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How Brands are Shifting Advertising Efforts to Reflect a Shift in Male Stereotypes

Brands are finally discovering that not all men are the same, and are moving towards advertising that no longer assumes the stereotype of men as burly, heterosexual, and sex-obsessed. 528 more words

Chapter 4 - Understand Business-to-Consumer Markets

The World of User (UX/UI) Design

Recently, I decided to check out the Interaction Design Specialization on Coursera by UC San Diego. It’s also where I got the above quote from. 692 more words

Customer Experience

Instant gratification

Everyone’s talking about the death of retail, and what’s next for eCommerce: AI, IOT, and so on. This, combined with today’s more brand agnostic customer, is enough to make a retailer despair. 688 more words

Consumer Behavior

When the Job Is One Never-Ending Signal Malfunction

Subway and rail workers, the unwilling faces of their troubled agencies, face the wrath of frustrated riders when trains are delayed or disrupted.

Published: June 20, 2017 at 05:30AM… 73 more words


El Portumex <3

“If I would ever find myself in the very unfortunate circumstance that is death row, I’d go in peace if not for that last plate of camarones a la diabla. 698 more words

Top Dog Branding Strategies

Apple versus Microsoft. Creativity versus productivity. Exclusivity versus inclusivity. Tech giants Microsoft and Apple have had a longstanding “battle of the brands.” The two companies have been wildly successful within the tech industry, dominating in sales performance and brand superiority. 775 more words


How Culture Plays a Part in Consumer Behavior

Living in the world where there are multitude of humans throughout the world eventually led to the fact that there are huge varieties of race, culture, language and religions, which would inevitably constitute the existence of upsides and downsides in the society. 754 more words

Consumer Behavior