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Silence Is Music To My Ears

Everyday, everywhere we are in the midst of the hustle and bustle of our demanding lives. Not only are there external triggers from the world around us blasting innumerable advertising and intersecting messages imparted via different mediums and coming from all directions; we are simultaneously inundated by our internal uneasiness stemming from competing priorities we constantly try to juggle in our minds, which inherently adds to the growing list of action and expectation we can’t ever seem to subdue. 148 more words


Here I Sit And Wait

Here I sit and wait
Looking for just the thing
That’ll bring full circle round.

All the time to contemplate
Time to negotiate

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when monks meditate

in orange suits

do umbrellas to hide the sun

count as pleasures?



Four generations of women are sitting under the mango tree enjoying its shade.  “Imagine you are all sixteen years old today, what would you do?” someone asked. 151 more words

EMOTIONS: Why Do We Have Them?

Why do emotions exist? I have some sort of theory. First to name a few emotion list or at least the ones we experience the most: Happiness, Anger, Love, Sorrow, Jealousy or Envious, Scared, and Sick. 436 more words


The Celestial Glow

Shooting Star …
now what would U wish for :)

This past weekend the weather was pretty warm and the skies clear providing a right mix for some star gazing.

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Is it better to dream but never achieve – or to achieve but never dream?