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Things I've learned from killing consumerism #2 - The difference between want and need

The other week I learned the difference between want and need.

Here it is: I want a tea strainer. I need tweezers.

Somehow in the house move, my tweezers got lost. 323 more words


Too little, too late - Insufficient Sacrifice

Humans economies and society evolved from hardship and sacrifice. Publicly burning sheep and twisting the heads off doves for GD, sacrificing virgins, killing the first born and genocide, plagues and world war that had as their presumed cause the will of God, and variously His prayers and support; fasting to near starvation with just water at most to prophesy, be Messiahs, wise kings and peacekeepers; overpopulation of the poorest people because they had nothing better to do than have more children and increase the infant mortality rate. 1,289 more words


How Money Plays It's Role.

The Consumerist culture that we have created for ourselves feeds off of money and power. We go to college in the hopes of getting a degree and with that degree we will land a good job in the area of our preference. 605 more words

Exhibit to Schifano - 'Orizzonte N.2', Florence

Yesterday, Saturday afternoon, what to do during a Saturday afternoon in Florence if you don’t want to spend time shopping somewhere and you have already gone for a walk (2 hours walking!)…? 90 more words


Dear Consumer

Kimye got into a fight,
Giuliana’s racist, too.
Dear consumer, eat it up,
Save, reheat and chew chew chew.

White and gold or blue and black; 108 more words


Consumerism and Marketing to Children

Picture source: http://www.newstatesman.com/2011/09/children-advertising-ban

This is the final paper of Educ-E336 in Fall semester 2014. The topic is about consumerism and marketing to children.

E336 Final Paper… 2,272 more words