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Racial Reconciliation and The Romans Road to Salvation

Ask any group of Christians what there favorite book of the Bible is and more than a few will mention Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Then ask these Christians how Romans might speak to the issues of racism that have never gone away in America and you’re likely to see some very puzzled facial expressions. 948 more words


Getting to Know Seattle: Single Malt Tasting at Bookstore Bar

Not many of my friends are Scotch lovers, but Nicki and John are. On Sunday late afternoon we went to the Bookstore Bar at the Alexi Hotel for our own single malt tasting: flights of Scotch, and single malt whiskeys from Japan, many of which are quite good. 30 more words


The Vegetarian (415)

Over break let’s all read Han Kang’s very short novel and watch this film adaptation. Remember, the latter is no substitute for the former.

Contemporary Culture

SHORT STORY - Flying Solo: Jessica Bonder

Jessica Bonder is an American fiction writer. She has published short stories in The Stockholm Review, The Lonely Crowd, STORGY Magazine, Split Lip Magazine, Black Heart Magazine, The Writing Disorder, … 2,366 more words


ART - Kuukua Wilson

Kuukua Wilson is a Ghanaian-American Painter and Scientific Illustrator based in the United States and the Netherlands.  Her creative works focus mainly on storytelling about the intricate complexities of life. 193 more words


Getting to Know Seattle: Bright and Shiny and Ready for Spring

The rent-via-an-app-on-your-phone bikes are lined up, bright and shiny and ready to go. They look more appealing now than when they were drenched with rain and had soggy seats.


Ladies in Retirement

Weirdly this story could also be a romantic comedy. 6 more words

Contemporary Culture