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Earn your creative freedom

In the previous post, we talked about how out of place the primitive human mind is in our modern world. Overeating was used as an example of a natural effect of this situation, but many other self-destructive behaviors also stem from this source. 367 more words

Mental Control

Buster’s Blog - Transition: Bunk to Work - 24 July 2017

As legions of my loyal readers are well aware, old pap and I have been lamenting the fallacies which have crept into our very way of life over the last several decades, right here in our good old U.S.of A. 347 more words


How Much Can I Tow With My Truck?

Saw a couple of YouTube videos on how much can I tow.

Ah, I lost the other video, but that’s ok.

The two guys who did them; one was a truck/RV expert, the other was a person just doing videos about the various aspects of RVing. 569 more words