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Genre: What's the use?

It’s universal.

It’s Friday, the week filled the stress, the weekend replete with relaxation. It’s God-knows-what hour at night, at God-knows-what bar, and God-knows-how-many beverages have been poured and drank. 574 more words


I don't have money and I couldn't be happier

Recently I’ve been listening to The Minimalists’ podcasts. It is very inspiring, but sometimes I’m shocked by the American consumerist culture. In the podcast: 1,110 more words

Day 13 - The art of being content

“What we need is another great leap forward, abandoning the economics of scarcity and the fear of losing out – and move into a renewed relationship of gratitude and appreciation with the world”. 136 more words

Dependence on Debt

According to recent studies by financial planning sites, ~70% of Americans have less than $1k in savings.  They might have investments, assets, or bonds. But not having a sufficient savings account means that Americans are treating credit cards as a safety net. 292 more words


The first time I saw the term ‘alt-right’ was in the headline of an article about Donald Trump’s rise to power and how it gave unintentional support to white power groups. 564 more words