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Becoming an LDS Anchoress

It seems like a thousand years since I last posted.  I am not sure how to encapsulate the hell I went through both spiritually as well as emotionally as my husband chose not to follow “the covenant path” and deserted me. 723 more words

Tools for Daily Practice

This week I hit 200 consecutive days of meditating using the Headspace app. Thanks in part to the subscription fee being eligible for ‘Educational Enhancement’ reimbursement from Disney, I’ve used it for the last couple of years (plenty of companies are… 313 more words


Prayers are only as good as the work you’re willing to put in to make them happen.

Around The Flame

His Glory The Glory 4: Surprise!

“Suffering is a facet of God’s glory, and if we are contemplating God’s glory so that we may be transformed into His likeness, we need to contemplate… 66 more words


A weekend Thought

The more I discovered myself,

I lost a chance of of being alive,

The more I hunted my inner depth,

I lost a worldly view…

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Mass hypnosis

This commentary on the book Reinventing the Wheel  is reposted from one of my old (defunct) blogs.

I stumbled on a book by a Western Buddhist convert which talks about the destructive patterns arising from attention to mass media. 6,222 more words