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Not Just Another Bleeding-Heart Liberal

I’m not just another bleeding-heart liberal. It’s much worse than that. I am a Christian who actually believes in the teachings of Christ—and strives to follow his example in my daily life. 941 more words



When I sit at home alone I feel powerless.

When I focus only on myself I am powerless.

When I worry I reinforce being powerless. 111 more words


New Pathways

I have moved. And with moving, I’ve discovered how much like a cat I am. Disoriented by my new surroundings. Thrilled by the new sights and smells and sounds, and yet yearning to find my quiet spot. 239 more words


I share my bed with the music I stole.

Nighttime is when you feel
the weight of a world
pushing down; that is to say,
your soul
or your heart slowly slowly beating. … 520 more words


parade, ballad, masquerade

Parade, ballad, masquerade,
The ways walk on a static beat
Wall swang through the glass
Full of that favorite alcoholic drink,
Microwave just heated up pop-corn, 503 more words


More cowbell

What goes up,

Must come down.

Spinnin’ wheel, got to go ’round.

Keeping our sanity.

Life, culture, politics, values… everything cycles. Keeping perspective of that helps me deal with change. 35 more words