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Untitled duet

This is a pseudo-classical duet for soprano and tenor with very spare guitar accompaniment. The sound file is just MuseScore’s rendering. My girlfriend and I toyed around with trying to sing it, but you wouldn’t want to hear the results of our brief essays. 151 more words


(New Album Review) Matthew Mercer- Supernatant

Criminally overlooked electronic producer Matthew Mercer has been putting out dynamite for over a decade both under his own name and as one half of the electro-pop duo Microfilm. 266 more words

Chronicling My Creative Process - Entry #4


Okay, this is what happens. i get totally busy, can’t really focus, continue to practice the piece – with limited results – can kind of tell what it is missing but can’t tell exactly what that is. 176 more words


A Step Into Spain: Sara Cubarsi Performs 'For Now'

I don’t often bring too much attention to repeat performances, especially not in retrospect, but, in this case, I simply have to make an exception. 238 more words



For this piece (and the one in the previous post) I was asked if I could do something less obtrusive. That was the condition for getting the gig, so I had to comply, but I did it in my own sly way. 159 more words


Album Review: Dan Deacon - Gliss Riffer

What comes across as effortless whimsy often circulates through the inner workings of Dan Deacon’s brain for hours. During a recent interview, the iconic Baltimore-based producer opened up about a stress addiction where he “liked to do the most logistically impractical things, like adding 20 people to my band and touring on a bus that runs on garbage, just to create situations that were impossible. 831 more words

Album Reviews

Dan Deacon: Weird Transparency

Dan Deacon is going to Australia. He’s concerned his copy of Jim Fricke and Charlie Ahearn’s Yes Yes Y’all won’t arrive in time. He seems anxious about it for a split second, but then his worry lines vanish into a wide, bearded grin. 2,903 more words

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