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Getting Started with DevOps, Containers and Kubernetes

DevOps isn’t only a fun amalgam of two terms (developers and operations), it has its own culture within small organizations, startups, and digital factories where there is a high demand for efficient communication between teams, and agility and flexibility at both the development and operational level. 1,606 more words

Microsoft Azure

Making it Work

I promised you some tricks to make eating a variety of healthy, economical, home-cooked meals every day easy and without spending a whole lot of time in the kitchen.  636 more words


Deployments with containers

This post is part of The Containerization Chronicles, a series of posts about Containerization. In them, I write about my experiments and what I’ve learned on Containerization of applications. 101 more words

Link: Docker Enterprise Edition Offers Multicloud App Management

“More than 50 percent of Docker’s customers are using Windows containers for modernizing legacy apps.”
Original source: Docker Enterprise Edition Offers Multicloud App Management


Container networking basics

One of Clarke’s laws says that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic; and with container technologies I find that to be true more often than not. 1,177 more words


Using Azure Container Instances to complete automation

We looked at Azure Container Instances.

It allows us to launch a container without a cluster and without a VM.

It is ideal for bursting scenarios. 723 more words