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We have the right and responsibility to vote. But, I am not sure we have equality.

We are still shackled by patriarchy.

We must look a certain way or we are dismissed. 371 more words

My Musings

Shiny New Car

Shiny New Car

I should probably feel somewhat ashamed
But our latest possession I have to proclaim
We’ve traded in our old car in part-exchange… 234 more words

Poems On The Theme Of Living Our Lives

The Wrong Kind of Certainty

Recently I responded to an article in our paper by a local pastor.  I sent a letter to the editor.  You can read the pastor’s article… 391 more words

Contemporary Issues

Let the Train Take the Strain

Let the Train Take the Strain

Recently I found myself on a variety of trains for a prolonged
Rail journey through various European countries
It’s amazing how many organisations are now in the… 345 more words

Poems On The Theme Of Living Our Lives

100 Words on the Olympics

Recently, someone at the office drew a comparison between the number of medals won by India & Spain. Worst comparison ever!

Although talent matters, when all is said and done, wealthier countries stand a much better chance of winning (more) medals. 152 more words

Contemporary Issues

The Value of Faith

Amid the election uproar, an important economic study issued quietly concerning the “value” of faith expressed in cash terms.  Those leading the jihad against Christianity would do well to read it and then figure out how they will replace the more than USD 1 trillion plus in economic benefits currently provided by the faithful. 645 more words

​Councillors back move to ban The Sun being sold in Liverpool

City councillor have unanimously backed a live to stop retailers in Liverpool from selling The Sun.

The newspaper has been widely boycotted in the city because of the lies that was printed in their paper following the Hillsborough disaster. 276 more words