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Reverse culture shock: bombarded by stuff

In the first few months after I returned to the United States, I remember feeling bombarded by stuff. By stuff I mean things, material items. Home décor things, outdoor patio things, kitchen things, clothing things, electronic things, billboards with pictures of things for sale, iPhones being held in my face with more pictures of things for sale. 544 more words


Summary of Zygmunt Bauman's 'The Individualised Society' (part 1/3)

Chapter One  – The Rise and Fall of Labour

This chapter explains that the decline of the labour movement is due the extraterritorial power of Capital. 6,100 more words


De-Cluttering My Mind

It is moments like this that me realise just how much I am addicted to consumerism.

Lately i’ve been talking about the start of my journey to a more minimalist life, but how much of the clutter of my life is in my mind rather than in my house. 801 more words


Dissertation - Part 2

British Consumers and the American Dream: A Study of American Media Production and British Consumption Trends Post 9/11.


The United States of America; the country that embodies, and is entrusted as curator of the American dream, has since the 9/11 attacks produced a tyrannical leadership bent on foreign military interventions; a global economy reminiscent of its own monopolistic capitalism; a working middle class consistently demoted to a poor lower class; a society unwilling to relinquish arms, clinging on to a history of violence inherent to it through its founding parchment; and a growing distanciation from a bestowed vision of freedom and democracy that with each passing day, becomes all the more elusive. 636 more words


The War on Silence

During the recent spell of warm weather, I have enjoyed a few pleasant summer evenings contemplating our garden from the patio with a glass of chilled white wine. 2,096 more words

Canned Music


A recent on-line issue of TIME decries the death of shopping malls due to on-line buying (I don’t even buy printed issues of TIME anymore and rather settle for what they print on-line). 1,068 more words

Life As I See It

Prayer and fasting-Hope. Uniting church Maroubra 24 July 2017

The Examen

As we continue to fast and pray during these  3 months,today we were handed some extra prayer prompts to assist our Prayers  and intercession. 513 more words