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Tambal Ban

Mbak Jumirah meringkuk di pal depan warung yang sudah tutup paripurna. Nafasnya naik turun agak tergesa, pertanda tak pulas tidurnya. Sekali waktu kelopak matanya berkerjap-kerjap seiring riuh rendah suara mobil dan motor yang melintas beberapa meter darinya. 411 more words



Today’s gallivant brings us back to our usual haunt of Ft. Lauderdale beach. We is just the two of us…Fearsome and me. The better half has commitments back at home on the west coast and the six pups are happy at least one of us is home. 84 more words


Happiness Dwells In The Soul

I’m not a fashionable person and I only buy things that are needed. Two things I’m willing to spend money for the top quality are running shoes and badminton rackets. 406 more words


It's a big small world!

I’m at the United Club again this morning….time to gallivant!

Life, get out there and live it.


Childhood Lost

I grew up in the late 70’s and 80’s. Yep, I’m that old. But I had a childhood full of memories, life, horrors, successes, failures, adventures. 444 more words


The Golden Rule in Reverse

“Don’t let other people treat you the way you wouldn’t treat them.”

This is what I recently said to Stanley, who never objects to disrespectful treatment from key people in his life. 204 more words

Salee Reese

Sacrificial dreams

So a few days back I posted THIS, which was inspired by THIS.

I’ve been contemplating my words every day since I wrote that post. 422 more words