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Western World and the Myth of the New Indian Middle Class –by Boringbug

Western World and the Myth of the New Indian Middle Class –by Boringbug

Whenever I hear Europeans per se the Indian equivalent of western countrymen talking about the Indian middle class’ I often wonder what do they mean? 818 more words

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No, self-driving cars are still not around the corner

Autonomous cars have been a hot topic for a couple of years now. It is indeed a very interesting and complex technical challenge connected to potential resolution of very serious problems and innovative use cases. 276 more words


Even if we can, maybe we shouldn't...

Internet has enabled a new type of business opportunity where an internet based “business system” is used to collect, organise, manage and market a lot of small and local businesses or individuals, across boarders. 628 more words

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8 products that need to be female-fied, like now!

Have you heard about the new Doritos chips, specifically meant for ladies? If not, you must be living under a rock. Or have an actual life, with important things to do and massive respect to you. 436 more words

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Changes in consumer lifestyles has Increased demand for Methyl Ester Ethoxylate Market

MarketsandMarkets Published new report onMethyl Ester Ethoxylates Market by Type (C16-C18 & C12-C14), Application (Domestic Cleaning, Industrial Cleaning, Personal Care & Others), and Region – Global Forecast to 2021″ 604 more words


Perhaps the ultimate challenge

There certainly is no lack of challenges on the path to feeding a growing world population, but a successful future does not just stop with food volumes. 778 more words


The power of making aware

It’s common wisdom that what you measure becomes important. That’s how we humans work. A clock makes you focus on time and so on. I consider myself a good driver having been driving 39 years without serious accidents and only a few speed tickets. 314 more words