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10 Fascinating Insights that Unlock the Minds of Gen Z 

Recently I was reading a new report on understanding Gen Z, which focuses on the smaller segment of those currently 18-21 years old.

Source: 10 Fascinating Insights that Unlock the Minds of Gen Z | The Stream


Why are college students so stressed out? It’s not because they’re ‘snowflakes’ 

Across the country, college classes are well underway, the excitement of the start of the year is waning and student stress is on the rise. Frantic calls home and panicked visits to student health services will start to dramatically increase. 32 more words


Despite Living in the Digital Age, Kids Are Still Playing With Their Parents' Favorite Childhood Toys

According to a survey of American parents, dozens of toys have withstood the test of time, uniting kids playing adults and their favorite childhood toys. 17 more words


Careers to Consider when Pursuing Digital Marketing: There is More to the Field than Social Media

When you think of careers under the digital marketing umbrella, often times they blend together. It’s hard to tell these positions apart when they all focus on the same main source – the media. 576 more words

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(What's Left of) Our Economy: The Case for Confidence in the Consumer Confidence Surveys May be Weakening

Since psychology and emotions can affect how much individuals and companies spend and invest, and since U.S. economic growth does show signs of slowing from a solid but less-than-torrid pace, surveys purporting to track levels of consumer and business confidence understandably have attracted much more attention than usual. 853 more words

{What's Left Of) Our Economy