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These are fake photographs. They were manipulated before the camera shutter had even been opened. They were then processed into their current form using a combination of artificial intelligence and natural stupidity. 14 more words

Visual Art

Eddi Prabandono: Inspired By Transportation and Change

The sight of a Vespa motor scooter towering overhead seems improbable, even when witnessed firsthand. The bike’s running board, elongated into a series of loops running from the handlebar and front wheel to the scooter’s trademark rear-based engine and seat, are a surrealist flight of fancy worthy of Salvador Dali and the melted clocks of the Surrealist great’s masterpiece “The Persistence of Memory.” 1,188 more words

Art In More Ways Than One

Artists Are Putting A New Twist On Some Old Things

The set of old-fashioned chairs around the small round table, which seemed to be transplanted from a 19th century cottage, epitomized controlled chaos. Suspended in midair, the chairs seemed to defy gravity as well as time and space. 842 more words

Art In More Ways Than One

milan on VIEW

Santiago Sierra | PAC
PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea in Milan presents MEA CULPA, the first extended Italian anthology dedicated to conceptual artist Santiago Sierra. Santiago sierra was born in Madrid in 1966, where he lives and works. 1,214 more words
What's On Super

A Whole Lot of Crazy: A Visual Analysis of Jasper Johns’ According to What

Karina Gunadi, University of Pennsylvania

Who decides what counts as “art”? Why do some blank canvasses belong in museums, costing thousands of dollars, while others are left in the back of your studio closet, untouched and forgotten? 1,363 more words


"The gallery" by Smug One in Glasgow, Scotland

Australian born, Glasgow based artist, Sam Bates (Smug-One) is the street artist of photo-realism. His portraits are based on real photographs from which Smug emphasizes the features caricatures. 154 more words