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Less Is More

Message, meeting, stress. Planning, chaos, stress. Pictures, desire, stress. Consumption, competition, stress.

Our lives are run by the technological gods, manipulating us to crave the approval of our digital pocket idols before taking any decisions (and I say taking rather than making with a very specific intent. 884 more words


Rumor has it a habit is formed in 21 days. If so, does this mean I won’t backslide? I hope so, since much of the urge to shop is gone. 906 more words


I, Marxist

It is not for the theater alone, but the theater itself would justify the moment in each class I teach when I out myself as a “communist” (pausing, then clarifying the whole communist-socialist-Marxist mess that most Americans cannot untangle). 796 more words


Swipe left to patriarchy: BoJack Horseman and neoliberal feminism

Valentina Aparicio | January 22, 2018

Nowadays, for the sake of good PR, supporting diversity is a must for any company. At least on paper. However, while identity politics has fully entered the mainstream political discourse, attention to material inequality continues to be overlooked. 821 more words

Inciting Sparks Articles

Is Minimalism Only For Those Who Can Choose It?

In reading more about minimalism and pursing a more simple life, I stumbled across some attitudes toward it that were interesting.

Ideas like “only wealthy people can afford to be minimal, as they can replace something if they really need to” or, “minimalism is only for the privileged, who can choose it rather than do it out of necessity” pop up in opinion articles across the web. 1,068 more words


Live in the Moment

A few months ago I picked up a book called, “Mindfulness and Money”. I was proud because I bought the book used and usually when I go into a bookstore I want to buy all of them and they are all full priced. 665 more words


The Blessing of Being Alive Is the Blessing of Being a Creator

The blessing of being alive is the blessing of being a creator. People often say, “Be glad you’re alive,” but you may have often thought, “Look at the news and tell me what’s good about being alive. 240 more words