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Creative Breakthroughs: Ta-Nehisi Coates

“It is as though you have a certain music in your head, and trying to get that music on the page is just absolute hell. And so you fail. 86 more words


Falling for Summer

Last weekend was a busy one with a party, a dinner, and a fancy schmancy car show by the lake. I was able to take my wardrobe out for a bit of a spin. 1,007 more words


Let's contemplate for a second..

Conteplating to search our own soul.

Pernahkan kalian merasa memiliki pandangan terhadap suatu hal, tapi lama kelamaan kalian berpikir bahwa pandangan kalian itu tidak masuk akal? 267 more words


Ramblings of a Lost Soul - I

17 August 2015 | 18:37

What do you see around yourself, young man?

I see eight college kids. 5 girls. 3 guys.
The guy in the green is carrying handbags of two women. 443 more words


Chapter 7 : I've Contemplated Enough

Yesterday, I haven’t been able to put anything together because I spent my time contemplating yet I couldn’t get anything done and I still feel that way until now as I write this chapter. 281 more words


That's how you know...

I can’t resist this song, something less than malicious but making a point… or perhaps I’m confused? Seriously, love the melody and rhythm… and I even posted a… 20 more words



If you look around the world you will find that most of us are wanderers. It is like we are in a jungle; looking for berries, trees, animals, and birds. 236 more words