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Don't Forget about Yourself...

In my recent reading, there is one thing of many that sticks out.  We are not taught that we should love ourselves, as we are, as we will be, as anything.  229 more words


Life, living it on life's terms

Many of you long time Fearsomebeard readers know that Fearsome and I are sober. We stopped drinking and using any and all drugs almost four years ago. 466 more words


I really don't know

Sometimes, I wonder why people do the things they do. I for one wonder why I say the things I say. I can say speaking without thinking is a bad habit of mine. 70 more words


Another onset of paranoia

Yesterday G. said he didn’t sleep well on Saturday night (when we were together). Today he also messaged that he felt very tired when he went to bed last night. 109 more words


October 4 2015

I read a sermon this morning relating to today’s gospel reading according to Luke. The message of the sermon related to our capacity to love those who hate us, forgive those who hurt us, endure those who make us suffer. 1,216 more words


So I told G.

In a message recently that I wanted him to know that last night made me feel the he did before I left for vacation – that I really wanted to try and make this work. 143 more words

Call me superstitious

I went on my Match.com account to cancel it, got to the place where you do so, but instead just saw that it is active for yet another month and left it be. 105 more words