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Who is it You're Talking to?

Customers come in different flavors.

And each customer type has their own specific culture. Think of your favorite hardware store. Imagine a few customers who come in the door one afternoon.  375 more words


Bubblegum Cyber Punk

We are very excited to announce a new project from fellow editor and creative mind, Phil Brown!

Bubblegum Cyber Punk is a one-shot publication exploring consumer culture in technology and what fuels it. 47 more words

Adler & Gibb, Edinburgh Festival Fringe

I was gutted when I found out Janet Adler and Margaret Gibb aren’t real. The portrait Tim Crouch paints of this fictional couple and their anti-capitalist approach to their art, in striking contrast to a deranged Method actor and her coach making a film about Adler’s life, is so well-formed that they feel that that they can’t not be real. 554 more words

Fringe Theatre

Pokemon GO -A Marketer's Mecca

Pokemon GO is a glowing example of the hidden marketing potential inside an App.

Here are some statistics about the game since it’s release in the US so far: 590 more words


First World Marinara Burp

Today, I experienced a genuine moment wondering ‘Huh, why we haven’t already gotten rid of all animals that can potentially hurt us humans?’

Sharks lurking in the water? 159 more words


Don't let gifts be a burden

I’ve cleared a lot of unused items from my home over the years since becoming a minimalist. Many I’ve donated, and many I’ve given to friends. 168 more words


Marx (1867) "On the Fetishism of the Commodity"

Link to Video  |  Summary  | Karl Marx’s Fetishisms  |   On Cultural Marxism

Marx proposes a theory of value – How do goods get their value/how do objects become commodities? 195 more words

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