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When you left us
I saw how the clouds parted,
rent curtains,
as you cleared earth’s
drossy smear,
and passed into a heaven
bright beyond… 55 more words


The Evolution of Friendship

We’ve all had acquaintances at some point in our life. Sometimes, those Acquaintances will gather enough experience points and level up step by step to Friends. 369 more words


In Full Bloom

“Roses are red”,

On St. Valentine’s Day;

Bouquets and wreaths,

Flowers for my grave.

But they will find no space between these pages.

I have never understood the appeal of pressed flowers. 251 more words


It's not OK!!!

You can only let go of thoughts when you accept them! When you deny or pretend you sink into depression and loose your ability to be aware and elevate yourself through meditation! 11 more words


Harissa and Cheese Omelette

Well, well, well, would you look at that.  After years of mismanaging eggs which miraculously transform themselves from omelettes to scrambled in the blink of an eye, I jolly well think I’ve cracked it.   285 more words


“If you don’t get lost, there’s a chance you may never be found.” ~ Unknown

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The art of contemplation

I really enjoyed this little lecture on meditation, concentration and contemplation. I found it quite helpful and energetically stimulating too.

This talk was recorded as an introduction to a program Richard Rudd put together to study his book and life’s work… 277 more words