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Against Climate Change: How to Reduce My Ecological Footprint?

Today I signed a climate pledge and I ask you to do it as well. We both know climate is changing and that is harmful for all of us. 434 more words


Sustainable fashion choices - hunting for 'green' labels

Like many of us, I want to lead an more ethical and sustainable lifestyle. But this aspiration is often out of reach with a perceptively high price tag hindered by a limited salary and the high cost of living. 426 more words


The Republican tax bill is far, far, far worse than it had to be

(Source: www.vox.com)

Republicans had a decade at least to come up with a comprehensive tax reform plan that achieves their goals without raising taxes on the middle class. 1,384 more words


Alcohol consumption multiplies seven types of cancer risk

Alcohol consumption, although moderate, significantly increases the risk of developing seven types of digestive cancers, among other pathologies, according to a report prepared by European experts. 349 more words


Global meat consumption


The global demand for meat is growing, particularly in China and India, which could see an 80% boom in the meat sector by 2022 due to a new (and growing) middle class. 53 more words


poem at lunchtime

dinnerbell rings into the

vacuum of hunger-stricken stomachs

and the growl of famine bellies

roar over the moans of pain and

the wails for just a bite of anything. 136 more words