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Container Clustering tools and techniques

All the noise are around, the companies are moving their server applications from virtual machines (VM) to containers.

So why does everyone love containers?

Containers use shared operating systems. 331 more words

Cloud Computing

Setup Standalone Mesos on Ubuntu

In this blog, I will walk you through setting up a standalone Apache Mesos and Marathon in ubuntu. Standalone installation means, running Mesos master, Mesos slave and Marathon on one machine. 581 more words


NAS vs. Object: Supporting Next Apps

Today’s apps aren’t your father’s apps. Applications developed today take for granted things that were not even thinkable not that long ago — especially in the storage space. 542 more words


Texas gardens

I had the pleasure of planting a garden in TEXAS this past January, something totally different for my GARDENS4U business located here in Ottawa, Ontario. 242 more words


Publish Docker image with Automated build

Docker is an open source tool that helps us to develop, ship and run applications.  Each and every application needs a Dockerfile. Instructions are written over Dockerfile in a layered/step-by-step structure to run the application. 643 more words

Shipping containers Birthday, 26 April 1956

It is universally recognised as one of the greatest inventions of the modern world, one that completely changed the way in which business has been done since the 20th century and really and truly made the world a smaller place and the one true architect of Globalisation. 405 more words