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Tangled in a Puzzle

Since enduring a lot of stuff in the last month or two, the deep decline in my daddy’s health, loss of a two very loved friends, homeschooling, band changes, new cleaning jobs, and other things and regular duties of taking care of our house and kids on top of all that, I have discovered something life changing about myself. 298 more words


Nailed it! :)

There was some turbulence and tension in the relationship with JM. Reason – no date for what now is most likely to turn into four weeks. 729 more words


Chavvot; In the anime ‘Death Parade’ (in the episode finale), grandma asks:

“How do you convey your feelings?”

To which Chiyuki answers: “Through words”

Grandma replies: “Maybe that’s why they made the girl out to be deaf, to imply that there are other ways to convey your feelings.”


Weary thirty

Dear my online diary which everyone can see,

I am thirty already and I am not at my best state of faith. That is a shame because I have been better in some variables. 125 more words


Novel Five

I first conceived of my fifth novel back when I was studying ancient history. It’s an idea I’ve been mulling over for a very long time, and like a good wine, it’s been improving as it ages. 523 more words


The Cost of Something

Even good things cost something.

However, bad things cost more.

To everything there is an associated cost.

Now, whether it be encouraging or discouraging depends on your own judgement. 38 more words


Too many times but when I say HOLD ON

Too many times that you thought people are there for you

Too many times that you believe that it is true

Too many times that you let yourself be broken… 154 more words