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The "Half-price" Frenzy

While watching TV on demand I keep being bombarded with advertisements selling me items for only “half-price”. 

Sounds like a bargain an alert consumer cannot afford to miss. 769 more words


One Book List to rule them all

Hello Sunday evening. Where did you creep up from?? Before I give up for the day, I wanted to update you all (or at least the Ether!) I have spent a lot of time with books this weekend and most of it wasn’t with my nose in one. 324 more words


Today is Fashion Revolution Day and marks the day that we, as consumers, demand more transparency in the fashion industry. In the wake of Rana Plaza (previously blogged about… 393 more words


Making sustainable choices for the long-term

We are looking into a new 3 piece suite. We inherited the one we’ve got from family and it’s not in the greatest condition. All the seats are sagging badly and the fabric is starting to fade. 620 more words


Take Part in the Live Below the Line Challenge

Join Canadians all across the country living off just $1.75 a day

April 27th – May 1st 2015

Around the world 1.2 billion people are living in extreme poverty. 346 more words

Action Project Idea

Post consumer problems

I generally wax and wane between two different consumer states. In one I don’t want any ‘stuff’ at all, I dream of a nomadic life with everything I need being carried with me. 982 more words

Refusing to worship the cult of the body

I’m teaching a course on faith and contemporary culture at the moment. We focus in on the values, beliefs and narrative of consumerism as a case study. 1,128 more words