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I look at you in envy
I see all that you have and wonder what my life would be like if I were you
I should be grateful… 76 more words


Walking Through Illness

So all of us except my youngest have been through the two week cold that is going around. I reject illness so have only been slightly inconvenienced and just had congestion in the morning. 351 more words


Just enough

Look at the glass. Would you say that it’s half empty or half full? 

The answer to this simple question will supposedly reveal your perspective on life. 671 more words

Life And Stuff

Whoa! That's a first one!

I nosedived into dicksands and didn’t notice until I got a slap in the face. Interesting!

One of those tough lessons from life. I definitely need to revise my controls.

The Wandering Ponderer

If you are what you are, then what do you ponder?

If you are where you are, then what do you seek?

Though the world spins again and again, 91 more words


Fake it 'Til You Make it

I heard that slogan and, not being a big slogan girl, rolled my eyeballs and thought it was stupid. Those who don’t know me, I am about as real as it gets. 402 more words


Acta Non Verba

The subject of how things work (or rather don’t work) in relationships has been in the air for me for some time now.

I just read yet another article where the author condemned when someone declares they would love to take the other to Paris, or how their children together would definitely look great etc. 171 more words