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Unforgetting the Old

Near the harbour in my home town stands a grand Wild Fig Tree with a considerably large trunk and advantageous branches, supported by the thick sea air. 541 more words

Port Elizabeth

How to avoid Buyer's Remorse - Part 2

Ask yourself: Does the new belonging have somewhere to live?

Can you picture the new belonging in your home?
Where will it be stored?
Do you have a place waiting for it at home? 86 more words

Simple Living

Clutter and depression

I’ve got two friends who deal with serious depression issues.

Both of them also deal with uncontrolled spending, eating, debt and clutter problems. I can’t help but think that these problems are all one and the same. 529 more words

Simple Living

If it feels like you've taken on too much, then you probably have

I was continually getting demands on my time, money and energy. From people I really don’t care about, or about causes that were not dear to my heart. 480 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

De-owning is a slow process...

De-owning is a slow process that cannot be rushed.

When I first decided that I needed to de-own most of my belongings, and simplify my life, I thought the process would be a relatively quick one. 484 more words

Voluntary Simplicity

Clap your hands and start believing in fairies again...

If society tells us to take one path, and our heart is telling us to take another, then follow your heart. Stop being so wise. It’s time to be joyful and silly. 455 more words

Simple Living

How to become a minimalist 1

Value people over products.
Value relationships over belongings.
Care for yourself, the earth, and others.

Learn to value yourself, your family, your relationships, your time. Stuff can never love you back; people can. 38 more words

Simple Living