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An Address to Wandering Eyes

I assume a solid way to initiate a “blog” is to explain the reason for its existence, at least I think that’s a good way to kick things off. 714 more words

Consumer Culture

Disneyverse: Notes on Built Environments & Realities

Author Joseph Pine stated in a TED talk that consumer culture has evolved into a phase “where experiences are becoming the predominant economic offering.” He talks about the model that Disney created and others have since copied: you can buy happiness and everlasting memories. 525 more words

A shift in gender advertising, #femvertising and the facts

Written By: Rebecca Alberico

A handsome, built man drives his pickup truck through rough terrain; a ditzy blonde bombshell applies the perfect shade of rouge to her plump lips — motifs seemingly as old as time itself. 857 more words


South Korea Series: K-pop sells, but who's buying?

The fascination for Korean pop culture has spread across the world, currently being dubbed, the hallyu wave. Being an avid listener of Korean pop music (K-pop), watcher of Korean soap operas (K-dramas) and films, I was on the lookout for all things hallyu during my trip, but ended up leaving quite disappointed. 827 more words



Today we have a special Greenbean treat.  My friend, Pastor Joe Chambers--a
climber of mountains, walker of trails, and student of the ancient ways, 
shares some suggestions for how we can know and do the will of God. 553 more words

Cell Phones and Bodily Waste

We Americans…
We’re attached to our iPhones.
New study shows fecal matter is most common contaminant on Otter Boxes.


High Consumers of Crime News

On March 5th, 2015, the Pew Research Center published a study titled, “Local News in a Digital Age.”  They took three different cities in the United States, varied in regional location, and not on either of the coasts, and delved into how news is being consumed and internalized by the citizens of those cities.  245 more words