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Canada ripe for an invasion of U.S. dollar stores, experts say

A slowing economy and stretched shopper are setting the stage for a spell of softer sales at malls, plazas and big-box stores across the country, a pair of new reports predicted this week. 460 more words


Report: Credit card fraud alerts often false alarms

(NBC) — A new report says credit card fraud alerts are often false alarms. A creditcards.com survey found nearly 7 in 10 Americans who’ve received a fraudulent activity alert from their credit or debit card issuer have received at least one alert in error. 53 more words


RBC drops plan to charge new fees after customers complain

Royal Bank of Canada is backing off some changes to account fees it planned to implement next month, saying the bank has “listened closely to client feedback” and decided against the move. 448 more words


Who the F are the Joneses? Consumerism in Hip hop

On this blog, I’ve often reiterated my love for the Hip Hop Culture, and how it influenced the awesome creation I am today.  Today however, I want to dive into one of the ideologies that stems from society in general, but as it relates to Hip hop…consumerism. 664 more words


McDonald's CEO: 'Ronald's Here To Stay'

NEW YORK (CBS St. Louis/AP) — McDonald’s CEO Steve Easterbrook said Thursday he was “incredibly proud” of a decision to bump pay for some workers, even after protesters called on the company to do more outside its annual shareholder meeting. 531 more words


Teacher Vulnerability- The Call for Surveillance in Schools

Research in The Guardian suggests that one in five school staff fall victim to false claims. Now more than ever, teachers feel vulnerable in the classroom, resulting in some leaving the profession entirely. 197 more words