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Consumer Reports Investigation Reveals How Hospitals Can Make Patients Sick

DETROIT (CBS DETROIT) – While hospitals are thought to be sterile, safe environments where sick people get better, not sicker a new investigation by Consumer Reports into hospital-acquired infections says that’s not always the case. 874 more words


Does Sunblock Clothing Work?

Skin cancer is among the most common of all cancers. Sun exposure is a primary cause. Covering up when you’re outside can be a critical step in prevention. 250 more words

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Clearing Mosquitoes From Your Deck

Lots of products claim to protect you from pesky mosquitoes. But many of them contain chemicals you don’t necessarily want to spray on yourself or your kids. 176 more words

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Top Dehumidifiers

If you need a dehumidifier, now is a good time to buy one. The new federal energy standards mean dehumidifiers use a lot less energy than they used to. 222 more words

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Consumer Reports testing shows not all sunscreens live up to SPF claims

(WIAT) — If you buy your sunscreen based on its “sun protection factor” rating, you may be getting short-changed.

New testing from Consumer Reports reveals not every sunscreen meets their SPF claims. 128 more words


Products for Pretty Summer Feet

Professional pedicures are a luxury for beautifying your tootsies. But can you get your soles smooth at home? Consumer Reports enlisted 20 panelists to put home pedi products to the test—using the $12 Original PedEgg on one foot and one of two battery-operated callus removers on the other: the $21 PedEgg Power or the $38 Amopé Pedi Perfect. 178 more words

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