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Yes, I just made that word up, combining quilt and contemplation because I have been contemplating what design to pull from or create from scratch, and I couldn’t help but go back to the most important true story of every life. 71 more words



Kandinsky says,

The artist must be blind to distinctions between “recognized” or “unrecognized” conventions of form, deaf to the transitory teaching and demands of his particular age.

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The Moth's descent

Perversion seeps
As I descend into delirium.
Each night dreams of divine
Warmth press firm to mine.


Pride with a Capital Me!

Pride is the primary reason for all the evils of this world, of which we all see regularly now. Pride says “Me!” Pride puts self or something pleasurable on a pedestal and strokes the ego to justify the lifting of that to God status, called the old fashioned word “idolatry” in the Bible. 192 more words


Yeshua/ Jesus Christ

I saw how they derived “Jesus” from “YSHW” (Yeshua after adding vowels), by converting it from Arimaic to Roman, if I am remembering correctly. I grew us using “Jesus” as His name, so use that one most but both are actually correct and the same person. 250 more words


Watch "The Lord's Word to America" on YouTube

I thought this was extremely beautiful and true and hopeful and wanted to share it. God bless all who love Him and do what is right and stand with Israel! 30 more words


A recipe for a successful relationship

It’s simple, but it’s hard to follow – Respect + Self-respect.

JD said something in passing another day –I am not someone who would let others treat me wrongly. 233 more words