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You Must Be Doing Something Right

Are hearts of darkness discernibly hardened with bitterness against the light of God that is in you?  Are they condescending to you when you share your conviction to divest from perceivable unsavoriness that they value?  330 more words


Transacting life in memories

She keeps a tatty straw broom in the kitchen propped up against the back door to chase away stray cats. On her nightstand always sits a bottle of something made from cherries she uses to help her sleep on nights that her yesterdays, tomorrow’s, and today’s want to stay up all night. 250 more words

Creative Writing

Less sturm und drang

Storm and urge is apparently the direct translation (I always thought it was storm and drama)…well, I can safely say that as of late, there has been less which is ok by me. 289 more words

Contemplative Posts

Daily Ramblings - Daily Quote - Thinking before doing

“Follow effective actions with quiet reflection. From the quiet reflection will come even more effective action.” – Peter Drucker

Anytime I’ve taken the time to really think through a project before I begin working on it, the more effective I am. 635 more words


Novice Knitter Seeking Contentment

Light on white is a conjuring up of the spirit in things… infusing them with a purity and a clarity of light. I’ve found that things either have this possibility or they don’t and I’ve learned to spend my time photographing those that do. 264 more words


He Visited Me When I Was in Prison

He visited me when I was in prison
And said, “Let’s have a synod. Let’s talk.”
“OK,” I said, “Let’s talk. What shall we talk about? 309 more words


A bathtub prayer

As I ease into the water, soak into me,
relieve my tension-holding;
let it ebb out so I can hear your voice
so I can hear mine… 11 more words