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The Starbucks across the street

Where does the garbage go every week? It just disappears!

The groceries too! Where do they come from? Every day I run into Whole Foods and grab a few turnips, and every day there’s just as many. 52 more words


Global Consumerism and It's Effects

There might be no better way to show how the developed world is literally raping Mozambique of it’s bio-capacity.  Without sustainability, there won’t be much left to take from Mozambique.   131 more words

Peace Corps

2 adults, 2 kids, loads of rubbish

As soon as the garbage man drives away with our detritus most of us think it’s no longer our problem. Out of sight out of mind. 792 more words

Empties update

Hi all – long time! I have been working full time over the past two months to pay for some home renovations which has meant time has been in short supply. 370 more words

Simple House

What's Your Water Mark?

I came across some disturbing statistics on the National Geographic website just now. It takes 37 gallons of water to produce the average cup of coffee. 368 more words