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Groupon (Chapter 3)

Groupon is launching a new national campaign with its first TV ad since the 2011 Super Bowl’s controversial spot. The new campaign focuses on “experiences” rather than having more things. 68 more words

Chapter 03

Lay of the Land: Understanding the Importance of Emerging Media in Marketing

As the name of this blog implies, marketers today truly are pilots navigating their way through a strange land of emerging media. Each year, dozens of new emerging communication trends debut and offer more efficient ways for us to stay connected with one another or tell important stories that can be shared globally. 445 more words


Cyberfeminism – building feminism online

The paradigms of our society have been transformed through digital technologies. Everyone’s online activity contributes to a concept, a theory, a social movement, the shape of a consumer trend or own Self. 602 more words

The Feeling

Will you join; the willingness and motivations to co-create

author: Helma van de Munt

The purpose of this study is to gain insight into what determines customers’ willingness to co-create and whether this differs for intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. 303 more words

End of the Line for Xbox 360

It is said that nothing lasts forever. There is a product life cycle that all products and services eventually fall prey to, even if it’s a favorite product with great market penetration. 253 more words

Classroom Activities

AdStand: The IPL Circus

Somehow IPL has become important property in marketing calendar of many brands. This year despite the WorldT20 championship being hosted in India, will this mean that the excitement for IPL will wane? 533 more words


AdStand: Stories Brands Tell

This week we look at an interesting and quirky campaign from a country far away in Europe and not on the travel itinerary of many; a new campaign from an Indian cellphone brand; and a campaign from a can aggregator. 723 more words