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Transcending the Finish Line

Travel is fractional of life as life is fractional of all of existence. To ask “what does it all amount to?” is almost always to refer to a minor convex in a world of colossal mountains whose peaks are, and always will be, far beyond sight. 1,068 more words


A state of confusion 

Whom shall I blame, when I know it’s me who is at fault?

To whom shall I go, when I know that I’m the biggest trouble for myself? 14 more words


Analysis (Or Lack Therof)

Why do we analyze? What is the significance of analysis, and what would the impacts be on a world without it? A lack of analysis could make for a far less colorful life, but would it also prevent violence? 11 more words

My thoughts on "Truth"

How does your mind work? I’m not asking this in a broad sense, I’m asking you personally. How does your mind work? This question has no short simple answer. 1,131 more words


Sky Eyes: A Haiku

Let your mind rest there
And know that I love you true
Now think the best thoughts

Beta A witty FooL than A silly acts wise

The mystical harmonic spirits overthrown as unity BY Collectivelism vs Indivualism !

The chronicle part of one’s wakefulness to acceptance debates reality drives insanity!
The logical tinkling sensation of nothing n everything, e beauty in all living organism! 212 more words

An Artist Has Her Way To Scream Out Loud

What Are You Looking For?

What are you looking for? I’m not referring to your car keys, or the location for your next date night, but what are your deepest desires for your walk with Christ? 98 more words