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The [Im]perfect Nursery and the Joy of Simplicity

“So, what’s your theme?” she asked me.
“Theme? What do you mean?”
“Your nursery! Animals? Butterflies? Princess? And what about the type of wood of your nursery furniture? 994 more words


On Amsterdam's Commercial Communications Culture

Blake Harrop from W+K on Amsterdam’s approach to commercial communications culture:

Global advertising has a Jekyll and Hyde duality. From a positive standpoint, it is exciting to be able to bring the world closer together. 293 more words

Cultural Insight

Is minimalism for the privileged? 

I’ve been thinking more about my mum and how her ‘just in case’ tendencies rubbed off on me.
As I’ve explained before, we didn’t have a lot of money growing up so I appreciate keeping items may have been a necessity because there was no spare money to replace them. 304 more words


Life doesn't wait

As sad as it might sound, life doesn’t wait for anyone to feel better, get out of depression, start working out or make that big change that will make you happy. 329 more words


Minimalists! What is 'success' to you?

What is success to you? It may be a healthy bank account, a fast car or a wardrobe full of designer items but considering you’re reading a minimalist blog, I’ll take a guess that it’s none of those things. 249 more words


“O foolish Galatians, who has bewitched you!” - St Paul and Consumer Society

An unusual post for us, but a worthy one. What St Paul would have had to say about Consumer Society:

Social scientists have sometimes regarded consumers as rational creatures, utilitarians looking to maximize gain and minimize loss. 266 more words


I'm a minimalist and I love stuff

If you’re a minimalist you must hate ‘stuff’ and owning ‘things’, right? I don’t think you could be more wrong.

There is an idea that minimalism is an ‘anti’ movement, that you have to object to objects. 289 more words