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On Break


I grabbed my phone and turned off the alarm. Then began the ultimate battle of the universe: getting out of bed.

I bent over the edge of my mattress and saw Nathan snoozing happily on the bunk below me. 411 more words


Why Every Prayer Begins and Ends with Praise

“Why should I praise God? Because it gets my focus off myself and onto God — so I can talk to Him and not at him. 383 more words

Christian Living

The Church Doesn't Have To Be Cool: Genuine Is Good Enough

Fifteen years ago I was involved in starting a new Lutheran church in the metro Phoenix area of Arizona. Under the guidance of the home mission board I was encouraged to consider successful models of contemporary and innovative churchmanship seen at Willow Creek, and Saddleback among others and see what could be adapted in our Lutheran context. 246 more words

Contemporary Christianity

Z: Encountering a Soldier at Zhongdu

During my four week stay at Beijing, which is also known as Zhongdu (an old Chinese word meaning “Central Capital”), I encountered all sorts of aspects of Chinese life. 269 more words


Voyage of Discovery: The Lost Benefit of Reading

Children are often encouraged to read as an avenue to travel to distant lands through their imagination.  This is a useful way of describing to a child the power of imagination and the magic of reading.  320 more words


Chapter on African Christianity in Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity

The new Handbook of Global Contemporary Christianity has just been published by Brill. Edited by Stephen J. Hunt (University of the West of England, Bristol), this volume maps the transformations, as well as the continuities, of the largest of the major religions. 172 more words


How It Works (Part 2)

I tried in my previous “Primer” to describe contemporary Christian sensibilities on the question of homosexuality (with sex-same marriage as the hot-button issue). I wasn’t quite putting myself in the shoes of, say, conservative Christians; but I was trying to avoid the easy, polemical attributions of outsiders. 1,717 more words

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