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Baptism: What Are We Missing?

Sadly, the teaching and practice of baptism is a conflicted issue among Christians. Talk to ten different churches in any community and one will certainly hear at least several different views, if not more, expressed about baptism. 1,359 more words


Reclaiming The Way of Jesus

As you know, Christianity began as a very counter-cultural movement of Jesus followers. As communities of believers, these disciples gave total allegiance to Jesus and proclaimed him, who was crucified, as the resurrected Lord and Messiah. 722 more words

Kingdom Of God

Easter: The Day After and The Days To Come

I stopped in the store yesterday afternoon to pick up a few groceries and walked by what remains of the Easter candy. All the candy was marked down. 776 more words


Palm Sunday: A Familiar Story?

This Sunday, as winter gives way to spring, this Sunday is Palm Sunday. For Christians, per the Christian calendar, it is that time when we anticipate Jesus entering into Jerusalem to lay his life down. 596 more words


Church In An Age of Angry Politics

I grew up in LaPorte, Indiana, a small working-class town an hour from Chicago. The picture to the left of downtown is looking west to the courthouse. 1,073 more words

Kingdom Of God

Book Review: AHA - The God Moment that Changes Everything

Every Christmas my wife and I swap spiritual gifts along with the other goodies…a little something to fill our spiritual tank for the upcoming year. This year I unwrapped a copy of AHA: The God Moment that Changes Everything. 188 more words


Andy Stanley and A Lesson on Good Character

I don’t remember much about the message I preached on Christian worship at that particular church gathering but I do remember the criticism that I received afterwards. 711 more words