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Dmitry Kalugin: Commerce

Dmitry Kalugin
July 7, 2016

Yesterday morning, I stopped by a completely new restaurant for breakfast. They had opened just recently, and the place was all polished and shiny. 264 more words


Finding Your Path

“The Dharma can’t be lost, nothing is lost on a well-worn path.”

— Jack Kerouac, Dharma Bums

Dharma Bums is a relentlessly optimistic book, where enlightenment is there at the top of the mountain, just over the bend. 686 more words

Can Car Labelling Lead to Better Air Quality and Lower Carbon Emissions?

Environmental labelling of products and services has been used as a way to ‘nudge’ consumers to make greener choices but can car labelling lead to lower vehicles emissions and better air quality? 686 more words

Human Ecology

Service Provider

Consumer Society inspires us to satisfy all our desires; any self-restraint – the enemy of our happiness. People are more likely to act on the principle of pleasure. 117 more words


Modus vivendi (III) (REALIsaTIon)

You make of what you’ve been given, but making

can end: it’s too late on occasions to

change what-

ever may have lasted in previous e- 123 more words


Capsule wardrobe: Building with the basics..

There are a myriad of ways to create a capsule wardrobe, but none of them will work if they don’t represent who you really are… 903 more words


Trading your fingers for material gains

I have come forward to ask you a question today.

Would you give away one of your fingers for 10 million dollars? ( Or any other large sum of money, the actual amount doesn’t have much relevance to this article). 1,754 more words