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A romantic getaway for an interior freak: Hotel Klaus K

I love my kids. More than anything in the world. But to be honest, sometimes I miss the feeling when we were just the two of us – me and my husband. 733 more words

Contemporary Design

Modesty Veiled

Driade Modesty Veiled by Italo Rota

As steadfast Driade fans, we have been collecting and admiring their creations for some time. I want to say decades, but in all honesty, it is more along the lines of decade… Our most recent obsession is Modesty Veiled. 151 more words


DIY Project; chairs for the home office

As much as I love designer furniture I happen to think that having only designer furniture is no fun. I like to mix all eras in interior designing. 394 more words

Contemporary Design

August Birthstone Inspiration: Peridot in Your Home

Peridot is the official birthstone for August and comes from deep inside the Earth, usually brought out by volcanoes. The gemstone is known for its healing properties and acts as an auspicious stone for power and influence. 480 more words



My livingroom has a beautiful contemporary fireplace in the middle of the room. On both sides of the fireplace are large windows that bring a lot of natural light into the room. 422 more words

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Drawing on the sun and sky

The sight of the sun’s rays cracking up a clear, blue sky is one of nature’s cherished treats. One way of making sure the feeling this yellow-on-blue palette conjures does not fade with the dusk or disappear with the arrival of winter is to mirror it in one of your spaces. 56 more words

Imola by BoConcept

Yes, I would say it was love at first sight. I mean who wouldn’t fall for the wide shoulders and tight hips? Who wouldn’t like to relax at the end of a day in the arms of this gentle but strong creature? 246 more words

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