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Say no to exploitation

If you read my blog, I’m 95% sure you know what Fashion Revolution is. If you are in the 5% here is a small summary: Fashion Revolution is a global movement that challenges the unethical and unsustainable fashion practices. 1,375 more words

We're moving ... please follow

G’Day from Shopping Central … we’re expanding and moving our business from this blog to a new address which is called Shop Your Way to Success (TM) 26 more words


Taking the Challenge! Say No to Palm Oil

April 23, 2017: (Appropriately. The day after Earth Day and the March for Science)

I am embarking on a journey to remove palm oil from all aspects of life: my pantry, my fridge, my shower, and my washing machine. 538 more words


7/24 Geç Kapitalizm ve Uykuların Sonu

Tam bir yıl önce yani 22 Nisan 2016’da İzmir Kitap Fuarı’ndan aldığım ve bu güne kadar içini açıp nedense bakmadığım bir kitap. Bazen böyle hatalar yapıyorum. 122 more words


For Earth Day: The Little Things

For at least a year now, a large jackrabbit has been a regular in our neighborhood. Last spring*, when Claire had only been walking a couple of months, we saw him more than once in the grassy open area in front of our townhouse, or in neighbors’ yards, and I was surprised and thrilled that she could spot his drabness against the dead grass. 799 more words


There is Blood in our Cosmetics: Take Initiative against Palm Oil

Our cosmetics, detergents, biofuels and snacks are all filled with a bloodstained oil. The Palm Oil Industry has caused inumerous travesties including: near eradication of orangutans and countless other species; toxic air-quality from flash burns of precious rainforest; displacement of thousands of local villages from stolen and destroyed homes; and poorly compensated labor from smallhold farmers and their children. 1,544 more words


La Fontana delle Scimmie.*

*warning blog post contains references to Florence (again)

This is the Museo delle Porcellane di Boboli, an exquisitely faded small palazzo in the gardens of the Pitti Palace. 462 more words