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[EN] Interesting thoughts on technology in the Enterprise, the Cloud and Shadow IT

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Interesting thoughts on technology in the Enterprise, the Cloud and Shadow IT.

Whether it be budgetary constraints, technical limitations, security concerns or performance issues, not every application will make it to the cloud.

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SaaS の調査:B2B 形式 から B2C 形式 へと、セールス・モデルが変化している

SaaS Pricing: SaaS Sales Models Shifting from B2B to B2C

Dick Weisinger – Feb 11, 2015


More than a quarter (27.8%) of enterprise applications are expected to be SaaS-based by 2018, generating $50.8 billion, up 16% from $22.6 billion in 2013. 300 more words

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I Need the Cloud to Survive! And you might too...

I need the cloud to survive. And I’m not alone. I’ll explain.

The thought crossed my mind when I installed Evernote Scannable on my iPhone. Now, I’ve been an Evernote user for quite some time and put everything in there from work ‘to do’ lists, travel plans, packing lists, artwork drawn by my kids and recipes for dinners I’ll never make. 390 more words


Drive an Innovative Culture

CEOs and CIOs have a difficult task. Drive Innovation!

It’s hard to read an enterprise IT article or blog post these days without an emphasis on innovation. 357 more words


Q: Digital Transformation and IT? A: The CIO´s need for a balancing act

With the “consumerization of IT” trend emerging a few years back, the industry saw a shift of IT investment decision power away from IT and toward lines of business.

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Crowdfunding: not just for geeks. Help Free Ruggiero

Just a short post. Teaching the Open University’s technology foundation course a couple of years ago introduced me to the idea of crowdfunding – I’m sure I’d have encountered it anyway, but seeing it as part of the wider picture of the social revolution added an extra dimension. 375 more words


Why SaaS

The issue at most organizations today is this, consumer software solutions are outpacing enterprise software solutions. This issue manifests itself in every aspect of IT life today. 431 more words