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Top 10 package printing competition picks

Your client and packaging team may be in the spotlight next year! Get recognized for your best packaging work:

Here are my top 10 competition picks. 995 more words

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Anatomy of a wine label

Beautiful copper foil highlights against a matte black finish with raised gloss varnish help this label design stand out and get noticed at shelf!

I am a consultant specializing in packaging innovation for profit and performance. 14 more words

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Here are 10 opportunities to enter your best package printing work!

Welcome back! This is the final blog in the series of 3 blogs on “how award competitions help package printers and designers elevate brand awareness!” 1,163 more words

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Tips to help your team win more awards

In this series of 3 blogs, I share the reasons why you should enter your printed #packaging work in awards competitions, how to get started, and a list of competitions to consider. 731 more words

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Anatomy of a wine label - Ontario VQA

I love wine labels. When I shop for wine, I’m like a kid in a candy store. For 12 years now I have been working in package printing & design firms which means I pick up wine bottles just to run my hand or thumb across the front label or look closely at the print. 119 more words

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10 reasons to enter a package printing competition

For package printing converters, earning awards is an excellent way to elevate brand awareness on a budget. As a marketer, I am a big fan of awards, especially for converters where marketing budgets are tight and innovation is often the leading point of difference. 391 more words

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3 reasons to attend packaging press approvals

Do you attend press approvals of printed packaging?

If you answered no to this question, I’m writing this blog with you in mind. If you answered yes: Congratulations! 692 more words

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