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Maybe I was wrong about the weather
Maybe I was wrong about the stars
Maybe I tried to map constellations
Along Earth’s isobars
And are we all just dust… 39 more words

What is the True Purpose of Life?

Do we truly take time to ponder about one of the most important questions about life: What is the true purpose of life?

Is most of humanity busy living, enjoying, seeking happiness, or are they actually introspecting and trying to find out the meaning of life? 284 more words


Hiii yah!

This is me, Tin. So… One day I was chatting with another pilot wife who is based in Laos and she encouraged me to blog. Well I did sign up for quite a few websites in the past but none ever really took off successfully (I am very lucky to be able to recover this one) as I was either too busy or lazy. 121 more words


Earning My PHD


The study of life.

Consider the Chatter Blog

My dissertation.

Life Chatter

Why Christians Love Diversity

Hi Groupies! A friend of mine sent this article to me and I thought it was worth sharing with you. Take a few minutes to read the text: 16 more words


Barbershop (Things Change)

Sitting in the barbershop

Listening to the roaring engine of a plane echo past in the sky nearby

Contemplating change

And how even though you want things to stay the same… 94 more words


What's Art For Anyway?

For a long time we’ve lived within the l’art pour l’art paradigm, a phrase originated in the 19th century by art critic Théophile Gautier. Gautier reacted against the idea that art was supposed to lecture people into becoming more virtuous, more godly or perhaps more supportive of the current government leadership. 392 more words