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Emrys Westacott: The Simple Life

Why less is more — more or less.

The good life is the simple life. Among philosophical ideas about how we should live, this one is a hardy perennial; from Socrates to Thoreau, from the Buddha to Wendell Berry, thinkers have been peddling it for more than two millennia. 1,002 more words

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I guess the point is Conspicuous Consumption

Does anyone need
that big a steak? Potato?
How much will we waste?


Elizabeth Currid-Halkett: Conspicuous consumption is over. It’s all about intangibles now

In 1899, the economist Thorstein Veblen observed that silver spoons and corsets were markers of elite social position. In Veblen’s now famous treatise The Theory of the Leisure Class… 1,065 more words

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Decluttering of my brain: Day 1

I recently started watching videos on a Zero Waste lifestyle and how people have gotten there, including the testimony of Lauren Singer.  I think her story resonates with so many people, because we have all been there:  looking in our fridge and trying to not use plastic or processed things, but not really knowing where to start and wondering if we could even be successful at such an undertaking.  430 more words

Film Review: They Live (1988)

“The golden rule – he who has the gold makes the rules” utters Frank, played by Keith David.  In 1988 director John Carpenter created one of the most beloved cult classics, “They Live”. 759 more words

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How To Consume Less And Live More Abundantly

We live in a consumer society that tells us that more is not enough, and that we are always constantly needing more. We need to update our technology, buy this product to be happy and wear this to fit in. 814 more words

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Affairs: What do they mean for a marriage?

Publically, we all believe affairs are bad for a marriage…until we have one ourselves it seems….  An insightful book I’ve just read (Esther Perel, ‘The State of Affairs’) casts new light on the varied meanings and impacts of affairs on marriages (or long term ‘relationships’) and gives a very different perspective on how marriage is and should evolve to account for this common critical event, based on her professional practice. 738 more words

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