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Happier Than the Wealthiest Millionaire!

Money does not make you happy. Money cannot buy happiness. Still many people try to reach for the stars, they want to make more money and they want to show off what they can afford. 957 more words

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Reaction: Why Orange’s New Ad Promotes Capitalist Exploitation

Orange, the multinational telecommunications company which has bought out and re-branded Egypt’s Mobinil earlier this year, came out with an ‘attractive’ advertisement scheme to lure the contemporary social media/networking  821 more words

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Why Is It So Hard To Live With Less

We live in a consumer culture, that is pretty well known, we even have “holidays” revolving around spending money I’m talking about Black Friday. But the question I want to talk about is why? 551 more words


Parks across the country are telling Americans to choose nature over shopping on Black Friday

A new movement has taken root in the US, and it’s growing fast, branching out across the country. Millions of nature lovers are opting not to shop on Black Friday and to instead spend time enjoying the great outdoors. 420 more words

Shopping ban: 5-month check-in

It’s official.

I have fallen off the shopping ban(d) wagon.

It started small, with this justifiable purchase of neon socks, as I had showed up in Stockholm following months of sockless summer life with not enough foot coverings to last through a week or two.  737 more words

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Enculturation and Acculturation

Enculturation and Acculturation: The process of learning culture can be divided into two sections: enculturation and acculturation. Enculturation is the process by which consumers learn about their own culture. 1,628 more words

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