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Megachurch; the solution or the symptom?

I read an article recently that talked about the growth of megachurches in some parts of Canada, while many of the protestant and orthodox churches are in a very significant decline. 928 more words

Mobile Social Consumerization and “Buy Button” E-commerce

Mobile + social consumer is a new and growing market segment.  Making it easier for the mobile consumers and mobile social consumers to purchase is the new frontier of digital strategy and audience monetization. 1,067 more words

Digital Strategy

Implementing Digital Architecture: A CIO and CDO Roadmap

People have transformed how they consume information, research products and services, make purchasing decisions and share their views and experiences. So in every boardroom, the buzzwords are flying – … 1,344 more words

Digital Strategy

Intro: WiseOnMobility

Welcome to my blog! On average, 58 million blog posts are created each month. My blog will be relevant to you if you are interested in how Mobility technologies will shape how we work. 210 more words


The Enterprise Use Case of Personal Cloud

Somewhere between enterprise cloud computing and consumerization of IT, the tide of consumer oriented cloud services is invading the enterprise market segment looking to replace the desktop computers for good. 546 more words

Measuring simple in a conference like #SapphireNow

As I was walking around the SapphireNow event and interacting with attendees, I began to really look at where they were from. A significant percentage didn’t really have money to spend on their own, they were service and support organizations needed to help others. 205 more words


I survived my first day at SAP #SapphireNow

The one area that both surprised and interested me most on the first day had little to do with the analytics or IoT space (although I did have some interesting discussions in those areas too). 435 more words