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Live in the Moment

A few months ago I picked up a book called, “Mindfulness and Money”. I was proud because I bought the book used and usually when I go into a bookstore I want to buy all of them and they are all full priced. 665 more words


The Blessing of Being Alive Is the Blessing of Being a Creator

The blessing of being alive is the blessing of being a creator. People often say, “Be glad you’re alive,” but you may have often thought, “Look at the news and tell me what’s good about being alive. 240 more words

Contemplation on a Sunday afternoon, 2018

Today I am pondering some deep questions:

Why does IGA sell those insulated shopping bags for the transport of cold or hot items, when the IGA employee who packs your cold or hot items in your regular bags and puts in dry pasta and cans of soup in the insulated ones? 65 more words

Social Commentary

What I learned from a 21 day social media fast

1. It wasn’t as hard as I anticipated it being

Like I was pretty freaked out thinking it was going to be so difficult! I pumped myself up with pep talks. 1,076 more words

Review: The Saber Vape Pen

I’ve enjoyed trying out the Saber Vape Pen over the last couple of months.  It’s a vape pen for concentrates: wax, shatter, oil and all types of cannabis extracts with textures ranging from brittle toffee to gloopy sludge.  691 more words


Monetised Fear: Canned 'Clean' Air

I live in a valley blessed with such clear air and low levels of light pollution that I can gaze in wonder at the Milkyway on cloudless nights. 889 more words

Mining Waste

Zero waste kit problem solving, again

Yesterday, once again, I didn’t have my zero waste kit with me. I took it out just before going to do our grocery shopping at the co-op, because I figured I would have no need of it there. 309 more words

Zero Waste