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The New Cooperative Economy in Cuba

In an effort to jump start Cuba’s sluggish economy, the administration of President Raul Castro initiated a series of largely market-oriented economic reforms several years ago. 568 more words


On the Occasion of Netanyahu's Speech- Israel has a Right to Self-Defense

I’m studying in the topic of national sovereignty, and while I don’t have all of the know,edge I want on the topic yet, I’m confident enough to say this- Israel has the right to protect herself. 359 more words

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Selfishness is Good Business

The journey of life is not complete in the entirety of its existence when apt privileges fail to serve its very purpose. The long drive to be successful and accomplished is deeply in-grained in the human DNA, whether it is for the better or worse of the lot. 345 more words


What Does the Bible Say About That? A Biblical Worldview Curriculum for Children

What Does the Bible Say About That? A Biblical Worldview Curriculum for Children

by Kevin Swanson

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Defense Against Defence Propaganda?

It is God’s duty to forgive the enemies, but it’s our duty to convene a meeting between the two

Note: I am no intellectual, I am merely sharing an experience and my musings on the same with a neutral audience.

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Cuban Repression Rears its Head

The Castro government unleashed a new wave of political repression in Cuba over the weekend. More than 200 dissidents were reportedly rounded up by Cuban authorities and detained for a short period. 502 more words

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Love for Those in Need on St Valentine's Day in the Diocese of Cork

The Reverend Elaine Murray, who is Rector of Carrigaline in the Diocese of Cork, and also¬†Children’s Ministry Coordinator in the United Diocese of Cork, Coyne and Ross, made a Saint Valentine’s Day appeal to parishes recently. ¬† 154 more words

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