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Doctor's Appointment

Doctor’s Appointment

Why does waiting fill me with such apprehension
Alert for that buzzer, body tight with tension
Trying to appear cool, calm and collected… 271 more words

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Crowd Behaviour at Sporting events

Crowd behaviour at sporting events have been one of many contemporary issues affecting the events industry. Sporting bodies such as FIFA, FA, and many others have had keen interest in addressing this issue of which slogans, banners and word of mouth have been used to address the various or types of crowd behaviour at every sporting event. 1,440 more words

Contemporary Issues

2017 Event Predictions

If ever there was an industry that was forever changing, evolving and adopting new methods for each aspect of the market, it was the events industry. 775 more words

Contemporary Issues

The Age of Social Media

Social media marketing, often referred to as digital marketing is not a new concept in 2017. However, the methods in which companies and agencies are marketing through social media forums has… 722 more words

Contemporary Issues

What's In This For Me?

A millennial is “a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century” often referred to as generation Y (Oxford Dictionaries, 2017).

It has been said that millennials have increasingly strange characteristics, this means that their expectations from business, private life and events have key differences to those generations before them. 790 more words

Contemporary Issues

Your Cozy Little Eggshell

Not that I’m angry but you never seem to see
What is as obvious to me as a great big tree!
Temperatures are rising causing tidal waves… 140 more words


Cold Calling

Cold Calling

The phone rings and we react in a Pavlovian way
Only to find that we have once again become prey
To those anonymous callers who want us to respond… 215 more words

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