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Building the Handmade Movement, one Cup at a Time

It’s a cold February day and Rachael Kroeker is in her Arlington Street studio, pouring slip cast clay into plaster moulds. She skillfully trims the excess clay from the rims of cups that have already started drying. 668 more words


Glaze experimentation - memory and sentimentality

Continuing with my glaze experimentation I began the ongoing tradition of submerging extruder parts in various glazes to see how the various chemicals react with one another, more so experimenting with volcanic sand in various glazes and porcelains to test and push its reactive qualities after a friend showed me various effects of the volcanic sand on a variety of ceramic bodies. 278 more words

Fine Art

Bente Skjøttgaard - cumulonimbus/2014

the Scandinavian sculptor/ceramicist Bente Skjottgaard creates beautifully unique ‘cloud’ series, in which glaze consumes ceramic and is married and entangled with concept and process. Scientific in nature and source the cloud series transform cloud cluster into imaginary cloud compositions in which narrative takes over. 176 more words

Fine Art

Per B Sunderberg - idyllic yet brutal beauty

Much like many ceramicists of Sunderberg’s generation, there is little written about the artist. For myself, to describe the ceramic vessels of Per B Sunderberg as inefficacious would be inaccurate.   230 more words

Fine Art

Rafa Perez -shaped by volcanic heat: material tension

Maybe this is just a side effect of the cold rain hitting my windows, but I really appreciate the way fire appears to have left artifacts of itself behind in the finished products.

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One fine autumn day the jugs noticed a lot of activity. A large roll of bubble wrap had just arrived and the Maker was doing a headless chicken impersonation. 81 more words


October Project 2016: Trevor Fry

$ùDirty Tricks&©

A show by Trevor Fry

Opening Friday 28th October 2016, 6-8pm
Visiting hours 11-5pm, Sat & Sun 9-30th October

In the spirit of DIY, provisionality and making do, this show is thrown together from some new work still in progress, some old unfinished work and some half-baked ideas dreamed up at the last moment. 53 more words