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Team Australia

Conform, conform, conform

Get your tedious thoughts from commercial television

Here’s a current-affair-today-tonight thought for you

You are a human dildo with a vestigial brain… 187 more words


The Mall of American Progress

By Scott Beauchamp

Source: The Baffler

Malls may not be an American monopoly, but America’s not really thinkable without them. They’re where we come together, octogenarian mall walkers and teen Goths alike, as we aim for that perfect, elusive balance between over- and under-stimulation. 1,300 more words


It's not a Free World.

We have been so consumed in the material world, that we have lost the meaning of being human. We need someone to fill our minds all the time and we need an escape. 192 more words

Life is short. Eat pancakes in L. A!

What better way to show disdain for the dominant culture than by eating syrupy piles of gluten in the city of thin. I went out for pancakes three times with my sister on my recent visit to California. 908 more words


McDiscrimination With a Side of Profound Lack of Surprise

By Eric Scott Pickard 
Well, here’s yet another reason why I, personally, won’t be setting foot inside what the folks at McDonald’s laughably call a “restaurant” anytime soon. 912 more words

Free Radical Media

Simple Living, Minimalism, and the Aesthetics of Austerity

Several years ago, without realizing that there was even a term for it, I became interested in the idea of Simple Living. This interest grew out of the culmination of a number of contributing factors including: my desire to lose weight; my anxiety about the future – both my own and the world’s; my realization during overseas trips that I did not need all of the things that I was carrying in my luggage; a desire to unshackle myself of the ultimately unnecessary burdens that living in the modern world places on us and to return to a more… 512 more words

Building Sandcastles

I love a new pair of shoes as much as the next girl but today I was shoeless, sand between toes and surrounded by the sounds of the sea and children playing. 259 more words