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Good Bye (not a good buy) Apple Music

I have just been informed that my free account has been closed by Apple Music. I am not very upset to learn this news. I have enjoyed using the streaming music service for the last three months, but determined that for me it is not worth $10 a month to keep it. 269 more words


This couple lives on 6% of their income so they can give $100,000 a year to charity

Julia Wise is a social worker and her husband, Jeff Kaufman, is a software engineer. In 2013, their combined income was just under $245,000, putting them in the top 10% of US households. 1,005 more words

The Easy Extreme p9

There is a heaviness I feel on this last day of the fast.

To live an extreme, to completely cut something out of your life, is far more easily accomplished than adopting a lifestyle and putting to application all that you have learned. 1,026 more words


The Truth About Why We Buy

Can you spot the difference between these two bags?

In case you didn’t notice, the bag on the left is made of synthetic leather, while the one on the right is made entirely of trash straight out the back alley dumpster. 1,010 more words


From My Window

I have been simplifying my life for several years now. I am learning how to do with less- less energy, less time left, and less money. 160 more words

Looks like "Pinktober" is here.

Let me be perfectly blunt and to the point.  I do not have breast cancer but it has affected me personally and I am considered a “high risk” to contract the disease.   1,012 more words

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