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While making my bed Monday morning, a thought about an acquaintance popped into my head. Ricardo is someone who used to converse with me nearly every day. 828 more words

Cultural Highlights


Let me bleed for you.

Let me give unto you in excess and extravagance and exorbitance.

Let not there be a sheathe to stop my sacrifice as I embrace the sting. 67 more words


Rite of Passage 2017-49

Rite of Passage  2017-49

The change from one aspect of life to another, but it can take a meaning in so many ways of life. When the social standing is affected by the “Rite of Passage”, then we can look at the “Self” in a different way than before it happened. 383 more words


​Criticism of criticism of criticism of philosophy

Philosophy to the enlightened is sheer wastage of time – not only of theirs but of others’ too – because philosophy is nothing but a mind game. 217 more words



I like to edit some of my images to something that’s perhaps a little outside of the box, but eminently striking to the eye.

I call it “artification”.


Coffee is your life

“I will make coffee for you everyday”

That was your definition of love

I loved it so much that it had bought tears to my eyes… 389 more words