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Federal Income Taxes – Who’s Really Paying?

Individual income taxes provide nearly half of the yearly federal revenue in the U.S., with payroll, corporate and other taxes providing the rest. So, as most of the workforce has just recently filed their income tax returns, you might be curious about where exactly you fall in the system as a whole. 338 more words


‘America Is Fed Up’: GOP Schedules Votes on Major IRS Reforms Next Week

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Though it has a zero chance of Obama signing said legislation, it is a very important gesture. 664 more words


Hidden gems in the Tax Discussion Paper: Shocking news from Treasury - personal income tax as efficient as GST!

Business, Government, and “every pet shop galah” have been saying that we should rely less on personal income taxes and more on the GST because this would be good for the economy. 1,554 more words


Update: Congress is downsizing the IRS, so it must downsize the tax code

Comment by Jim Campbell, Citizen Journalist, Oath Keeper and Patriot.

Why bother to downsize the IRS and it’s voluminous code when it would be eradicated completely by the FAIR TAX?  596 more words


We Need Fundamental Tax Reform!

Most Americans would agree that our tax code is a mess and needs major reform.  The last reform was in 1986 when the top rate was reduced from 50% to 28% and many deductions were eliminated.  405 more words

Jack Heidel

Is there a magic pudding? A quick analysis of CPA Australia's GST proposals

This is a quick off the cuff analysis of CPA Australia’s report: Tax reform in Australia, the facts, a day after its release. In the absence of time to study the report more closely, and critical details of the modelling and presentation of data, I raise as many questions as answers. 1,424 more words