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less is more

One of my friends is a computer programmer. He recently made me the gift of a fitness watch, saying that he would experiment with writing apps for it via an API. 227 more words

Superficial Social Media: the dehumanizing web. Be Pro-Self-Awareness

I’ve never really been one who follows the pop culture, or idolizes celebrities, nor have I ever really been one to be obsessed with social media, falling into the petty trap that many youth and even adults today get caught up in…portraying themselves as something they are not, in order to get the most likes, or favourites etc.   752 more words


Because, like any good consumer, I want things I see in ads

There are few things I really need, but that doesn’t stop me from wasting valuable writing time each week leafing through electronics store flyers, searching for that magical piece of technology that will heal all my psychic wounds. 299 more words

T h e r e i s n o t h i n g

I can buy, do, watch, listen to, travel to, have, want, hate, or love that will make me any happier or sadder than I choose to be right here this very moment, simple isn’t it.

Re-defining values after the 2008 credit-crunch.

University was my choice in 2008. The economic crisis was not. Understanding the implications of what a credit-crunch meant at the time went unnoticed (at least for me) due to my ignorance at the time. 795 more words


A Dash of the Internet of Things,

Amazon, who first pioneered on-line book-selling and has rapidly developed a retail platform for selling almost anything, is undoubtedly the number one on-line retailer and just last year pushed its way into the 2014 US top 10 retailers ranking (Schultz, 2014). 755 more words