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Lamborghini SUV Targets Female Buyers

Quick: What comes to mind when picturing a Lamborghini sports car? And, who comes to mind as the ideal customer for the Lamborghini cars? Most likely, you said the customer is a wealthy male. 318 more words

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Attitudes and Influencing Attitudes

ASUS ZenFone 3 – Built For Photography


Jika kebanyakan orang beranggapan bahwa ASUS Smartphone baru-baru ini saja mengeluarkan Smartphone maka Anda salah besar karena ASUS pertama kali mengeluarkan Handphone pertamanya pada tahun 2005 dengan nama ASUS V55 yang memiliki ukuran kecil dan berat hanya 90 gram saja. 962 more words

Attitudes And Influencing Attitudes

14 User Facts Every UX Designer Should Know and Remember [Infographic]


Here’s a visual look at 14 top online user facts on web engagement critical to the design phase of every UX team.

Source: designmantic.com


A Millennial Thanksgiving

Out-of-town houseguests change the Thanksgiving holiday dynamic quite a bit.  After the meal is over, the pies have been sliced, the kitchen restored to some sense of normalcy and only the televised highlights of football remain, family & friends who gathered for the big meal typically start to head back home – gradually restoring quiet and calm to our humble abode.   1,047 more words


Are you building a Causal or Casual relationship?

Ever played “hide and seek” with a menu of an ecommerce website? or even better, ever tested tolerance level with an “Interactive” Voice Response (IVR)? Welcome to ever engaging dubious channels of business. 442 more words

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Smoke and Mirrors in the Grocery Aisles

Collin Payne and Mihai Niculescu, two professors from New Mexico State University, set out to see if customers could be “nudged” into the produce aisle. To test this out, they set up a variety of different stimuli in an El Paso grocery store and looked at the effects it had on consumer behavior. 271 more words

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Valuing Our Food - Words Matter

Thanksgiving.  A time where we give thanks for the food on the table and the bounty of the harvest.  A specific day on which we celebrate the value of food.  1,156 more words

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