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Squirrel Guard

My mom contributed this to my bulb growing efforts:

I hope this helps keep the squirrels from digging and taking the bulbs. I need some kind of ‘pins’ to hold it in the dirt but it’s ok like this for now. 198 more words



One of my goals this year is to decorate my little city lot with potted plants. I’ll be spending a lot more time at home this year after deciding to quit my full-time job for a less stressful (I hope) part-time job. 395 more words


Dependency Injection, Services and Containers (DIC) – part 3

Part 2
Aaaand we are on part 3, and you still don’t know what the hell am I talking about. OK. Lets explain a little more, and we’ll continue on the types of injection and Service Locators and DI Containers. 1,374 more words

Back-End Programming

Grow it in a Pot

I just got back from Alabama. It was twenty-nine degrees one night, and the next day the sky opened up as if Noah’s ark had hit a sandbar and heavenly floodwaters had been dispersed to dislodge it. 708 more words


Step 4: Run our first docker container


We built our first microservice and made a docker image of it in previous episodes. Here we run our docker container.



Create a new network… 286 more words


Container Utleier

Vi driver med Containerutleie – og vårt mål er å hjelpe deg som bedrift eller privatperson å leie containere gjennom en enkel prosess. http://containerutleier.no/


Dependency Injection, Services and Containers (DIC) - part 2

Previous one

More & more problems

In the previous part we’ve found a solution for one of the problems, and that is the removing of the dependencies and code it with an interface.  965 more words

Back-End Programming