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Ignorance is Strength

We don’t want to confuse the helpless little consumer with stuff like information. You know, this argument against labelling our food’s origin is so ridiculous. I believe there are 2 types of shoppers…ones that never read labels and just buy price and ones that actually care where and how the food in made. 28 more words

Communicating with Collectors: What You Should Know

It happens to many people; a cell phone or cable bill goes unpaid long after changing carriers, an old medical bill that you thought was paid by your insurance but was actually denied and you didn’t realize it, a credit card balance from long ago that you couldn’t afford to pay and now the account is in collections. 784 more words

Watch that Price Tag

When I was younger, I used to feel embarrassed whenever I accompanied my father or aunt to the grocery and they’d have little arguments with the sales clerk or supervisor about erroneous pricing. 746 more words

Random Thoughts

Saying goodbye to IBAS?

Breaking news – 23/07/2015 14:19:34

We know this is boring and not funny, but it does make us smile, when an organisation with conflicts of interest, all hidden by a massive PR machine, is potentially doomed. 143 more words

An open letter to the Editor of the ‘Racing Post’ (updated)

‘Delivering all a horse racing enthusiast needs and more since 1986’

Your line, but I no longer think so, why?

Your publication survives on limited sources of income; one of which is the horse racing punter. 229 more words

Tech Industry Violating Consumer Rights

The advancement in computer technologies has bring revolution in our day to day lifestyle, However, these technologies has a very serious implications and violates the basic consumer rights. 271 more words

Sorry Barratt, why “we’re fixing it” just isn’t good enough.

I’ve touched on this subject before in prior posts, but having become very familiar with other cases of appalling new-build construction, I felt it was worth talking in more depth about the impact that discovering your house is riddled with… 651 more words