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What Have We Christians Done? (get ready for a rant)

We Christians live with such angst about the nature and tenor of our politics.  But look at the real danger to the faith.  It is us!  697 more words

Spiritual Growth

"they are eating my flesh," says the boy who has never tasted chocolate

KILLJOY ALERT: This week’s story brings to light some very inconvenient truths. It may contain some things you did not know. Once you know them, you may wish you didn’t. 1,769 more words

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If this country goes absolutely crazy and puts Donald Trump in the White house, this is what I think will happen in 2017: 508 more words


The Type Of House You Should Never Buy. 

The massive, gaudy houses lining the streets of America’s upscale suburbs began to look like the epitome of bad taste and poor judgement once the foreclosure crisis hit. 20 more words


Consumerism Defined

“This is what it means to have become perfect consumers: the original nothingness of the will gives itself shape by the use it makes of the nothingness of the world-and thus we are free.” -David Bentley Hart

poem #6 - curated


i am my own museum

entry is free

the café currency is double tapping

sugar bowls are nudged out of frame

fries are served at slightly lower temperatures than preferable… 166 more words

Oh, Consumers...

@outofcontxtsbsp truly a statement on blind consumerism in modern society

— Christian Essa (@christianessa1) October 14, 2016

This tweet perfectly captures what I was thinking of when I saw the picture. Or, well, sort of.