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The Machinery of Permitted Consumption

The machinery of permitted consumption constitutes a deep involvement in the biopolitical; it is the generalized organization for managing the lives of people through the direction of their consumption. 51 more words

Consumer Culture

Categorical Suspicion and Consumer Culture

Modern day surveillance as institutional categorical suspicion is connected to the workings of consumer desire. The subjects of a consumer culture need to know what other consumers are doing, how and what they may be consuming. 148 more words

Consumer Culture

Black Wednesday: A Satire

April 6, 2016

Chani, a mother of five children stands patiently in line outside a Valmart  in Kathmandu at 10 minutes til midnight. The courtyard features floodlit ancient pagodas on one side and a giant plastic blue Shiva statue on the other. 1,165 more words

Consumer Culture

5 Buy Nothing Day Activities

Buy Nothing Day (previously known as Black Friday) may come around just once a year but you can embrace it year round. Adbusters launched the day in the early 1990s to protest the consumer madness that kicks off in the U.S. 872 more words


Shopgirls for women’s rights

Consumer culture is probably my favorite subject to study (yes, I even like it more than researching Art). So I’ll admit it: after watching the show… 3,150 more words

Women In History

Do Brands Have The Power To Change The World?

Here is the one true thing I know about humans having studied them in action and been one myself for many years: we are essentially “good”. 1,071 more words

Christmas: A Consumer Culture Miracle

Christmas is right around the corner!

Or so the billions in advertising has convinced us to believe, anyway.

Now, I’m not here to tell you that the… 672 more words

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