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Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

As we look up towards the skies

The moon will block light from the Sun
As its shadow will our globe o’er run… 150 more words

Contemporary Issues

Find the Face of a Stranger: A Message to My Brothers

The heart is a womb.
To give birth to
Something other than fear
We must be impregnated with Love.
This is the virgin birth,
That Love makes love… 111 more words


Three Simple Pleasures

Three Simple Pleasures


Returning to the reassuring comfort of
your car after a long walk in the countryside
The clunk of the door closing… 146 more words

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A Gift of Charity

Nearly ten years ago I wrote four ‘living eulogies’ about people who had influenced my life in ways impossible to measure. These four folks—three men, one woman—were believers who had shaped my thinking, infused me with direction and purpose, inspired me to press on, and pointed me to Christ. 852 more words

Contemporary Issues

Computer Literacy is not just coding

by Liza Loop

Does everyone need to know how to program a computer? This is a question we have been addressing at LO*OP Center since its inception in 1975. 323 more words


Auld Claes and Parritch

Auld Claes and Parritch

Like all good things, it must come to an end
And there is no chance that it will extend
I mean those joyous six weeks of school holidays… 200 more words

Poems On The Theme Of Living Our Lives

Charlottesville, VA, Saint Peter, You and Me - A Homily

Homily for Nineteenth Sunday of Ordinary Time

By Fr. James DiLuzio C.S.P.

1 Kings 19:13-19

Gospel of Matthew 14: 22-33



Some people shout but never say anything. 1,262 more words