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Go Within

Over the last few months, I have realized that the best way to find answers is to go within. The mind always wants to go out to the world, to current affairs, and to things that are making news, and the senses try to see things outside. 190 more words


Love you like I'm gonna lose you

A love song, most definitely tinged with sadness. Does this song embody to ‘live in the moment’? Somehow it doesn’t feel like it…

It seems to reflect the malady of the ‘modern’ age – the transient nature of ‘love’? 123 more words

Living Life

Death is Not the End

Most of us believe that death is the end, but if one truly comes to think of it, death is not the end; it’s just a bend to transcend. 155 more words



Letting the wind touch my soul

Standing on the edge of shore

Beginning to contemplate reasons

Will my children tell tales of my love and adventures? 103 more words


Father and Daughter

He was alone, she had left long ago. He sat on the wooden bench and contemplated about her. It has been a decade and he could still feel the Love, Passion, Fire, and Desire they had for each other when they were together. 197 more words

Writing & Blogging


Saying sorry is such an easy thing. But it doesn’t bring back whats lost. There’s a saying forgive and forget. We find it easy to forgive but not to forget. 264 more words


Be Fearless!

What makes one fearless? FEAR is False Expectations Appearing Real. We fear that the false body will get hurt or it will get diseased. We fear that the false mind which we have will lose love and we will be betrayed in life. 303 more words