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It bears an old boundary’s wound

in its North side, a puckered scar

of melded wood and barbed wire,

with a turpentine scab.

Its leaves – bright as nails… 96 more words

Poetry And Kitchen-sink Metaphysics

Death is:

a toddler dizzy spinning on the

kitchen tile, yelling out to the abundance of

silence in the room, challenging with the sound of

his own excited voice he is a startling comedic relief… 101 more words

Contemplation on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving… giving thanks… for what do we give thanks? Today? At this time?

In a time when every change, great or small, is tracked, accentuated, dissected, analysed, discussed… its volume so loud that we lose sight of its actual significance, we lose the measure of their relative importance. 356 more words


Always Think of Your Deficiencies and Remember Other's Qualities

A person of the past said, when you see someone older than you then think they have beaten you to good and when you see someone younger than you then remember you have more sins than him.


In My Socks

In my socks

On the floor

In my thoughts

I explore.

Finding yourself lost in thought

What a wonderful experience.

Life Chatter

Odd jobs; and a knob

It’s my first day of being behind a bar since I was in university. It’s all the same really, the feeling. The expectation of people. Asking for things. 1,557 more words



Is it right

That I feel more secure

With my insecurities,

As I learn,

That insecurity

Is a norm.

Disclaimer:  I’m not happy that we have insecurities. 8 more words

Life Chatter