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DAVID GOLDHILL And PAUL HOWARD: An ObamaCare-Inspired Rebellion

Wall Street Journal — The law is driving people into high-deductible plans, inadvertently seeding a consumer-driven market.

The long battle over ObamaCare’s subsidies that culminated at the Supreme Court last week has overshadowed a consequential shift in health insurance: toward high-deductible plans that will help put market forces back into medicine. 52 more words


An Uber debate

I read an interesting article on the BBC this morning about the ongoing battle between Uber cab service and the traditional black cab taxi drivers of London. 188 more words

New Year brings new deductibles. Think before you spend your 2014 healthcare dollars.

High Deductible Health Plans emerged as niche products for young, healthy executives in the early 200o’s.  However, these plans have gained popularity among employers and employees as an affordable option to cover catastrophic medical expenses.   980 more words


High Deductibles or Risky Business? Be smart, not stingy with your health care dollars.

High Deductible Health plans (HDHP) are part of a model of consumer-driven healthcare that has been developing for mover than a decade.   They are usually paired with pre-taxed Health Savings Accounts or Health Reimbursement Arrangements.   665 more words


Post #3- Target's Creative Strategy

This might be your experience as a Target shopper…

I go to Target to pick up paper towels and I leave with a lamp, and so many bags that I need a cart to get them to my car!  591 more words

Creative Strategy


In 1994, in the space of about 100 days, anywhere from 500,000 to 1,000,000 people were slaughtered in Rwanda, Africa. Most Americans do not know that nor do they really care.

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