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How Much is Too Much? Tips for Making an Initial Contractor Deposit or Down-Payment

Over the past year, one of the most common situations we encountered was when homeowners paid a large amount of money up-front to a contractor, only to be left in a lurch when the contractor delayed, made up excuses, and ultimately never completed or even began the work.  1,560 more words

By Daniel Myers

Special Announcement to all Clients, Colleagues, and Friends -- Accomplishments, Changes, and Goals

Dear Clients, Colleagues, and Friends:

I am writing to you today about two things. First, our associate attorney Samantha Vajskop will be leaving Myers Law to join an education/school law firm later this month (June 2018). 2,174 more words

By Daniel Myers



The consumer protection law was made in 1986 to provide for better protection of the interests of consumers and to establish consumer protection councils for settlement of consumer disputes the government feels the working of the consumer disputes Dressel agencies have served the purpose to a great extent but disposal of cases has not been fast due to various constraints on consumer markets for goods and services have under gone drastic transformation in the last three decades the emergence of global supply chains rise in international trade and the rapid devdelopment of e-commerce have led to new delivery systems for goods and services and have provides new options and opportunities for consumers equally this has rendered the consumer wonderful two new forms of unfair trade and unethical bussiness practice, misleadnig advertisements, telemarketing, multi level marketing, Direct selling of e-commerce pase new challenges to consumer protection and need swift executive interventions to prevent consumer troubles. 1,396 more words

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Six Year Recap on Business Cure Offers: The More Things Changed, the More They Stayed the Same

In 2012, Ohio changed its decades-old consumer protection law to allow businesses the right to make a cure offer, or offer to settle.  The idea was  a dispute quickly, after a lawsuit is filed.  1,260 more words

By Daniel Myers

Consumer Guide to Making a Home or Utility Warranty Claim

We’ve seen a sudden increase in consumers with legitimate home warranty claims that are being denied by warranty companies after long delays, or no investigation whatsoever.  2,149 more words

By Daniel Myers

Alert – Heinz's high sugar toddler food packaging found to be misleading to consumers

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has successfully concluded proceedings against H.J. Heinz Company Australia Ltd (Heinz) in relation to their ‘Little Kids Shredz’ toddler food. 133 more words

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