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This is one of my absolute favorite uplifting videos. Back in the beginnings of Fearsome Beard we posted this in its entirety. That old link has been removed. 57 more words


Waiting on the One

Good evening, friends! I write this in the midst of a twelve-hour-long graveyard shift so forgive me if I am not completely coherent. Just be grateful it’s not so late that I am composing songs to mice, as I did between 3am and 5am last night. 985 more words



Yesterday I found a new (to me) blog called Raising my Rainbow. I found it while wading through the train wreck of negative political crap that I can’t seem to stop looking at these days over on The Huffington Post. 1,356 more words


25 Things I've Learned About Living a Fulfilling Life

So I have this wall in my bedroom. The wall itself is unspectacular and as common as they come. But I have filled it with words written on sticky notes with what I want to remember, with things I want to be reflected by my life. 728 more words


Seasoned Dreamers

A senior dating site had brought Alfonso and Benita together. Despite both being twice-divorced, they were hopeless romantics. After months of chatting online, they arranged to meet at a local restaurant. 85 more words

Short Stories

Voting Ballots and The Magic Eight Ball

This is a big election. It’s a big election in every possible way. It’s a big election even in the size of the California ballot. My Ballot was two pages each 18 inches long and double sided. 367 more words


Choices of Reflection

A lot has happened in my lifetime. Most recently, I think of Daddy most, but I have lost many friends and family along the way and we’re I to focus on that, pretty sure I’d go crazy. 236 more words