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the modern sickness

Inspired by the wonderful book, ‘Lost Connections: Uncovering the Real Causes Of Depression – and the Unexpected Solutions’ by Johann Hari.

Poetic(ish) Musings

Fuck you Sephora.

No, I do not “need” that. There’s a reason I left my shopping cart without actually making a purchase. I’m not even subscribed to your emails, again, for a fucking reason. 783 more words


Consumer Behavior: Quality or Quantity?

I’m convinced that being able to recognize the difference between what I ‘need’ and what I ‘want’ is one of the major lessons I’m intended to learn in life. 1,362 more words


Birmingham and the FLA/DFLA march: A very British affair

FLA founder John Meighan (right). June 2017 March

As mentioned on the last two post (1, 2), I have attended the Football Lads Alliance march in Birmingham… 1,723 more words


Hello Beautiful

Hello Beautiful!  This is a blog by a newly married, Catholic, student.  This blog is about living life as a woman in your twenties in today’s crazy culture.  127 more words

A Mother of a Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, and for the major supermarkets this means that there is a wave of product placement to be fitted in between Valentine’s Day and Easter. 518 more words


That hot girl wearing the latest Gucci loafers, sporting the new LV bag and scrolling through Instagram on her iPhone X

Do you remember being blurry-eyed waiting for your train, sipping your burnt, black coffee in your eco-friendly travel mug wearing old trackies and your favourite tattered Chance the Rapper hoodie and then seeing in the corner of your eye, that hot, primed-to-perfection girl in the latest Gucci loafers and that new Louis Vuitton bag scrolling through Instagram on her shiny, new iPhone X? 659 more words