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5 Creative Wine Packages that Stand Out from the Crowd!

Are you a winemaker, wine marketer or wine enthusiast?

If you answered yes, this blog is written with you in mind!

I’ve curated these images to inspire your search for wine packaging innovation that stands out from the crowd: 187 more words

Consumer Packaging

The package is the product!

At one time in recent history, say 1990, consumers rarely paid attention to product packaging.

Until something went wrong.

Ugh. The bottle cap wouldn’t open or close properly or, the tube didn’t squeeze out all the toothpaste or the fizzy drink wasn’t so fizzy. 478 more words

Consumer Packaging

"How do You Like Them Apples?"

Recently I walked the Convenience U trade show in Toronto. I like walking this annual trade show because product packaging plays a leading role in consumer convenience and, I like to keep ahead of new innovations and in-store trends. 345 more words

Consumer Packaging

Made In China

Recently, I traveled to the manufacturing belt of Southern China on a business trip.

(I’m a consumer packaging expert.)

One week in China.

Here is a visual of the route to China. 233 more words

Consumer Packaging

Recycling: It's the real thing!

Coca-Cola wants to teach the world to recycle.

In perfect harmony.

Did you hear?

In January 2018, Coca-Cola made industry-first recycling announcements. Follow these hashtags on Twitter to learn more: 239 more words

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It's an Exciting Time to be a Cereal Box!

Cereal boxes!

They are efficient, entertaining and educational. Easy to open and close.

It’s an exciting time to be a cereal box!

Sold on crowded shelves in a hyper-competitive aisle, cereal is a fast-moving-good in retail and online stores. 330 more words

Consumer Packaging

How to Rethink & Recycle Your Shopping Dollars (in any Currency)

In this blog, I’m sharing insight and knowledge about how each of us can help reduce plastic and packaging waste by adjusting our shopping habits. 795 more words

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