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Behind the counter

What is the first thing on your mind as you walk into a mall or shopping center?

     You might think the following:

          “Where are the best deals?” 411 more words

Consumer Behavior

Are Millennials averse to luxury goods?

Karyn Hoguet, the CFO of Macy’s, recently commented that her store’s trouble selling luxury goods to Gen Y customers is made tougher by the amount of money being spent on electronics instead. 165 more words

Dick Seesel

Farewell to deep discounting? I don't think so...

The following comment from RetailWire was triggered by a Washington Post article about stores’ promotional cadence. The premise of the article: The “glory days” of 40% off discounts (and more) are over. 210 more words

Dick Seesel

Why This Mobile App Only?

Exactly how any apps do you think a consumer can have on her mobile? And how many apps do you think a consumer really needs on a regular basis? 65 more words

Mobile Marketing

5 Reasons Why Millennials Aren't Buying What You're Selling

As Millennials have surpassed their Baby Boomer parents in number, so too will they soon outgrow them in spending power. As of 2012, they brandished over $1.5… 475 more words


Topic 3: Power: After watching the online lecture, the related interviews and readings, write about how you engage/avoid/ or influence other consumers. Select just one of these behaviours and provide specific examples about your actions. Have you used change.org? Have you written on trip advisor? Reflect on your actions. Discuss where relevant: How do you feel about your behaviour? How did your actions impact on other people or the brand? Why do you choose not to influence others?

In my opinion, I have the ability to influence other consumer decisions or responses. I always share my thinking, my experience and my evaluating about a product or a service to my family, my friends or through the social network such as a post on facebook or a photo on Instagram that relative to the products or services that I had been experience. 312 more words

Consumer Trends - Shopping Online

As technology has spread over the years, consumers have increasingly moved towards online shopping.  Statistics indicate that e-commerce is a rapidly-growing field, with no signs of slowing down.With the increase in e-commerce over the years, it’s important for marketing companies to understand the field. 82 more words