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feet ! — The Art O fish all intelligence

So being a women , I will be the first to admit that I have dabbled in the astrology genre . ( don’t we all think we know something about our future by the astrology ) Is there any merit in the things that star gazers preject?

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Spoilt for Choice

Through some cunning ‘look but don’t touch’ arrangements I can pretty much track down any music or writing in the known universe.  Now, finally, I can get exactly what I want when I want.  17 more words

Creative Writing

"Animism At The Dinner Table"

As an animist and vegetarian, the subject of food is near and dear to my heart. I can’t stand utilitarian arguments when it comes to food, because plants and ecosystems often get left out of the conversation altogether. 744 more words

Zero Waste

The Wedding Industry

This rant is a follow up from my previous rant about the baby industry. To me this whole wedding / baby industry goes hand in hand. 678 more words

The brainwashing and fleecing of America

Through our founding fathers, the right to pursue happiness is one of our most basic of principles in the United States. However, as a society, I fear we’ve lost sight on what the pursuit of happiness… 1,725 more words

You are what you love 6: fearful youth ministry?

In chapter 6 of his passionate book You Are What You Love, Jamie Smith takes his argument (we are what we love) and asks some very relevant questions about how Christians tend to do education – right across schools, youth groups, Sunday School, youth ministries etc… 707 more words


Our travel bags and backpacks on a serious budget

No kickbacks here – no sponsor plugs and no affiliate links. Just an honest overview and assessment of the bags and backpacks we have as of this writing for our continuous slow travel outside the U.S. 946 more words

Budget Travel