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Detoxing the Mind

In an obviously toxic world, we who follow the way of Love must take time out to detox our minds. The best detox of course is not letting stuff in there in the first place. 359 more words


landing feet first

Once someone has seen their rock bottom, and rise above it, sometimes they emit an aura of deeper awareness. What’s amusing is the knowledge comes after the fact. 317 more words

Celebrating the Middle and an Update

Hi friends,

As I drove to pick up Kirk from work today–after working on our house all day (ok, truthfully, all day every day for weeks now)–I thought about how sometimes we can mistake the middle of our journey for stagnation. 203 more words


Let love be free!

Love happens.  Let it, accept it, revel in it… no matter where it may lead.  Who knows where it may lead… Be glad.

And love will tell you you are beautiful and mean it, over and over again. 149 more words


When you shouldn't just let it go

So often in yoga I hear, “Let it go, just let it go, just let everything go.”

Not only do I hear it, as a teacher I use it frequently in my own classes. 685 more words


Chasing the Right Dreams

Kirk and I have been in true dream mode for about a year now. Namely, this means that we’ve allowed ourselves to think bigger than our current situation and to imagine different routes we might take. 426 more words