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Procrastination is Damnation: Embrassing proACTION

Hugh Laurie, “It’s a terrible thing, I think, in life to wait until you’re ready. I have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything.

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Hydration During Pregnancy

This is a must read. I for one did not suffer from morning sickness but I also used to drink lots of water in those days.   347 more words


What to do with those old chappals?

One good thing about living in urban India is that there are cobblers on every corner who can fix your chappals quickly and for relatively little money. 274 more words


Consumer diaries - August

In an effort to be more accountable, I’m going to try doing a monthly analysis of what I bought that isn’t essential – basically, anything other than food or medicine. 541 more words


Food Consumerism Marketing and Branding

In my opinion, consumerism is the idea that consumers’ desire for specific goods and/or services should increase and, as a result, actual purchasing of the goods and/or services should increase. 909 more words

Social Media and Food

Hey everyone!

Last week I finished my Master’s which was an AMAZING feeling.  The final stage of my course was to complete a dissertation, where I investigated what influences social media has on food choice.   563 more words


How to Politely Decline MLM Offers from Acquaintances

Just say no thank you. That’s the short answer.

But the very nature of peer marketing makes this really difficult. So here is the long answer. 704 more words