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week 463 ~ in what universe did we think

in what universe did we think
we’d have time just to contemplate
the future rolling past we blink
in what universe did we think
we’d have a chance to stop and drink… 19 more words


Pause. Think. Resume.

We live in a generation where we lead our lives at such hectic pace that we don’t have time to sit back, relax and ponder upon our thoughts or the events that happened during the day. 98 more words



DAY 29

The raining ashes

On my trail

Dusking zeal

The heart, on fire, again and again

Is it a message being conveyed?

It’s been too long… 231 more words



Life as we know

Is harsh as it goes

Breezy yesterday, stormy today

Off the path it throws

Such got her life

Harsher than imagination… 178 more words

just some thoughts.

part of me wishes I would be more poetic. my mind is filled with lines and lyrics, but I wish my entire being would be an illustration of the prettiest parts of my head. 101 more words



For the past few days, few of my friends keep coming to my house. I find it as a blessing in disguise, Allah makes the whole thing work out better with His plan. 218 more words