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We live in a culture obsessed with the idea of filling oneself in order to feel “complete”. We go to drugs, sex, food, possessions, and much more in an attempt to make ourselves feel “happy”. 1,080 more words


Should the lower shipping prices from China to the US end ?

An article in the Wall Street Journal (October 17, 2018) titled “No More Mail Privilege for China as U.S. to end deep discounts in packages” describes the classification of China as a “tier 3” country while the U.S. 87 more words

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Walmart's new technology intensive warehouse that is 40% more efficient

An article in finance.yahoo.com titled “Walmart’s grocery warehouse worker of the future will have a STEM background” discussed the new warehouse in Shafter, California that will use automation to get eggs, diary and frozen goods to warehouse employees pick rather than having workers lift over 2,000 cases per shift. 52 more words

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Preventing child labor use for cobalt mining

An article in Fortune (September 1, 2018) titled “Blood, Sweat and Batteries” describes artisanal mining by over 10,000 children using hand tools in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), the source of 67% of the world supply of cobalt. 102 more words

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Is V-commerce by Fanatics the future of retail?

An article in Fortune (September 1, 2018) titled “Licensed to Thrill”, describes the company Fanatics that has exclusive rights to sell professional basketball and football clothing. 71 more words


what i learnt this week ed. 3

this week i had jury duty! it did not live up to my meager expectations (in that i spent around 8 hours waiting in a room as a member of the larger selection pool for the jury and didnt get picked once). 282 more words