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I Owe a Debt

Other than student loans, which are literally the value of half our house (9 years to be a doctor, oy). Other than that, we have no unusual debts – no credit card debt or store debt and caught up on utilities, etc- and thank God for that blessing. 215 more words


On Saying It

Sometimes things go well

Sometimes it’s eggshells

You never know which it will be.

Trying to balance it

With unknown ups and downs

Is a very bleak reality. 43 more words


Statistics on & The Definition of Pornography Addiction I Often Cite


This is a problem in our society and unfortunately also in our churches. It is pretty alert and indicative of moral decline that cannot possibly put us in a good light with God. 26 more words


why do we get lonely in crowds?

I am about as introverted as it gets. In my life, loneliness has for the most part been a foreign feeling, something fleeting and easily remedied by a quick message to a friend or a family film. 425 more words