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Health centers quickly filling up space in Philly area malls


How about treating yourself to a shopping spree after getting good news at your annual physical?

That opportunity has arrived, as more mall spaces are being used as medical offices and health centers to resuscitate struggling suburban malls. 68 more words


Sometimes in life, you end up hitting a brick wall. When a witch hits a brick wall, he/she almost causes a natural disaster.

Recently I realized that my emotions were out of control, which meant my life was out of control. 465 more words

The untapped power of the consumer (I).

Consumerism is not make-believe; it is not a fairy tale.  And as consumers we enact exactly what the name portrays – we consume.  Consuming is natural, we consume food and water necessary to survival and leathers and wools to keep our temperatures regulated.  515 more words

Words of the Dragon: Striking Thoughts (3.92.2)

The spiritually deficient search for external securities– The poorer we are inwardly, the more we try to enrich ourselves outwardly.”

     When I’m feeling down and blue and I haven’t got the slightest clue on just what am I supposed to do… 537 more words

private schools and sports clubs

I don’t believe it’s worth
mentioning as I stir
and jab this plastic straw
into my caramel whirlpool.

But I think I’ll shudder less
if I pull at my ears. 128 more words


Is this a breakthrough?

I got my first paycheque when I was 16. Twenty years ago. And since then, almost without exception, the pattern has been the same: the month begins with a huge, blow-out, shopping trip )or online) buying things because I have the money to do so. 220 more words


Are You An Almost-Hoarder?

Okay, so some friends already consider me to be a full blown hoarder, which I don’t agree with. After all, I am nothing close to the folks in that show about hoarding. 136 more words