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7 Tips to Help You Buy the Best Split AC for Your Home

What is the best split AC to buy when the approaching summer makes you yearn for a cool home?

If you smartly compare Energy Efficiency Ratio, Cooling Capacity, Power Consumption, Star Rating of ACs along with the price before buying an AC, you can manage your electricity bills. 357 more words

A Lot is New in the Enhanced Consumer Voice Website

Amidst a plethora of products and services in the Indian market, how can a consumer make an informed choice about the product she buys? She can go to Consumer Voice’s new website and check the array of consumer goods ranked by experts. 363 more words

Consumer VOICE - Awakening the Consumer

Consumer VOICE works relentlessly to bring consumer rights and laws to the knowledge of consumers.  A Voluntary Action Group of Academicians, Professionals and Volunteers, VOICE tells people about their own… 398 more words

Consumer rights and force majeure

A major consumer problem in Germany (and likely large parts of the rest of the world) are “force majeure”-style* restrictions on performance and liability**.

*Some of these are related to actual “force majeure”, others merely follow a similar pattern of “what happened does not match my best case scenario; let the customer suck it up, then it is not my problem anymore”. 2,017 more words

New Deal for Consumers; Raw Deal for Businesses?

The European Commission has announced a “New Deal for Consumers” – aimed at strengthening consumer rights and authorities’ enforcement powers across the EU.  The European Commission intends it to deliver a market “ 568 more words



My dear ladies and occasional gentleman it is now 16 DAYS since SKECHERS SOLD Ronald an ODD PAIR OF SHOES.

The shop we purchased them from SKECHERS WESTGATE, OXFORD have still not sent the correct shoe. 154 more words