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Can Car Labelling Lead to Better Air Quality and Lower Carbon Emissions?

Environmental labelling of products and services has been used as a way to ‘nudge’ consumers to make greener choices but can car labelling lead to lower vehicles emissions and better air quality? 686 more words

Human Ecology

So much stuff! Moving out...

I’m selling my farm and moving on. We’re hoping to put the farm on the market when the season opens in August, and I think it will sell quickly as it is an excellent property and the market is hot. 314 more words

Consumer Society

Service Provider

Consumer Society inspires us to satisfy all our desires; any self-restraint – the enemy of our happiness. People are more likely to act on the principle of pleasure. 117 more words


Modus vivendi (III) (REALIsaTIon)

You make of what you’ve been given, but making

can end: it’s too late on occasions to

change what-

ever may have lasted in previous e- 123 more words


Trading your fingers for material gains

I have come forward to ask you a question today.

Would you give away one of your fingers for 10 million dollars? ( Or any other large sum of money, the actual amount doesn’t have much relevance to this article). 1,754 more words


How to be happy in 3 simple steps

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been.

I’m not rich, not famous, not even remotely successful in my career – and yet I’m happy.
I don’t own lots of stuff – and I think I own way too much – and yet I’m happy. 214 more words

Consumer Society