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Thoughts About The Other Side of September 24th

It was beautiful.

Cambridge, why are you so photogenic?

You ever have those moments when you’re just somewhere so amazing but the only thing on your mind in that moment is that one person who you wish could be right next to you experiencing that amazing place too? 591 more words

Will We Rate A Kinder Fate

What might we regret
in lonely final hours
and we contemplate our fate?
Might we not regret
all our reckless use of might
without due contemplation? 26 more words


Are you spending enough time with God?

I know you’re busy. I know you’re tired, but still make time for God. He is worth every minute you have.


The Relevance of a Fountain Pen in the Digital Age

In today’s society, everyone and everything seems to be in a constant state of rush. We zip around in fast cars going from home to work and back again. 780 more words

Lessons From The Past

On another thought

I am contemplating. Always on my second thoughts. As i researched, couldn’t find much info on the local series a funding landscape. I mean no reports, dedicated research not even presentation. 44 more words

Part One | What REALLY Happened On Our 15 Day Road Trip

Although we’ve been back from our blitz across the US for over two months now (*tiny sob), I really haven’t talked very much about it. It’s much easier to post pretty pictures to Instagram…. 859 more words