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A Familiar Sense of Nostalgia

Just found this passage I wrote in 1998…I think I was on to something.

There is a familiar sense of nostalgia, a sort of invisible passage,  40 more words


Date Afternoon

My husband took a day off from work today after two consecutive weeks of traveling abroad. Our eldest left for school at 7 AM and finished at 3 PM. 1,421 more words


Among the Stones (Far from the Madding Crowd)

It’s been a contemplative summer. I read a book on Centering Prayer, a contemplative form of Christian prayer, and have tried to incorporate aspects of it into my spiritual practice. 705 more words


Hope for the Future

We, who have been inspired by the perfect works of imperfect men and women, should not be disillusioned with our faith and democracy because of hateful hearts whose critical view of history is a dark lens that would diminish all light. 229 more words



What is blocking you from a life of joyful service?

(Listen to my song “Breathe On Me” by clicking HERE)

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Today's Contemplation

We Are Born Like Green Trees

No matter how poor we are
Every soul yearns to give it all away.
When the Beloved stands naked
In the bridal chamber,
The true lover clings to nothing. 81 more words


Leaning into the pain...

Today I woke up with a migraine. It is not just a headache, it is a full blown migraine. I have had migraines since childhood although I didn’t know the debilitating pain in my head, that would often last for days, had a special name, a label even. 132 more words