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Google's big move on mobile

Starting April 21, retailers are going to see a major change in their Google rankings. Some are calling it “Mobilegeddon”. A bit dramatic, but the drama isn’t entirely unfounded.  303 more words

Consumer Behavior

I'm No Angel: Does Victoria's Secret Need to Rebrand?

Sex sells.

Doesn’t it?

Well, maybe not. With the rise of feminism and the whole “real women” movement, Victoria’s Secret has found itself in trouble. Many women are no longer positively influenced by ads featuring stick-thin models, which they feel give an unrealistic representation of what a woman should look like. 413 more words

How Advertising Content and Design Influence Buying Behavior

Creativity in advertising sparks emotion and motivates a prospect or consumer to react. The content of an advertisement is responsible for informing, persuading, and reminding—ultimately influencing buying behavior. 217 more words

Gregory Dean

Apple's World

Everywhere I look I see Apple this, Apple that.  What has Apple done to attract all of these different consumers to purchase all of their different products?   277 more words

Consumer Behavior

Loans on Loans on Loans

Today as I was looking online for a used car to buy for after College, I came to realize how much freshly new employed students pay for their cars.   351 more words

Consumer Behavior

Competitive advantage and coffee

When you are asked what is your “competitive advantage” what do you think?  Processes?  Patents/Intellectual property?  Cutting-edge algorithms and data-analytics?

Those are all valid ways to have a leg-up on your competition.  332 more words

Case Studies

adeeteebee reblogged this on Fascination & Inspiration and commented:

Very true. Sometimes (many times) marketers get caught up in the newest findings and latest tech, but the tried-and-true "classics" like good customer service never get old.

As News Consumers Age, Newspapers Continue Death March

I was shocked earlier this week when someone told me about a 39-year-old person who reads the newspaper every morning. I’m 40, and I haven’t picked up a newspaper in … well, I can’t really remember. 235 more words

Consumer Behavior