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Potential increase in price of Christmas products worries British consumers

With the holidays approaching, many wonder how the decreasing pound will affect their shopping. Experts seem to be confident that, although there is an increase on the general price, consumers will not be affected. 231 more words


Tis the Season to be Greedy

And so this is Christmas. Nearly. It might as well be. A sixty day orgy of sentimentality and consumerist foreplay designed to lubricate our minds and wallets ready for the shuddering anticlimax on the 25th. 774 more words


This is not a post about hating capitalism, moaning about inequality or proffering a radical alternative to the societal structure we currently live in. I do not support or favour hard-line socialism, communism or any other alternative to capitalism. 876 more words


Consumer Capitalism Doesn't Want You Going Back To Basics

Consumer capitalism has one goal: to devour and assimilate; divide and conquer. To eliminate all markets, economies, and human relationships that function differently. Its one part of one part of one part of this thing that this guy named Fredy Perlman called Leviathan. 2,092 more words

Zero Waste

Negara Kita Sudah Teruk Kerana Hutang Yang Tinggi !!!

Negara kita sudah hendak bankrupt. Negara Kita Sudah Teruk Kerana Hutang Yang Tinggi !!!

Itulah yang dihasut dan fitnah oleh orang-orang seperti Rafizi “Kerja Menghasut” Ramli. 745 more words


Corporate Demons Possess Our Nation's Soul

The Essays of The Man From the North by Rivera Sun
Writer, Dandelion Salad
December 4, 2016

Corporate demons possess our nation’s soul. They crept in stealthily, full of trickery and deception, but now they’re lodged in place, as surely as if they had stormed our homes and halls of power with guns and tanks. 943 more words


Christmas killed by Commercialism

So it has just hit December and Christmas is upon us. The year goes by so quickly these days, it’s actually insane. Although it is December and the world’s most anticipated holiday is around the corner, I feel no Christmas spirit whatsoever. 557 more words