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Everyone Suffers From Something At Some Point

As Americanized as we get, I think maintaining some level of cultural connection is enormously important to a person’s self-identity.  Having genuine ethnic customs makes a person less susceptible to the trendy nonsense of the modern consumeristic age. 297 more words

Post-Moving Minimalism

So, this weekend we moved. Our new place is amazing and we love it. We do not love moving, however, which is unfortunate given this is the third time we have done it in four years, this time as a family of three. 1,366 more words

Watch this! TED with Vigga Svensson

Oh hi! Here’s a little video we watched in class which I think you might like! I think it’s a really important contribution to the ethical fashion conversation, because it talks about making a difference by challenging the underlying model of consumption (rather than just by buying organic bamboo t-shirts or whatever). 68 more words


Review of American Sports in the Age of Consumption

Hillman, Cory. American Sports in an Age of Consumption. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2016.   Pp. 204.  Notes, References, Index.  $29.95 softcover.

Reviewed by Rich Loosbrock… 912 more words

Book Review

a cycle of stuff

today i was thinking about the short-lived thrill i feel whenever i acquire something new that i’m really pumped on. like, for example, the laptop i’m writing this on. 517 more words

Captive Animals

“Speed and efficiency are not in themselves signs of intelligence or capability or correctness. They do not carry with them any moral value. They don’t necessarily make any social contribution. 1,156 more words