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Mrs. Consumer-Researcher

Film from 1960 about the role of women in the consumer product development research process at Corning Glass Works. As highly gendered and white as… 6 more words


Small is beautiful, 22.5 cubic feet ain't

You want to see more and store the big boxes and all those leftovers
until finding yogurt is like scaling an enamel and glass ridge… 39 more words


21 Consumer Products You Can (Likely) Live Without

I haven’t written a rant for some time…

I was slow to see the hit show Mad Men. I found it difficult to watch a bunch of white, sexist, racist, entitled, whiskey-swilling, chain-smoking, philandering men develop ad campaigns to sell Americans things they didn’t need. 2,567 more words

The Suburban Hearse


Miss Glaciermelt leans into her powerpoint presentation, placing her index finger on a large grey square on the terrain view of an old human settlement. 514 more words

Polar Bear Fiction

Your city could be exporting deadly air pollution – here’s why

Air pollution is often seen as a local problem requiring local and regional solutions. Karachi, London, Lagos, Mexico City and Paris are just a few of the world’s cities grappling with… 864 more words

Climate Change

Sold and bought: you've taught me well

I resisted for so long

The want of cash and the spending of dosh and

Those clashes and dissonances of

Brought up to be kind and… 182 more words


Dignity in a Consumer Society: Thinking with Bauman and Hochschild

Advanced democratic societies are in need of new models to understand the politics emerging under the labels of neo-conservatism, ethno-nationalism, the alt-right, and, occasionally, anti-politics. The… 1,569 more words