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The Horizon

Living fully present
to each other in the Now
expands the horizon
of possibilities
for more conscious
and deepening love.

© 2015 Dennis Ference


River Bank

In meditation this morning, I went to a small river and sat on its bank. I listened to the water. I listened to my breath. And invited Abba, the Beloved Christ, and my sister Spirit to join me. 377 more words


May you hear your call to compassion and social justice.

(Listen to my song “Mercy Reigns” on YouTube by clicking HERE)


Psalm 89:21… 211 more words
Today's Contemplation

Let us Ramble: An Arresting Quote on Charity

Recently, a college classmate of mine from years ago asked a question on Facebook. If I could write a paper on any female spiritual figure in history, which person would I choose? 1,394 more words

Weekday Rambles

a small card

a small card
in a devotional book
from a thrift store

words of encouragement
from one person to another

I keep the card with the book… 11 more words


Apakah nikmat dan penderitaan membuatku dekat denganNya?

Apakah waktu yang kugunakan semakin mendekatkanku pada Allah, atau justru sebaliknya?

Apakah aku menyukuri nikmatnya waktu luang dan kesehatan, dengan menggunakannya untuk melakukan kebaikan dan hal-hal bermanfaat, atau justru aku kufur nikmat dengan melakukan kemaksiatan dan hal sia-sia? 27 more words


Stay Close

Dear Lord,

I know my need of you

It is always there

As You are always there

But sometimes I am more present

Than at other times… 139 more words