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Budget Time

The Australian Federal Government has set about attempting to get large corporations to pay their share of tax. Will it work? Doubtful.

The Governments have never had any problem cutting down our native forests why should a few tall poppies present a problem. 10 more words

Destroying Ownership, Reducing Waste

Sometime last year, my trusty iPod Touch died on me after a series of unfortunate events. To cut a long story short, the most obvious diagnosis at the time was that the battery had discharged completely and was in need of a replacement. 833 more words

Eyes & Ears

Stuffed to Bursting

“We sometimes come to God, not because we love Him best, but because we love our possessions best; we ask Christ to save Western civilization, without asking ourselves whether it is entirely a civilization that Christ could want to save. 485 more words


Pete's Pizza Economies Falling

centuries of people
have eaten that bad pizza
more long lasting
is the mystery of
these economies that plague us

come for the people
at this street corner… 71 more words


Do Consumers Avoid Genetically Modified Wines?

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The consumption of genetically modified (GM) products is one of the most debatable and significant issues that influence consumers’ purchase behaviors and dining trends.

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Environmental And Social Issues

Paying for bottled tap water is the worst investment ever. I’d rather die of dehydration.


Some Thoughts on Religion's Role in Society


Religion has always perplexed me. Ever since I was a child, I never quite understood the fantastical and often morbid stories they are built upon nor how anyone could live their life by them. 557 more words

Guest Column