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How to: Organise Make-up

Despite the fact that I still dump everything from my make-up in one drawer I still organise accordingly. I generally separate face, eyes and lips with the help of my pink organising containers. 133 more words

How Docker can abstract complexity

Github is a wonderful magic land until you want to run a project that is written in some language that you just have no idea about. 419 more words


That app you love, part 8: A blueprint for "that app you love"

Welcome to the eighth installment of That App You Love, a blog series in which I show you how to you can make almost any app into a first-class cloud citizen. 1,186 more words


World of Warships - Premium Ships Confirmed in Containers

 Hello everyone,

VuIgarrTheViking an American Streamer was awarded a Premium Ship and a ten skill point Commander in one of the containers he opened. This confirms players can get these… 6 more words


Evolution of Containers: Lessons Learned at ContainerCon Europe

Linux containers, and their use in the enterprise, are evolving rapidly. If I didn’t know this already, what I’m seeing at conferences like ContainerCon would confirm it. 542 more words


Mount hostPath persistent volume in minikube on MacOSX

If you are trying to mount a host path as a persistent volume in minikube, and you are running minikube on MacOSX, you are likely to be faced with permission denied issues when using the persistent volume. 64 more words


VMware Container Projects

“We have recognized that our blockbuster compute products are reaching maturity and will represent a decreasing portion of our business going forward, even as they continue to be a powerful springboard for building our new businesses” … 688 more words