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The next Marketing Revolution- A Psychological One

In the present economic climate the role of the marketer has increased immensely, making such an individual a key contributor to the consumption process. Being a graduate of economics, I have been taught as mainstream economic theory would suggest that consumption occurs due to the presence of two separate vectors- ‘Ability’ and ‘Willingness’. 462 more words


I shop therefore I am

I shop therefore I am

                 A work by Barbara Kruger (1987), whose art was influenced by writings of              Walter Benjamin and Pierre Bourdieu.

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The list!

Let’s get organized!

I want to reduce my impact but I’m not sure if I have succeeded so far.

Starting this project I’m realizing that I have to make up a list! 126 more words


Open Frame: some thoughts

Last night I trekked over to Carriageworks to catch Open Frame, part of ambient/experimental label Room40’s 15th birthday celebrations. Earlier in the day I’d been replaying a little… 1,394 more words


Goodreads review: The Strange Library

The Strange Library by Haruki Murakami
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This slim volume is an illustrated, extended short story. It’s not quite beefy enough to be a novella, but it is worth checking out, largely because it’s an example of Murakami’s weirdness corralled into a smaller space. 266 more words


Adelaide -- A Regency Mamma's Folly

Adelaide’s mother, “gay and thoughtless,” had been dead two years by the time her daughter’s story appeared in La Belle Assemblée.  The gel’s guardians had placed her with “good aunt Charlton,” apparently hoping this lady and her dull, dutiful daughter would exercise some moderation upon the teenaged orphan. 330 more words