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Sugarcoatin' is for Candy, and Pacifyin' is for Kids! #RRBC

SYNOPSIS: Ever have things on your mind that you really want to get off, but you’re afraid you might hurt someone’s feelings? OR, you’re afraid someone just might get upset and BLOW UP at you? 308 more words


Cork, Cloyne and Ross initiative for 20-30 year olds

The figures show that there are only 6-7% of our  20-30’s in church on a Sunday. Could this be the impetus we need to make changes that are long overdue – because if we get this right for this generation then possibly, just possibly the church might turn a corner and grow?

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Annual IDAHOT Day Service in Saint Anne's Church, Shandon, Cork

Last Sunday, 22nd May was Trinity Sunday, which highlights the loving unity, harmony and inclusiveness of the Triune God.  This year it coincided with the annual Service in St Anne’s Church,  Shandon, Cork to mark IDAHOT Day (International Day against Homophobia).   83 more words


Salah behind Wahabies (Fatwa from Hazrat Allamah Shah Turaabul Haq Saheb)

Q:      Can the people, who go to perform Hajj, pray Salah behind the Imam who happens to be someone that does not follow any of the four Imams? 1,175 more words

Islamic History

The Sixth Sense

I have experienced a special ability to know something that cannot be learned by using the five senses. This occurs when I take a step of faith and claim one of the many promises God offers those who believes Him and trusts fully in His word. 957 more words

Spiritual Life

Jesus Destroys Satan's Works

There are some scriptures in the book of 1st John that seemingly contradict one another. However, we must examine them closely in order to discern what John is talking about. 597 more words

Spiritual Life