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Death in Life

One can have a pulse, breath in the lungs, eyes that see, ears that hear, and a mouth that mutters nonsense when required… and still be considered dead, Dead, … 361 more words



On this cold night

I dream of your warm touch

Your shimmering smile

I feel a sudden shake

Darkness surrounds me

And the emptiness returns



It amazes me to think that a few short years ago I had never heard of open adoption.  When we began to pursue adoption, our agency really pushed the idea.  583 more words


Simplicity and Placidy

I quit being obsessed with dating. Just like that. This feel of calmness is amazing, really. Feels like I was balancing on a tiny post that was all shaky for the last two years – it’s exciting, scary and exhausting. 97 more words


The gift of those who love Jesus Christ and put total faith into his body and spirit is that they are able to wholly forgive; and what this entails is the profound jewel of the body, the holiest beating lotus heart.  128 more words


Months into Grief

I haven’t spoken as much about grief lately because I know my Daddy would want me to live my life to the fullest possible and for God. 232 more words



“The words, were always, on the tip of her tongue,
articulating them was always the difficult part.”

Friday, 17th February 2017

Assalamualaykum ~
Peace Be Upon you~ 318 more words