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Book Review: Finding Truth

It has been suggested that we are entering a “golden age” of Christian apologetics. One of the leading voices of this “age” is Nancy Pearcey. 326 more words

Reading Excerpts

Ministry and Envy

Everyone wants to be appreciated for the good they do and at some level, everyone needs to feel appreciated. That includes pastors too. Although the ultimate reward for all Christian service comes from God, its hard for anyone to keep giving their best when their best seems to go unnoticed or is continuously met with criticism. 497 more words


Reading Scripture: Christianity and Church Community

One of the challenges that Christians face in North America is the individualism that we filter the Christian faith through. We do this because we are culturally conditioned as residents within North America which is shaped predominately by Western thought that is individualistic. 307 more words


Whose Side Are You Standing On?

Last Tuesday, March 3rd, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was in the United States speaking to Congress. Predictably, his appearance and speech was a political moment that showed the great polarization between Democrats and Republicans. 1,074 more words


Food for Thought-What the Dress Can Teach the Mainline Church

People will devote a few moments of their time to consider the most inane and pointless questions. This is the existential reality of social media. This is what I learned from last weekend’s viral epidemic known as “what color is the dress”. 353 more words

Food For Thought

Becoming Responsible For Our Faith

Few Christians, if any, move into to a new town and just decide to join the church that meets closest to their house, like the church around the corner. 994 more words


Christians: Not of the World?

“Be in the world but not of the world!”

It’s a well known phrase that has been preached in many sermons and repeated by many, many more Christians. 811 more words