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God's Will

“The will of God is the Word of God” a brilliant billboard reads. Truth. We cannot know God’s will if we do not read His Word for they are the same. Read some truth today. 😄❤


A hard good-bye

I’ve been messaging with this smart, intelligent, good looking, funny guy for the last three weeks or so. He seemed to be genuinely interested in me as well. 141 more words

Back from Tech Fast

Hi!! I spent a lot of time with the Lord this last week. I always want more time but unending time will be soon coming. For now, I have some thoughts: 699 more words


The Blue Embrace

The sea was calling.
As I stood on the edge of the world
I imagined everything suddenly
turning on it's side.
The water below moved over the rocks
like cells dividing, 
and the rocks sang warning to the sea
to open her weary arms
to me.


Duality is Oneness in Action - God in Action

Oneness is Reality (God), and this is a mystery.

Nature is Reality, and this is a mystery.

Duality is Reality (God) on stage.

Duality is divinity on stage (both the stage and the actors) 201 more words