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Angels Amoung Us

So I’m listening to a podcast this  morning, Ru Paul: “What’s the Tee” with Michelle Visage, when I was suddenly contemplating Angels. Michelle stimulated that contemplation with her mention of her belief in Angels. 327 more words


Unboxing the Boxes

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Cleaning up a cluttered room can be satisfying — even therapeutic. Perhaps it is an innate quality of ours to decide which items to keep and discard. 672 more words



As seen today entering my neighborhood in front of an historic 101 year old Methodist church just eight blocks from my home:

I love my neighborhood. 101 more words


Go with the flow and call it by its real name

The hardest part of relationships for me is to avoid getting hopeful, not to build expectations too. I am a positive person, so my default setting is ‘Everything is going to be alright’. 430 more words

Time Is a Colouring Book

She scrutinizes the difference between one minute and the next.
Has change truly occurred.
Why do we mark time. Are numbers the best symbols for time. 220 more words


On How to Rest in Your Reality

A complete absence of reality is imitation. And where there is nothing real, there is nothing deep. This presents limitations.

But the presence of reality can be disturbing. 173 more words


Small Stroke

A warning.

I knew when I talked to mom Thursday after arriving in Ft Lauderdale that something wasn’t right. I know her voice. She kept saying she was tired, that’s all just tired. 259 more words

Fearsome Thoughts