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Getting the Best Contemporary Leather Sofa for Your Home

Contemporary leather sofa come with some very special features. This type of high quality furnishing has a gorgeous, natural texture, yet leather furniture is very easy to take care of. 450 more words

Contemporary Furniture

Make The Best Home Office Desk Selections From South Florida Furniture Stores

Nowadays, home offices have become popular trend. In order to make it work and keep you and your staff comfortable through the day, you require appropriate furniture. 458 more words

Furniture with Paint - collaborations with Garrett Hack

Detail painted panel “Port” 2012 collaboration with furniture maker Garrett Hack

Please scroll down for more images. 91 more words

Garrett Hack

Infinity Console

The Infinity Consoledesigned by my wife Kazuko Hoshino was created to provide contrast between the traditional detailing and woodwork throughout a client’s home. This piece is great if you are looking to add contemporary furniture to a home with  traditional style.

Infinity Console

Studio William Hefner

Implement Your Home Interiors With Unique Modern Furniture Miami

Exquisite furniture is an integral part of your home interior. A beautiful sofa or a classic designer bed will enhance the interior beauty of your house by quite a few notches. 452 more words