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Yesterday I was very excited to receive my new, smaller trash bin. It really is the little things in life. While some may think it is sad for me to get excited over a trash bin, it was a big step in my commitment to waste less and live a more meaningful and simpler life. 447 more words

50 Word Stories: A Devil of a Deal

I promised him everything; it wasn't enough. Fifty years of saving, collecting, consuming without practical purpose, wasted. There at the end of all things, as my tongue withered and eyes crisped, the devil wouldn't even sell me some water. 11 more words


Nothing More Can Go Wrong, Chicken Tenders

In the backyard is a plow.
No one knows quite what to do with it.
It sits with its wood rotting
and its iron rusted… 188 more words


Plastic Free July: How to Reduce Your Daily Amount of Plastic

We’re almost at the end of July, and this month is plastic free July or zero waste July. The point of this challenge is to raise awareness on the amount of plastic and garbage we use and produce. 638 more words

A Journey to Minimalism - A Slight Detour.

Day Three is here! After confronting myself yesterday I’m ready to look beyond the ~deep stuff~ and start putting mys plan into action. For those who’ve just got here, welcome, I’m following the Minimalists… 785 more words


Edinburgh Fringe Preview: Focus On:Lola and Jo

“Are you an 18 to 80-year-old employed or unemployed middle-income earner, from an urban or rural area who shops online or in store? Ambitious fame-hungry comedians Lola and Jo wanted to stop their day jobs before the Fringe but with therapy bills, an Uber dependency and lack of self-control at their local Wetherspoons – they can’t. 147 more words

Lorna Irvine

Our culture is damaging our well-being

Alan White

We are living in a time where we have a lot to be grateful for. Modern consumer culture has greatly improved our way of life. 798 more words