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Minimalist bloggers pushing the same old consumerist culture

I’m always keen to follow bloggers whose content I enjoy reading and find helpful. However, I’ve recently become really disillusioned with a whole bunch of them. 269 more words


Shopped- The Shocking Power of British Supermarkets

I’ve just finished reading this book- it’s been on my reading list for years! I wish I’d read it sooner, it was eye-opening. It has a lot of points that are relevant to becoming Zero Waste or Minimalist. 592 more words


China's 'Fashion Forwards' vs. 'Clichéd Customers'

As new millionaires and white-collar workers start wearing genuine designer logos, they raise the bar for those who want to remain among the fashion elite. So the creative quest continues for other, subtler ways to spend big. 288 more words

Cultural Insight

Book Review - Love all of the People by Bill Hicks

Oh my god! You know that I have found some draft book review hanging around on my blog that I never published? Well, either way, I have. 1,677 more words

What do you value most?

I recently re-read my main description of my blog which says: “This blog records my journey to become more eco-conscious without drastically changing my lifestyle.” I wrote it years ago when I wanted to value the environment more but had no intention of becoming the stereotype of the unwashed hippie. 662 more words



I think it must be the signs of spring that have put me in the mood to spring clean! Since we moved into our new place, around 18 months ago- several pieces of furniture have become redundant. 523 more words


Thought you'd find this interesting...

Hello readers, this is only a short post as I thought you might be interested to read a piece I wrote for the Guardian newspaper. 71 more words