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How I'm Avoiding Impulse Purchases on Black Friday

It’s that time of the year again, when companies tempt us with their new exciting products. Holiday specials have been released or at least teased since the beginning of September and I have noticed a lot of people already getting into full on “shut up and take my money” mode. 492 more words


Critical Debates Week 3, Pt 1: Ethical Consumption vs Obsolete Vogue

In “Towards and Ethical Fashion Framework”, the writers criticise the way ethical consumerism is typically presented, regarding it as a far too simple presentation. The articles main focus is on both ethical manufacturing methods as well as “Fast Fashion” industries, where the focus is on mimicking high fashion brands and where “obsolescence” is an essential element of design.  554 more words


Perpetual Styrofoam Christmases, Things with Feathers and Other Symbols

My on-going struggle with democracy in action, in theory and in education endures. Consumerism continues to intrude on the liberating potential of higher education and the language of student experience, customer numbers and clients infects an increasing number of formal documents.  635 more words


Budgeting for Baby Items: What we spent so far

There are multiple schools of thought on how much kids and their stuff cost, and while I’m not sure if there’s any one right answer, I do know that one way to save is by simply choosing to make do with less, especially when it comes to baby things. 429 more words


Fall 2017 - #ProjectPan

Have you ever felt like your beauty addiction had gone a little too far? I have. Have you ever being guilty of leaving a product “rotting” on the shelves despite the excitement you felt buying it? 651 more words

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The best a man can get… but is it?

I have been shaving for more than 20 years and like most men I have religiously bought new razors and blades as they came out. Why wouldn’t I when each new model offered a smoother shave. 886 more words


Reigning in the Amygdala

Terms and labels incite reactions, often alarmist ones. When I utter the terms consumerism and materialism, the immediate reaction of many, other than tuning out and scanning for the nearest exit, is surprisingly not entirely negative. 37 more words

Escape Consumerism