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Sunny Wonderful and New Library Gratefuls: 04/25/2015

A Happy Weekend is going on, I hope by all?

So today…

What am I grateful for?

  1. My clients
  2. My friends
  3. The Sun
  4. Car2Go
  5. The Library…
  6. 130 more words


I like to watch the sea. It may be one of the most important things I do when I go home. Every time, I find I had forgotten that there was ever so much water in one place. 276 more words


Purposeful Encouragement Focus

I realized something today, something very personal. I have had a screwed up focus sometimes toward the man I love most in the world, my husband. 180 more words


a note to no one.

I feel as friendless as friendless can be.

Isolated. Lonely. Separate. Separated from most around me. Disengaged. Unengaged. Left behind and left alone when I needed not to be. 981 more words


Every Octopus has its Tentacles

Every octopus has tentacles to reach for and cling to something, to hold fast to it until it decides to let go for whatever reason. Some octopi will cling to something, even if their life is in danger. 278 more words


James 5: 7-11

 “Brothers and sisters, be patient until the Lord comes again. A farmer patiently waits for his valuable crop to grow from the earth and for it to receive the autumn and spring rains.   104 more words



“Why aren’t you becoming a home room teacher anymore?”

Ever since the Principal told us about my decision of not becoming a home room teacher anymore, a few colleagues have been asking me this very question.

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