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OnePlus 7 review: The Best Phone You Can Afford Right Now!

OnePlus releases one
phone every year, and this year it was the OnePlus 7… 927 more words

Fingerprint Sensor

Dust-free Homes, Healthier Lives!

No matter what Marie Kondo says, cleaning and organising are never fun! However, there are specific gadgets in our lives which do make this mundane activity a lot more bearable. 325 more words

Consumer Electronics

Drink Pure to Stay Healthier!

I know you hear about this everywhere you look- a magazine, an article on the internet, or the tv.  But that does not make it any less critical. 291 more words

Consumer Electronics

How IoT Offer New Possibilities For Improving Consumer Electronics

IoT in Consumer Electronics


Consumer electronics provides a huge potential for the deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) and is gaining immense traction. 336 more words


Affordable Modern Study Lamp Texas Comes with Other Handy Features!

A study lamp at home or at the office or at the work areas is a very necessary addition. Without this type of lamp, you may not be able to study, handle office works and do other activities properly. 238 more words

Consumer Electronics