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The internet of things & packaging

The internet of things poses a great opportunity for brands to enhance consumer product experiences.

Product packaging is a very effective trigger for NFC (near field communication), VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) activation. 173 more words

Consumer Packaging

Award winning organizations stand out!

Design and packaging awards competitions are good for business.

 There are many good reasons why your company should enter an awards competition:

 Winning an award is a reason to celebrate the efforts of every person that touched the design such as your client, your employees, and your suppliers.. 140 more words

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The package is your billboard

It’s summer and time to replace a ceiling fan that has decided to quit.

Bad timing, it’s hot!

Stores are well stocked. Great selection and a few are on sale! 268 more words

Consumer Packaging

print effects for wine brands

If your package design needs an extra push to stand out and get noticed at shelf, investigate printed decoration technologies such as raised texture, holographic foil, silkscreen, lamination, effect varnish (for contrast) and printed electronics. 96 more words

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the can

Since prehistoric times, mankind has found ways to make food last longer. Fermentation, pickling, drying and preservation are good examples.

Which brings me to an interesting point. 117 more words

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visual listening for brands

Consumers communicate with brands on demand. As a result, brands have invested to manage and encourage conversations. Like, Share, Comment.

Brands are a sum of all the impressions and attitudes that consumers have at any given point of time. 51 more words

Consumer Packaging

AIDA for wine brands at retail

AIDA has been around a long, long time.Use it as a guide during the graphic design process for your wine brand. Here is a snapshot of AIDA: 315 more words

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