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5 Tips to help you get started on package design

To help you navigate your way around package design & print, check out my brands and packages blogs. They are brimming with product packaging goodness. Quick reads – 3 minutes or less – with tips on how to make packaging development experiences better, easier and faster. 352 more words

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Anatomy of a chip bag, seriously?

Last night I had a snack attack and tried the food samples I collected at the Grocery Innovations show in Toronto.  When you have this many goodies lying around in a trade show bag, you have to start munching! 274 more words

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5 ideas to help you design new packages differently

Think differently when designing a new product package!

Designing packaging structures to enhance consumer experiences during product use encourages repeat purchase & advocacy.

Take a moment to consider closure style and its impact: 209 more words

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How to achieve a circular economy

At PAC to the Future: Packaging in 2025 conference held in Niagara Falls Canada on September 28 and 29 2016, storytellers rich with knowledge, experience and insight talked on the Circular economy, Internet of Things, OMNI-channel, Big data, Nano technology in 2025 and more! 291 more words

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Reach out and buy 2!

Twin packs are merchandised everywhere. Reach out and buy 2!

There are several well designed twin packs at CLUB this week.

In this blog post I share two very different approaches in the ketchup space. 219 more words

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Hi brand leaders!

Your brand marketing plan connects the dots between what you will do and why you will do it in 2017.

If you are a food and beverage brand that markets and sells your products in the USA, you likely included a budget for FDA regulatory updates to nutrition fact tables in your plan. 467 more words

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5 signs you should be investing in packaging in 2017

No one knows better than a brand manager that marketing budgets are tight and getting tighter.  There are many places to invest time, resources and money for ROI. 469 more words

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