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Contact For Breamore

The tower captain’s contact information is available in the WP Guild handbook, Salisbury Guild handbook, or can be obtained from The C&S District Secretary:



We’ve all been there. After much trial and error, you’ve finally crafted the perfect invitation list, stayed within your postage budget, AND vetted the list across all powers that be. 267 more words


Google Contacts Manager allows all Android phones 5.0 and newer

No one denies the role of the application of virtual contacts from Google, and despite the presence of dozens of applications in this area, but the application of Google contacts another taste, this year saw the application updates missed some visual and beautiful changes, which led to the overall design of the application in general , And until recently the app was only available on Google phones. 117 more words


Google Contacts Apps

One of the things I like about Android over iOS is that it is fluid and things can change from device to device. But that doesn’t mean I want everything different. 154 more words


Coloured Contacts Review

Recently, I was contacted by Coloured Contacts to do a review for them on a couple of their products! I admittedly do not wear contact lenses, but my wonderful fiancé offered to be the guinea pig for this review! 338 more words


My phone is very important to me. Although I hate talking on it, I would be lost without it and here are five reasons why. 404 more words


No Sleep Till Brooklyn / Long Island Wildin' - aka Manager's Vacation

Beastie Boys

De La Soul (mild NSFW)

Dearest Tenant(s), Tenant’s-to-be, Guests, Randos;

Greetings and salutations one and all, this is Maximilian Hoffman, the Property Manager of 574 3rd St. 261 more words