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The App As A Symbol of Consumerist Culture

Hamsini Shivakumar, the co-founder of India’s Leapfrog Strategy Consulting, on the App as a symbol of consumerist culture:

What all does the “app” stand for and symbolize? 234 more words


Consumer Friendly//.022-.023


I went to Wawa before going into the gym, to pick up a Fiber One bar, and a bottle of Propel. An aesthetically hippie party bus was parked outside, with curtains in the windows. 739 more words

Here And Now

The breadsticks meme

I’ve been reading about dinosaur ichnology so I’ve been seeing a lot of the word “meme” in its original sense: a behavior or pattern of behaviors that is transmitted socially among organisms. 527 more words

Consumer Culture

Know your food so then you will know who you are: How food consumption has shaped your identity

‘Goods are an opportunity to make culture material’ 

McCracken 1986 (p. 73)

Living or travelling abroad is one of the experience that many enjoy, in spite of it craving traditional food usually happens after few weeks.

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Consumer Behaviour

Consumer Culture

Last month, I twice experienced something most girls are known for loving: I went to the mall. Now, contrary to the female stigma, I positively detest shopping at the mall. 740 more words


Are You as Tired of Ads as I Am?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you been being sold to for most of your life. Everywhere you look, there is an advertisement– a billboard here, a commercial there. 457 more words

Bridge The Gap

Smythe (1981) On the Audience Commodity and its Work

Same argument as Blindspot article: “readers and audience members of advertising-supported media mass media are a commodity produced and sold to advertisers because they perform a valuable service for the advertisers… 124 more words

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