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Windows Containers on Windows Server 2016

I am running these on Windows 10 Pro and I have got Hyper-V feature enabled. Created a few VMs on this hyper-v host.

Prerequisites: One computer system (physical or virtual) running Windows Server 2016. 285 more words

Server 2016

How to Enable OpenShift Enterprise Web Console

In this blog, i will explain how to enable OpenShift web console.

First, you should know that the default behavior of a freshly installed OpenShift Container Platform instance is to deny any user from logging in, so as a first step, we need to change the authentication method to HTPasswd: 227 more words


to Containerize

Containerizing an application from a monolithic application to container based microservices is a large and wide topic. I like to focus on small topics within the greater goal when looking at cloud architecture. 384 more words


AWS Containers - ECS, Fargate, and EKS

Those of you who have perused my blog last year (or talked to me in person) know that I’m pretty stoked about containers.  I think they are very cool conceptually and can bring a lot of value to streamlining the development process. 967 more words


Docker usage cheatsheet

My docker usage cheat sheet is  a simplified version on this fantastic one on GitHub. I followed the structure I used for my apparently popular… 224 more words


SQL Server 2017 in a Docker Container running on a Mac - Tips and Tricks

I started using a MacBook Pro at work, and the very first thing I did was configure SQL Server 2017 running on a docker container, and run it locally within the Mac. 375 more words


Running Kali Linux in a Windows 10 Command Prompt

Ever wanted to run Kali Linux in Windows 10? Well, you can using Docker! Docker is a great way to run programs or even entire operating systems on different platforms. 665 more words

Kali Linux