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Day 30: I Stand On Holy Ground

Meditation 30
Day 30: I Stand On Holy Ground

I acknowledge neither good nor evil in anybody,
in any form.
I acknowledge God alone as good. 172 more words


The Work

I don’t really see the thing we do, this intense multi-year process of shedding old skin as “work” but I use the term…it is, for me, in truth, a letting go, a deeper and deeper surrender. 1,082 more words


Eventually we run out of tomorrow's

Time stands still and bows its head,

Empty promises bounce off the stone walls,

I stand in the doorway –

Cold coffee in your favourite mug, 30 more words

Seas of Reflection

The sea will often capture us, lending us a new set of eyes

so that through our hearts we understand the vision

of who we could be, not merely drifting. 6 more words



I have a lot of things going on in my life that put me at more of a disadvantage that the average Joe. Mental illness is basically the top dog I’m talking about. 133 more words



The elixir of life.

I’m priviledged to live in a city where I have abundant access to life-sustaining clean water.

In the best of all possible worlds, it’s a priviledge all inhabitants of our Planet are entitled to enjoy. 46 more words


82. Skydiver (Empathy, Lent 23)

My idea of risk is to try getting out of the bath unaided, so extreme sports aren’t really something on my radar. Even if I were well, I am very emotionally attached to terra firma, so there simply isn’t enough money in the world to get me to get on an aeroplane and then launch myself from it. 154 more words

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