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Daily Dose of Classical // Day 20: My Father Knew Charles Ives: I. Concord- John Adams

This first number of John Adams’  “My Father Knew Charles Ives” trilogy is my favorite, and for a minimalist work, it travels a great distance in terms of harmony and motive. 161 more words


Black Seas of Infinity: The Alien Sound-World of Georg Friedrich Haas

Music, always inhospitable to ekphrasis or literary description, seems doubly so when it’s not even typically ‘musical’, which the sound-worlds of the contemporary Austrian composer Georg Friedrich Haas are not. 408 more words


vibraphone | timpani | choir | viola [2015-20]

I had posted a version of this work several days ago but took it down almost immediately.  After living with it, I decided it needed some editing.  50 more words

Contemporary Classical

Slamet Abdul Sjukur: Sekilas Musik Barat di Indonesia

Rekaman suara Slamet A. Sjukur di tahun 1988, melalui siaran radio Belanda, Radio Hilversum yang adalah saluran internasional masa itu, membahas seputar kehadiran dan persentuhan Indonesia dengan Musik Barat. 244 more words

Audio CD

The Story of Concert Programming

Today we are discussing programming.

The question: what is ‘good programming’? What, in my mind, constitutes a quality program? What is the glue that ties works together? 629 more words


Untitled duet

This is a pseudo-classical duet for soprano and tenor with very spare guitar accompaniment. The sound file is just MuseScore’s rendering. My girlfriend and I toyed around with trying to sing it, but you wouldn’t want to hear the results of our brief essays. 151 more words


(New Album Review) Matthew Mercer- Supernatant

Criminally overlooked electronic producer Matthew Mercer has been putting out dynamite for over a decade both under his own name and as one half of the electro-pop duo Microfilm. 266 more words