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This Is the Fairest Way to Tax America

The tax deadline is upon taxpayers this week. Our insufferable forms and surrender of hard earned money to the U.S. Treasury causes one to think that there’s got to be a better way. 1,286 more words


Stiglitz says consumption tax is “not the best tax,

A consumption tax is “not the best tax,” according to Nobel Prize-winning economist and Columbia University Prof. Joseph Stiglitz.

A day after speaking with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to kick off a series of international financial and economic analysis meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office, Stiglitz spoke about taxes, fiscal policy and the Bank of Japan’s actions in an interview in Tokyo on Thursday. 137 more words


It's the Tax Man

It’s that time of year again, taxes.  The one time of year that car commercials are not number one on the television.  H&R Block and Jackson Hewitt commercials dominate the air. 632 more words

Something About Nothing For Anyone

NYTimes: Momentum Builds to Tax Consumption More, Income Less

Progressive consumption tax. Yes please. Details to he agreed upon later.

Momentum Builds to Tax Consumption More, Income Less http://nyti.ms/1Yka8AX

Rich Stay Rich Poor Stay Poor

The pros and cons before UAE gets into VAT mode

This article appeared originally in Gulf News: link to original article

The UAE’s Ministry of Finance announced recently that value-added taxes (VAT) are going to be introduced. 1,404 more words

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You probably won't see this argument anywhere else...

The current political debate on ways to tax is gaining more publicity these days, since people, mainly Republicans, are trotting out their favorite tax proposals. Democrats don’t care how it is collected, they just always want more money to fund their favorite spending proposals. 333 more words

Japan - Tax authorities’ guidelines for the new JCT rules as of 1 October 2015

The Japanese National Tax Agency (NTA) published its guide on the Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT) obligations of the cross-border supply of electronic services.

You can access the English version of the document intended for foreign businesses… 51 more words

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