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View from my dinner table

I’m back in Ft. Lauderdale.

I took a walk on the beach both before and after dinner. I got the news today that my father’s cancer has returned. 107 more words


whoa. Not everyone

sees the world the way I do.

isn’t that crazy?


Contemplations as the Curtain Falls

The thrusting dissonant orchestra of cicada.

The bells at the courthouse announcing 11 o’clock.

The gentle buzz of air in motion.

The passing roar of a vehicle. 844 more words



That’s what I am doing – it’s not a fall, it’s a misstep. Dance on, beauty, dance on!

Something I was able to pinpoint texting

You know, I think it’s rather G., cause when I went for the second round of dating, the two guys (I’m counting J. in) of the three I ditched weren’t bad, they had their flaws (lots of tattoos for one, too smooth for the other), but the more I think, the more I realize that the reason was probably they weren’t him. 30 more words

I've been to a happy place today

Sitting on a Forrest Gump bench between G. and clueless Dutch buddy, smoking and exchanging jokes. Some moments you want to freeze, frame and put away deep in your memory to come back to them and feel the warmth from it.

Hello Coloring Fans!

I can’t believe how popular adult coloring has become lately! I started drawing my own coloring pages for fun years ago, never knowing how big it would become. 219 more words