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Book Review - Love all of the People by Bill Hicks

Oh my god! You know that I have found some draft book review hanging around on my blog that I never published? Well, either way, I have. 1,677 more words

What do you value most?

I recently re-read my main description of my blog which says: “This blog records my journey to become more eco-conscious without drastically changing my lifestyle.” I wrote it years ago when I wanted to value the environment more but had no intention of becoming the stereotype of the unwashed hippie. 662 more words



I think it must be the signs of spring that have put me in the mood to spring clean! Since we moved into our new place, around 18 months ago- several pieces of furniture have become redundant. 523 more words


Thought you'd find this interesting...

Hello readers, this is only a short post as I thought you might be interested to read a piece I wrote for the Guardian newspaper. 71 more words


5 ways to save the world

Most of us know that the choices we make when it comes to shopping for food have an impact on the environment. I guess we are clear on the big picture by now. 1,045 more words


The Consumer Views of a 12 Year Old

What follows is a piece that my 12 year old son wrote when he got annoyed at people buying things for no reason. I suggested that he should write his thoughts down, and this is the product. 585 more words

Watchlist: Consumerism

Each month we will share a movie top 5 for Global citizens. All featured movies are available on Netflix. Each month we will feature another topic. 849 more words