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The role of exploratory buying behavior tendencies in choices made for others

Chowdhury, T. G., Ratneshwar, S., & Desai, K. K. (2009). The role of exploratory buying behavior tendencies in choices made for others. Journal of Consumer Psychology, 19(3), 517-525. 275 more words

Consumer Behavior

Prashant Malaviya

Prashant Malaviya is an Associate Professor of Marketing and Senior Associate Dean for MBA programs at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C.  As a  consumer psychologist, he is an expert in… 120 more words


Laundry Detergent Brand Just for Men

Are men dirtier than women? Do men need their own brand of laundry detergent? The creators of FREY laundry detergent think so. With a clean looking black bottle and manly scents such as oak and musk, FREY is branding itself as “Detergent for Men” and hoping to get men, as well as the women who love them, to try the new product. 184 more words

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Do Consumers Avoid Genetically Modified Wines?

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The consumption of genetically modified (GM) products is one of the most debatable and significant issues that influence consumers’ purchase behaviors and dining trends.

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The eye of the beholder: the impact of source of design on customers’ purchase intention

author: Martine Bonten

The aim of this study is to explore the impact of source of design (users / professionals) on customers’ product evaluations. This research was designed by means of an experiment and investigated how user-designed products differ from professional products in terms of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use and perceived aesthetic quality, and in turn how these quality perceptions influence customers’ purchase intention. 554 more words

Stress, Control, and Consumer Saving and Spending

I read a research paper, The Effect of Stress on Consumer Saving and Spending, written by Kristina M. Durante and Juliano Laran, forthcoming in Journal of Marketing Research. 224 more words

Consumer Behavior