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What does it mean to deterritorialize?

“For essential reasons: the unity of all that allows itself to be attempted today through the most diverse concepts of science and of writing, is, in principle, more or less covertly yet always, determined by an historicometaphysical epoch of which we merely glimpse the… 1,554 more words

Trauma Survivors.

Basil, I am planting basil on my mini balcon.

And I  just found this article about empathy, and resilience, and the real revolution we are witnessing. 345 more words

Non Classé

Consuming Chairs

My car died recently. This meant I was unable to get to work so had to buy another one soonest. normally I have taken the time to ask around and do some research on what sort of cars would be best for me. 1,278 more words

Boredom, transgression, and knowledge: The Borromean Knot

I never want to be a polemicist. Take what Milo Yiannopoulos does for a living: he makes money spouting his unproductive and vile political opinions to the masses- and what comes out of it? 1,217 more words

Wants or needs?

Media literacy and the consumer society, part 2. Tourev’s « Besoins ou désirs ? » given as a companion piece for part 1.

Wants or needs? 567 more words

Adolescence and the consumer society.

Introduction: At present, information and media literacy are frequently discussed subjects in the library setting. This translation of Tourev’s « Adolescence et société de consommation » is offered in this light. 646 more words

Methods to live more sustainable

I am going to try to answer a very multi-dimensional and complicated question in simplified terms. You do not have to do all of the things I am going to mention. 334 more words