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Emmaus in Our Midst...

A number of years ago, I recall watching a news segment where an oncologist was talking about viruses, and how throughout our lives we all have viruses that appear and then disappear. 291 more words


Contemplation #1 : Rush Life, Meaningless Moment

Pertama, mau ngasih disclaimer dulu. Walaupun judulnya kem-Inggris, tapi isi tulisannya bahasa Indonesia kok. Eh, campur-campur juga sih… Bukan sok gaya ya, tapi ada beberapa hal yang (menurut saya) lebih terdengar dramatis kalau pakai ungkapan bahasa Inggris. 523 more words

Live Life

Two Arsonists

With regards to fire, the alarm saves.

So it is with our inner voice, saving us from those two arsonists called mind and ego.


To Dream

The snow fell in large clumps and was stuck onto all the surfaces along the path. The wet precipitation seemed to be the source of great happiness and serenity. 953 more words


Wonder & wander - the same and different.

Wonder and wander. Wander and wonder. I admit, I often confuse the two words. But now, as I sit and contemplate on this subject, I ponder if there really is as big a difference in those two words. 524 more words