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The traditional values of Western societies generate under the influence of politics and the commercialization of culture. In some cases, we are blinded by the power structure of mass production and manufacturing, altering our mindset to fall into the consumer culture of a capitalist system. 664 more words

Happy Birthday, Smokey Bear

In homage to Smokey Bear’s 73rd birthday, a reflection on water.

You have been deputized, by any and all environmental groups, to do something about resource consumption. 945 more words


Get Plastic Waste Out of This Place

During my summer abroad, I saw the result of the waste from San José making its way down the Tarcolos River (see picture above). A year ago, this beach was littered in primarily, if not entirely, of plastics. 394 more words


Susan Strasser's Waste and Want: A Social History of Trash

In my never ending quest of discovering what makes me happy (and books is totally high up on that list), I took a peek into minimalism. 546 more words

Locally modern, globally Uyghur: geography, identity and consumer culture in contemporary Xinjiang

Erkin, A. (2009). Locally modern, globally Uyghur: geography, identity and consumer culture in contemporary Xinjiang. Central Asian Survey, 28(4), 417-428. Link


Much scholarship and commentary has raised concerns about the fate of traditional Uyghur culture in the context of development and globalization in the twenty-first century, some even predicting its disappearance through assimilation to mainstream majority Han culture. 96 more words


A Political Economy of Attention, Mindfulness and Consumerism

Doran, Peter. A Political Economy of Attention, Mindfulness and Consumerism: Reclaiming the Mindful Commons. Routledge Studies in Sustainability. Routledge, 2017. 116 pages, ISBN 9781138015975… 206 more words


Book reviews will be on hold for a little while; consumerism versus creativity.

Officially starting today I changed positions at my job. I am no longer what is called the “operations supervisor.” Instead I have a new or rare position in the company called something like “Freight Area Supervisor.” In other words, I oversee the freight flow process for the store, working with the early morning stock crew as well as coordinating with management and maintaining the receiving area blah blah blah let’s be honest I took the job because it’s a lot more money. 755 more words

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