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Mistakes happen. Sometimes they are poor choices, imbalance or improper technique, possibly with ignorance involved or mistraining or neglect. Or mistakes are sin, which means against God’s expectations laid out for us in the Bible. 83 more words


Remembering is subjective~

There was a winter tree above me on the Brooklyn bridge where a black bird flew overhead crying loudly, or was there?

Day 80 of 365~


Where have we been?





The time has come. Mom is ready to move out of my childhood home. She’s lived there since 1957 and raised 3 boys there. 224 more words


A Drop of Water

A drop of water from the ocean.
For a life’s duration or a lifespan, seemingly separated.
Sitting on a rock, as one drop of water. 134 more words


The Gig Tonight

We usually don’t have mid-week gigs. Most people hire us for weekends. But today, we had a gig. Just got back from it, actually. And this was the funnest gig ever. 206 more words


The Different Day

The day I have had is the same as every other day. A lot to do, some things missed, some overshot, some tasks completed, extra things done, blue sky, kids healthy, spouse being nice, God is good. 101 more words