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Book reviews will be on hold for a little while; consumerism versus creativity.

Officially starting today I changed positions at my job. I am no longer what is called the “operations supervisor.” Instead I have a new or rare position in the company called something like “Freight Area Supervisor.” In other words, I oversee the freight flow process for the store, working with the early morning stock crew as well as coordinating with management and maintaining the receiving area blah blah blah let’s be honest I took the job because it’s a lot more money. 755 more words

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Universities need a consumer culture

This may seem counter to what universities should be about. And I would agree. Universities are meant to be these great centres of learning, places to achieve, places to learn for the sake of learning, places to discover you and your values. 580 more words

How to Balance Creation and Consumption of Content that Matters

There is constantly so much to take in. Books spilling out of my shelves calling to be read, or reread. And I bring home more from the library each time I visit. 724 more words

McCracken (1986) A Theoretical Account of...Cultural Meaning of Consumer Goods

Grant McCracken advances a model that encapsulates how meaning flows between culture, goods, and consumers. There are two steps to this process: first, the use of media to transfer meaning to goods, and second, the use of goods to transfer meaning to consumers.  161 more words


Life Lessons From Prince: Four Things I learned After Four Days at Paisley Park. Part 3

(photo credit

3. Embrace your weird. It’s what changes the world for the better.

Prince was certainly not a human you would describe as “ordinary” or “mainstream” or the N word – “normal”. 389 more words

Sales Catch-22

New product™ for sale:
It teaches you how to say,
“No, I don’t need one.” 6 more words


Truth; Have It Your Way

It is true as long as you bought it
It is true as long as social media likes it
It is true as long as your echo chamber repeats it… 21 more words