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An Expensive Lesson

When disreputable people understand us better than we understand ourselves, we can be easily manipulated. This principle is used by the marketing industry. All human beings are born with a holy longing but can be distracted to fill that longing with the wrong things. 70 more words


Judging From Appearances

Since time immemorial mankind has always felt the need to distinguish himself from his fellowmen. The Brahmins who were the privileged classes in the ancient Indian society and the aristocrats in the western world looked different from the common people in their way of dressing and grooming. 390 more words

NOTE: Joe Versus the Volcano

There is this great movie with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. Many people have missed it, but it has so many amazing moments that it’s definitely my favorite. 255 more words


Reflections on Food Advertising and How It Affects our Intuition, Plus a Little Experiment

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Hi everyone!

How many times have you bought a type of food because you saw an ad for it?

I have been thinking a lot lately about intuitive eating, and my quest to be able to become an intuitive eater. 1,500 more words

A Sam's Club Story

I can’t wait until someone uses a flash while I’m wearing this.


Re: #arinaction conference

Following are my impressions and thoughts inspired by the “AR in Action” conference at MIT’s media lab to which I was kindly invited to this week by… 1,272 more words