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We'd be better off with a little more imperfection

Just about every designer and design agency these days proclaims something to this effect: “we’re passionate about perfection!”. As if anything short of perfection just doesn’t cut it. 1,006 more words


My Minimalist Wardrobe

Hello reader!

In today’s post, I wanted to share my small(ish) collection of clothing, and how discovering minimalism has affected my relationship to buying clothes and seeing the value in the things I already have. 447 more words


Awesome Stories 312

This week Awesome Stories brings you music therapy, consumerism, better batteries, and revolutionary love.

Music Therapy

Rex is a musical savant who uses his gift to promote awareness of autism and help others use music to find healing and joy in their lives. 428 more words

Awesome Stories

The Waste of the Progress

The Waste of the Progress

While shelf life gets shorter and fashions rotate,

Consumption is a skipping rope to leap over a payroll date.

Acquire your duds, use and throw them away… 31 more words

Oleg Komlik

"Why is Mid Century Modern Furniture 'So Expensive?'"

Julian Goldklang, core77 23/3/2017

Scandinavian pieces produced in the 1950s and 1960s were made in factories like Carl Hansen & Son, Slagelse Mobelfabrik, CFC Silkeborge Mobelfabrik, etc. 224 more words


It's All About Control: Money Management For The Everyman

Here is your one and only tip for saving money. Spend less than what you have coming in.

Easy. You’re welcome!

Oh…. that wasn’t very helpful. 636 more words


The Kentucky Fried Movie

Director John Landis teams with The Zucker Brothers to bring a ridiculous collection of sketches that cover everything from modern news, advertising, daytime television and film, in an irreverent mishmash of occasionally tasteless, often funny, film that still stands the test of time. 110 more words