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Embracing Minimalism

My childhood was filled with many fetes, car boot sales, garage sales and op shop adventures. The majority of my toys, books and clothes were all preloved and I loved it. 680 more words

Representation is good - but not if it comes from capitalism and consumerism

It is nearly the end of May, which means one thing: Pride month June is almost upon us. Pride month commemorates the Stonewall Riots, which happened on June 28, 1969, during which patrons inside a gay bar resisted incoming police to fight for LGBT rights. 521 more words

Putting Our Wallets Where Our Big Mouths Are!

When it comes to combating the evil in this world, the solution often seems quite simple to me: stop spending money on those companies and institutions that support evil. 563 more words

The CBD Market Can Help Drive Cannabis Law Reform But Selling So-Called 'CBD Flowers' Could Take Us Backwards

Compliant businesses operating responsibly within the legal cannabis sector will help to drive reform. Blurring the lines between legal and illegal products will delay progress. 836 more words


Why happy?

One of John Lennon’s best quotes is about the key to life:

This is one of the many ways in culture, it seems we are all seeking happy. 371 more words


What Christians Need To Know

One of the most destructive things to both Christians, and to churches, is the belief that the church exists to help Christians grow spiritually. I imagine that you are going to want to go back and read that first sentence a couple more times to make sure you got it right. 274 more words