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Mark Grief's Against Everything

Deserves all the praise it receives. The honesty and pointed writing is unsurpassed in anything I come across today; and what makes it that way is the book format. 188 more words

Shop til you drop, cover, and hold

The Editor,  The Wellingtonian,  Wellington

22 November, 2016

Dear Editor:

Wellington Mayor Justin Lester has used the government’s cliché mantra of ‘get them back shopping, get them back working’ approach to earthquake threats. 92 more words


Collins, poverty and consumerism

The Editor,  The Dominion Post,  Wellington,

26 October, 2016

Dear Editor:

It would appear that Judith Collins is the real leader of the National government when she can get away with such grossly misleading comments about the connection between crime and poverty. 97 more words


Why having no money and a flatscreen TV is a crime

One day, while trying to do a horrible amount of dishes, I was listening to the radio. We always listen to the radio while doing the dishes, but never stay with the same radio station because we like to switch whenever we get bored of the shitty songs some popstars release in the air to punish our ears. 455 more words


My personal overview about the 4 P's of Marketing in the Mauritian context

I have just finished replying back to my British-French pal, and I remember that one of the main points on which we discussed recently was about Hotmail’s new look, since a new version recently appeared. 3,350 more words

Money Making

Dmitry Kalugin: Commerce

Dmitry Kalugin
July 7, 2016

Yesterday morning, I stopped by a completely new restaurant for breakfast. They had opened just recently, and the place was all polished and shiny. 264 more words


Finding Your Path

“The Dharma can’t be lost, nothing is lost on a well-worn path.”

— Jack Kerouac, Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums is a relentlessly optimistic book, where enlightenment is there at the top of the mountain, just over the bend. 686 more words