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It's Not All About Sales: These Companies Are Redefining Black Friday

Black Friday may just be transforming from a day of gluttony to a day of minimalism.  Quite apt given that it falls right after Thanksgiving. 440 more words

Is food like crack?

Obesity Is Not Like Being “Addicted to Food”

Is it possible to be “addicted” to food, much like an addiction to substances (e.g., alcohol, cocaine, opiates) or behaviors (gambling, shopping, Facebook)? 95 more words

Behavioral Economics

Perpetual Consumption

Elvis, our guinea pig, loves to eat.  As far as we can tell, eating is the only thing he loves.  It is, bar none, his favorite pastime. 157 more words


"The Common Sense Census: Media Use by Tweens and Teens"

Como é que os jovens usam a tecnologia? Veja dados norte-americanos, no Common Sense.


On quality

“Nuestro mejor café se queda en Colombia” – our best coffee stays in Colombia -, tells me the package of a well-marketed brand as I stroll through the small supermarket by the square of the village. 360 more words


Will The Pay Commission Hikes Boost Consumption?

The Seventh Pay Commission has recommended an overall 23.6% increase in salaries of central government employees and the pensions of the retired central government employees. The total cost of this increase in 2016-2017 has been estimated at Rs 1,02,100 crore (as can be seen from the following table). 1,028 more words

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