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New Things

I’ve felt lost for a long time and kind of confused lately. Why does everything feel so awful? Why is my everyday life so stressful to me? 708 more words


You give and take away.

You mean to make a void.

A void like chaos.


august: full sturgeon moon

Tonight’s  Super Moon is known traditionally as the Full Sturgeon Moon, an especially poignant label for us this year as this lunar event occurs while the moon is in Pisces. 461 more words


Summer Crossroads

Its has been one of those days where I have been haunted by writers block. Nothing is worse than sitting in front of the computer, unable to write about something. 293 more words



I don’t pray in that way (that I know of), so, I don’t know if I should identify as a contemplative.  The Mary of the Martha and Mary. 283 more words


Meditative qualities of walking

Movement can serve you a form of dynamic meditation if you are inclined too it. Walking is normally seen as a functional method to go from A to B, very quickly! 305 more words

Personal Evolution

Not Optional

Blest are those
who understand
that forgiveness
is not optional
for the children
of Light.

© 2015 Dennis Ference