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There is a WAR going on

…if you haven’t noticed. And that is a WAR ON CHRISTMAS.

Well, no. There WAS a war on Christmas.

And Christmas lost.

It lost when the consumer market got us into the habit of buying a gift rather than giving our TIME and ATTENTION to someone. 45 more words

Black Thursday

Went to Wal-Mart Thanksgiving evening. This year, we don’t need much of anything, but we’re destined to buy a lot of crap anyway. There’s gifts for the grandkids and the odd household appliance. 302 more words


The most eco-friendly clothes are the ones already in your closet

I just sat down with a needle and thread today to repair some pants. Some things wear out, but mostly we just toss or give away things we’re tired of. 77 more words


Shopping ban challenge

This blog post has been sitting in the pipeline while I’ve been away in America for a conference. With all the mindless consumerism of Black Friday, which apparently is infiltrating Ireland now, I thought it would be an interesting week to post it. 596 more words


23.11.15 - The best new insight from marketing and the cultural sciences

Here’s the latest:


China’s middle class is not what we thought it was, says the Business Insider UK

Behavioural Economics

The FT on how… 178 more words

Cultural Insight

Ethical Shopping: "Cowspiracy" and Why You Should Buy Well When It Comes to Food, Too.

Add this film to your documentary to-watch list, Cowspiracy. (Note: this is not a movie filled with horrific images of animals stuck in factory farms to scare you away from eating meat (the title sounds a little scary)). 290 more words


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Frugal Living Tips- Spend Less, Live More!

Minimalism includes the idea of spending less on consumer items and more on experiences. This month I’ve been thinking  about the necessary (I believe) expense of insurance. 724 more words