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Building Sandcastles

I love a new pair of shoes as much as the next girl but today I was shoeless, sand between toes and surrounded by the sounds of the sea and children playing. 259 more words


Goodnight sleep tight

You may not meet this moment again

Born into a world that takes to receive

Even the ghosts of the past, now to selfish to disappear… 332 more words


Trapped in a room with 'The View'

A Snippet by Stacy Esch
807 words

May 27, 2015

In the 1980’s, cultural scholar Tim Lally suggested that Walter Ong’s “The Audience is Always a Fiction” might be applied in fascinating ways to the study of pop culture. 806 more words


Children's Crafts as Natural Building

I confess to shopping at the dollar store on occasion, usually to purchase craft supplies for my children.  But recently while sitting at my computer scrolling my way through Facebook’s skewed representation of the lives of other people, I  came across an article about crafts you can make from items purchased at the dollar store.  736 more words

Permaculture Principles

Is Monsanto evil?

Yes. Are genetically modified foods dangerous? Possibly. Could science find out if they are? Yes.

Monsanto’s practices run contrary to science, which is ironic when the corporation depends on science for its profits. 502 more words


The Consummunism Paradox. How Consumerism Leads to ‘Communism’


Conservatives are busy warning us of the looming danger of “communism” to our free market economy. According to this narrative, businesses of America are what makes this country great. 1,616 more words


In former times the message was: ‘Make love not war’. Today many things have changed and the message is: ‘Sex Sells’ and ‘Be a Good and Neat Consumer!’ together with ‘Watch and Support the Capital Accumulating!’ 10 more words

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