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Top 3 Reasons to Run Container-Based Applications on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 | Red Hat Enterprise Linux Blog

This article was written by Red Hat’s Siddharth Nagar, RHEL 7 product manager.

“As product manager for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, part of my job is to ensure that the latest version of our flagship product adheres to our promise of stability, reliability, and security.   227 more words


Tips and Tricks (1)

Hey everyone,

Today I’ve decided to share with you some tips on how I store some of my goods ( dry, wet… )

I went to the store the other day and I got my self some plastic containers to store some of my dry goods and I decided also to invest in some glass containers also to store my food for school in the freezer. 102 more words

Tips And Tricks

The Quik House Container

Adam Kalkin is ‘an artist, an architect and many other things’. Among these other things Kalkin is also the creator of a project called Quik House… 278 more words

Shipping Containers

Art Fewell and I discuss DevOps, SDN, Containers & OpenStack [video + transcript]

A little while back, Art Fewell and I had two excellent discussions about general trends and challenges in the cloud and scale data center space.  Due to technical difficulties, the first (funnier one) was lost forever to NSA archives, but the second survived! 506 more words


Inspecting docker activity with socat

Lately I’ve been busy working on an Eclipse plugin that will support a wide range of docker functionality. Some of that has involved looking at some docker client libraries, figuring out how it works in one implementation, and seeing how this can be ported to other implementations. 413 more words



Although I always make my own sauces at home, we tend to end up with quite a bit of glass to recycle.

I would like to say that we always do our recycling straight away but the reality is that until the bag is overflowing and we keep tripping over it (not really, only sometimes, ok, most of the times) we tend not to do it. 321 more words