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Over the past few months I have waffled on a bit about a number of different sources from which I have received material to include in my vessels.  205 more words

Docker Containers vs Virtual Machines

This comparison is pretty common.

Let’s try to understand it. You need infrastructure for both: virtual machines and Docker containers. Then of course you need Operating System on top of it. 153 more words


Open Docker Containers

What do you mean by Open Docker Containers?
Well, Docker containers are based on open standards. That means, you can run docker containers on all major Linux distributions, even on Microsoft windows. 42 more words


Lightweight Docker Containers

What do you mean by “Lightweight” in context to Docker Containers?
Well, containers running on a single machine share the same operation system kernel. They start instantly and use less RAM. 103 more words


What is Docker

Docker is containerization platform.
What does that mean? Well, you can package your application in to a standardized unit for software development. Those standardized units are called containers. 76 more words


The History Of Fleet Growth - It’s Not Rocket Science...

During July 2016, the containership fleet reached a landmark 20 million TEU in terms of aggregate capacity. To many it only seems like yesterday when the boxship fleet passed the 10 million TEU mark, back in April 2007. 478 more words


HypriotOS - a Docker based container OS for Raspberry Pi

#HypriotOS – a #Docker based #container #OS for #RaspberryPi

HypriotOS brings containers concept to Raspberry Pi board, HypriotOS is a stripped back Debian-based OS comes pre-installed with a number of Docker tools for Raspberry Pi versions 1, 2, and 3, as well as the Pi Zero and the compute module. 39 more words