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PHYSICIAN VISITS: Same day appointments with specialists

It is more common for health care providers to offer same-day visits to primary care physicians, but at least one health system is also offering same-day visits to specialists on a large-scale basis.  143 more words

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TRANSPARENCY: Posting patient reviews of physicians

Some health systems have begun to post online patient satisfaction scores and patient comments about physicians on the medical staff.  Here are some systems that do this (there are said to be an additional 20 which are not identified by name): 98 more words

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Function Is More Important Than Aesthetic In Enhancing The Consumer Satisfaction With Chair Design.

Chairs basically are invented as a place to be seated on and support body weight without breaking. In particular, if the chair cannot support person’s weight, as a consequence, it fails to meet its function (Garrett, 2010). 1,906 more words


Honda Home Service, solusi Honda buat yang sibuk

motorrio.com – Inovasi perlu terus dilakukan agar bisa selalu survive dan memimpin, dibidang pekerjaan atau induatri apapun. Inovasi yang memanjakan konsumen merupakan salah satu contoh yang terus berinovasi, salah satunya adalah… 318 more words


Consumer Internet carriers scored poorly in 2014. And again in 2015.

Ouch. Things haven’t gotten much better for Internet carriers in the customer satisfaction department. After a horrible 2014 survey showing, 2015 wasn’t much better (PDF) 84 more words