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New Concept Marketing for EdTech

This is our first blog from a series that we are beginning in to highlight the nitty-gritties of Marketing @Vedantu. Let’s quickly brush up some basics and then I’ll take you through the various efforts of marketing put forward by my team at Vedantu. 704 more words


Five Benefits of Using Facebook for Your Business

Today, Mark Zuckerberg, Founder and CEO of Facebook, announced his company’s quarterly results. With more than 1.59 billion monthly active users globally as at December 2015 it’s quite difficult to find reasons why you shouldn’t promote your on this social medium. 458 more words


Holiday Sales: "Many Happy Returns"

Here’s an interesting statistic coming out of the holiday season this year: Nearly one in four consumers has returned at least one of the gifts they received. 340 more words


Stephs Revival..

Being part of Steph’s “Revival” has been an extremely rewarding experience, and one that comes along once in a lifetime. One where the stars align, and you are able to provide a product that truly makes a difference in someone’s life allowing them to perform to their potential. 158 more words


Redirecting the River

Are You Giving Your Customers what THEY Want
or what YOU Want? 467 more words

Marketing Strategy

Wearables are the Next Big Brand Challenge.

The average person on the street may not realise it, but everything they do is now being analysed, not just your online behaviour. The Dublin Web Summit… 624 more words


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Chisholm Consulting, Inc. is an organization committed to understanding consumers. Consumer over the years have been overlook and often humiliated.  Fact is,it’s not that difficult to change their understanding about your product and/service.