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Re-defining values after the 2008 credit-crunch.

University was my choice in 2008. The economic crisis was not. Understanding the implications of what a credit-crunch meant at the time went unnoticed (at least for me) due to my ignorance at the time. 795 more words


A Dash of the Internet of Things,

Amazon, who first pioneered on-line book-selling and has rapidly developed a retail platform for selling almost anything, is undoubtedly the number one on-line retailer and just last year pushed its way into the 2014 US top 10 retailers ranking (Schultz, 2014). 755 more words


What I'm Digging: My Internet Wish List

I haven’t done a post like this since January and that’s a bit poor frankly. I’m a great consumer who’s always shopping, usually in the sales and usually within reason, but shopping none the less. 264 more words

Stuff I Dig

A Message from Mother Earth to Her Human child

This letter was in response to a challenge I was given to speak about climate change in terms that Mother Earth would speak to her children.  423 more words

I like commodities, you like commodities; everyone likes commodities! How consumerism and individualism have changed society (with some minor digressions).

Tangled in a complex web of relational connections, consumerism and Western culture come as an inextricable pair. It is not only the West either that has been infected by the ethos of consumerism, oh no, but increasingly other traditionally non-Western regions too. 5,746 more words



Aristole called it eudimonia: the pursuit of happiness as the highest good. The single thing all creatures strive for in different ways– but humans have a tendency for overcomplication. 167 more words

The Good

Income inequality: the growing parallel between the rich and poor.


In the UK at the time of writing, there appears to be a handful of issues that are seemingly inexpungible from the media limelight; they are tireless and of unceasing appeal. 18,773 more words