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The Answer is Always Love

Spirituality isn’t about what church, we attend or what religion we honor. It is about how we live. Neither God or the prophets ever created a church or religion. 104 more words


How to Quit Life

“Life’s a game. All you have to do is know how to play it.” – Unknown

“Life is a game.” “Life is a game.” “Life is a game.” How many times have we heard that now? 881 more words

Sleepless Nights

Details of Memories Fade but Never Die

Don’t get me wrong, some memories you remember every detailof, they are intentional memories, something your heart at the moment told you “Hey, you’re gonna need this later, file it well and hang onto it” like precious last days with a parent or a first soft, sweet kiss or that deep breath in after hiking a mountain or the feel of applause after singing an original song in front of a large audience. 225 more words


Trailer Park Playground

When I was young, pre-10, I lived in a rough and ready, salt of the earth trailer park with my parents and sister. My sister was an indoor child, preferring Barbie dolls of which mom made homemade clothes for (gag!). 269 more words


Is your god dead?

Fearsome Beard …a place for beards to contemplate and to grow their souls.

It’s been a while and it’s due time Fearsome did just that. 224 more words


Setahun atau Dua

Ternyata sudah tiga bulan blog ini dianggurkan. Hehe, maafkan ibu dosen yang tidak sibuk ini. Lari pun tidak, sebenarnya.

Mengingat setahun yang lalu, menjelang lebaran target khatam Quran sudah kulupakan, dan rencana lebaran hari pertama siapa yang ke mana (sehingga siapa yang di rumah menjaga bapak) pun mulai dibicarakan. 466 more words


Strong People

There are those of us who are independent and extraverted, naturally in charge either because people believe us to be or because we are loudest in the room, those who are almost defiantly unwilling to relinquish control or charge of the situation, ambitious, driven, energetic, hard working born leaders. 509 more words