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To market, to market: the timing of introducing new courses

I’ve recently been looking into course approval and the timelines used by universities in the design, development and validation of new courses. I asked a network of quality staff to share practice and this post is based on their (anonymised) responses. 1,058 more words

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Europese Commissie en consumenteninstanties van lidstaten vragen sociale media zich aan EU-consumentenregels te houden

Twitter and Google+ had already been informed in Nov 2016, but two issues are bothering EU consumers and worrying the EU Commission:

  • unfair terms (legal venue for litigation, rights waive, lol, unilateral amendment(s), unlimitd power to remove content, termination and further breaches of art.
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Data Protection Concerns raised by Proposed EU Directive on Contracts for Supply of Digital Content

It may not be ‘all about the money’, but there is some ‘price tag’ often associated with what we do online…. And that’s our data! …

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Evolution of Consumerism in India- Journey from ‘Caveat emptor’ to ‘Caveat venditor’

Lately, India has started witnessing an increase in awareness of rights of its citizens. Be it women, backward classes or homosexuals, Indians have started demanding enforcement of their rights and enactment of laws wherever required. 1,077 more words

Caveat Emptor

Are Your Consumer Contracts Being Invalidated By The Consumer Review Fairness Act?

Don’t ever try to make customers sign any agreement to circumvent their right to review one service. If you still have such clauses in your contracts, just erase them and do not even think of enforcing them.


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Winners and Losers Under Trumpcare

It was interesting to read such a wonky OpEd by Doug Badger in the 3/14/17 edition of Twin Cities Pioneer Press, http://www.twincities.com/2017/03/14/doug-badger-have-20-million-people-gained-coverage-under-the-aca/, later reprinted in The Record… 904 more words

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Trusts not Consumers

My Lord, Can a complaint be filed by a Trust under the provisions of The Consumer Protection Act, 1986?

A reading of the definition of the words ‘complaint’, ‘complainant’ and ‘consumer’ makes it clear that a Trust cannot invoke the provisions of the Act in respect of any allegation on the basis of which a complaint could be made… It is clear that a Trust is not a ‘person’ and therefore not a consumer. 36 more words

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