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Peek a Boo

The Peek …
Good love is “boring”
Erratic is not good love

One of my favorite books is Samantha Irby’s “We Are Never Meeting In Real Life” (and I recommend it, obviously.) 2,123 more words


The Art of Contemplative Photography

I am really excited about something coming up in November and December!  I am going to be leading a 4 week group at The Hive (more info below about The Hive if you are unfamiliar with it) on The Art of Contemplative Photography. 170 more words


Key to Heaven 1/4

Original Iwihub.com Transcript.

Holland Class 1956
by Joel Goldsmith
Tape 8803-1

  Key to Heaven – Tape 8803-1

I received in the mail today, this article from a magazine, and the title is; “On Healing By Faith”. 1,568 more words


Global Cat Day

Just the other day I stopped by to visit my sister. By default, this also turned into a social call with her cats. You cannot visit my sister, without encountering her older female grey tabby Sunshine and her younger tom tuxedo Random Kitty. 594 more words

Cultural Highlights

Where are we pointing the bow of the ship?

                         ‘Your commands are my chart and guide. I long for your instructions                         more than I can tell.’ (Psalm 119:19-20 TLB)

Recently, I came across a quote from Paul Tillich, a Lutheran Protestant theologian, that caught my attention. 755 more words


The Hills of my Childhood

The Hills of my Childhood

The hills of my childhood
Mountains to me
Remain in my memory
And still I can see

Their contours throbbing… 83 more words


"Kashmir Rose" by Simpson and Vail Teas

          Happy Monday to my readers! If you are new, welcome! Imagine dusk falling around a canvas tent where lanterns hang on the edges. One sits on the tent floor like a home guardian. 733 more words