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From Thich Nhat Hanh, “The World We Have”

This sheet offers a number of steps we can take to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint. 484 more words


Estudo longitudinal sobre Crianças e Media | OFCOM

A OFCOM divulgou recentemente um estudo sobre Crianças e Media. A pesquisa resulta do acompanhamento durante dois anos de 18 participantes entre os 8-15 anos. 115 more words


When we forgot to speak

Predictive consumption patterns.
Cause heartbeat lines on screens to flatten.
Languages linger on like Latin.
Weak abbreviate the code.

The wars were prophesied by spies. 39 more words

Social Media Consumption Exploding on Mobile

The long-predicted mobile tsunami has finally landed on U.S. shores. Digital research giant comScore’s March 2015 study “U.S. Digital Future in Focus” provides perspective because of its four-year view. 122 more words


Isolated from herd, chased past exhaustion, you rip my body to the ground and pull my throat from my neck, before tearing great chunks of me from my corpse. 126 more words

Creative Writing

We can't shop our way to a better world (I give really weird gifts)

Growing up I learned three cardinal rules about stuff.

1. Have all the best, newest, fanciest things you can buy.

2. If something breaks, buy a new one. 800 more words

Smooth Liminal

Thorstein Veblen - Conspicuous Consumption

A quote from the Conspicuous Uselessness of Education by Thorstein Veblen (1857 – 1929)

“The classics, and their position of prerogative in the scheme of education to which the higher seminaries of education cling with such a fond predilection, serve to shape the intellectual attitude and lower the economic efficiency of the new learned generation.”