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The Power of Collaboration: Three Steps You Need to Take to Transform Your Business via Mobile Collaboration

The enterprise world needs to get better at collaboration. Research gathered for a recent BlackBerry webcast indicates that average employee spends approximately 5.6 hours a week in meetings, a figure which ultimately amounts to… 959 more words


Why Smartwatches Will Become The New BYOD, And Five Steps You Can Take To Prepare.

You are what you wear:  Although there was a great deal of fanfare surrounding the launch of the Apple Watch, many observers remained unconvinced.

“At this moment,” wrote The Verge’s Nilay Patel just after the launch announcement, “it still feels like an awful lot of interesting ideas without a unifying theme.” 808 more words


SaaS の調査:B2B 形式 から B2C 形式 へと、セールス・モデルが変化している

SaaS Pricing: SaaS Sales Models Shifting from B2B to B2C

Dick Weisinger – Feb 11, 2015


More than a quarter (27.8%) of enterprise applications are expected to be SaaS-based by 2018, generating $50.8 billion, up 16% from $22.6 billion in 2013. 300 more words

On Monday

Why Design Is Important for Enterprise Software

Over the last several days, in my weekends and evenings, I’ve taken up the daunting task of updating my MacBook Air by installing Yosemite OS X and Bootcamp.  753 more words


Enterprise Mobility: Is it a Winning Proposition in 2015?

For years, enterprise mobility was related to email, some flashy apps and corporate-issued devices. And during this phase, most organizations considered mobile as simply an extension of the desktop. 334 more words


Digital Disruption Comes to Life

I attended a great conference recently on digital business disruption that was put on by Ray Wang and the Constellation  Research Group.   After attending the annual Gartner Symposium last month, I was starting to feel that the terms… 918 more words


Ervaar de kracht van Enterprise Mobility tijdens Experts Live 2014!

Met nog een week te gaan is het bijna zover…Experts Live 2014! Het grootste Microsoft Community event van Nederland met 7 tracks, meer dan 40 sessies en top sprekers uit binnen- en buitenland. 251 more words