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I frequently wonder what would happen with the economy if women decided to stop doing all the things they are told they should do, like for example, looking pretty? 69 more words

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100 Days

Making America great again, but for who?


My second year of college started in September. We have had a heavy workload so I haven’t posted any of my works. I am over the hump now and have two projects completed. 291 more words


The narrowing options for Bank of England to act upon

This article appeared originally in Gulf News: link to original article

What should the Bank of England (BOE) do post Brexit? Raise interest rates versus lower interest rates? 633 more words

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Real Winners.

Sportsmen have to realise that their privileged profession in created by consumerism.

Three Reasons Why Consumers Proud Consuming Your Product

Pride is an emotion that plays important role in many aspects of our lives, including our consumption experiences. We feel proud when we graduated from university, or when we just got job promotion. 997 more words


NASA: 2016 Hottest Year.

The guardian reports that 2016 will be hottest year on record according to NASA.