Regulation Gone Wild – Christmas Lights are the Next Target of Nanny State Thinking

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The Comment period ends December 30th on the new regulations that will outlaw affordable Christmas lights including indoor and outdoor lighted decorations of any type. 183 more words


ATVs are not toys for young children

Since 1982, there have been nearly 400 Ohio deaths related to the operation of ATVs, short for “all terrain vehicles.” Like any other power machine, the ATV is a safe, versatile vehicle when handled properly by responsible adults, yet their operation is far too often given over to small children. 595 more words

Watch Your Ass

It’s one of those things. You know, where you see an irresistible phrase. To wit: exploding toilet.

Or, according to the Consumer Products Safety Commission… 168 more words


Protect Your Family From a Fire in Your Home

You have only minutes to escape during a fire. Working smoke alarms save lives. More than 2,200 people die each year because of unintentional home fires. 119 more words

MODA Floors & Interiors

Warning: Kids Might Eat Expanding Polymer Balls That Look Like Candy

Here’s the thing: if you make something that’s brightly colored and looks like candy, kids are going to eat it. Water Balz and other similar expanding, water-absorbing polymer toys seem pretty fun, and are also bright and shiny and look like candy. 143 more words

Before flushing remote-controlled toilet, duck behind Steven Seagal

Hello, and welcome to another edition of High-Tech Watch, a consumer information guide to the latest technology, and the exciting items you can expect to see following the eventual collapse of the Consumer Products Safety Commission. 600 more words

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