million for the next three-month period—well short of the roughly $870 million that analysts were expecting.  285 more words

The M-Factor for Today's Omni-Channel Shoppers

Shopping basket in one hand and a smartphone in the other, shoppers are increasingly turning to mobile to do research, compare prices and even make their final purchase. 782 more words