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Day 13 - The art of being content

“What we need is another great leap forward, abandoning the economics of scarcity and the fear of losing out – and move into a renewed relationship of gratitude and appreciation with the world”. 136 more words

Dependence on Debt

According to recent studies by financial planning sites, ~70% of Americans have less than $1k in savings.  They might have investments, assets, or bonds. But not having a sufficient savings account means that Americans are treating credit cards as a safety net. 292 more words


The first time I saw the term ‘alt-right’ was in the headline of an article about Donald Trump’s rise to power and how it gave unintentional support to white power groups. 564 more words

Advertising Social Constructs

Our westernized commodity-driven consumer culture has loads of dominant gender ideology in advertising. Masculinity = violence/power.  Femininity = perfection.  Our media is overflowing with unrealistic gender expectations, and it’s constantly reasserting unreasonable notions about suitable gender ideals. 430 more words

The Fault In Our Fashion Industry


Fashion, clothing, personal style etc. are all wonderful things. They allow us to express ourselves and show off our creativity and flair. 396 more words

Body Image

Happier Than the Wealthiest Millionaire!

Money does not make you happy. Money cannot buy happiness. Still many people try to reach for the stars, they want to make more money and they want to show off what they can afford. 957 more words

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