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A concession to consumerism

Purging Christian theology of the doctrine of apostasy — and ignoring the Bible texts that undergird it — is a betrayal of God’s people and a concession to the consumerist spirit of the age. 83 more words


Gratitude 24 August

Today I am grateful to be free of Direct TV.  And desiring to loose the flying monkeys upon them, I must say.

Mind you, it took some doing to be done with them.   329 more words


The purge of 'stuff' for a new life of 'slow travel'

Minimalism is a label, and I don’t really like to be confined to a label. But the ‘ism’ expresses a lifestyle some people may connect to me. 1,103 more words

Month-to-month Living

Carousel Court: Joe McGinniss Jr

“Remember, babe: every page of the mortgage has TWO signatures on it. But facts and shared responsibility aside: just what IN THE FUCK do you think I’m doing?” 1,290 more words




‘Between 1972 – 1983, I did a series of performances which involved masks, bottles, pans, uniforms, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. After the performances these objects were either left behind or they were… 249 more words