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Prodigal Species

For some time now, centuries,
We have been leaving home
Inheritance in our pocket
To live in a foreign land.

You know the story,
The all-nighters, 113 more words


Amidst Falling Leaves

How beautiful
To look around
And say with full and open heart,
“How beautiful,”
And walk away
With no worry ever to return.

What freedom… 101 more words


The Unwelcome Pause

The Unwelcome Pause

You are happily working on your machine
When the swirling beach ball hits the screen
Perhaps it’s simply meant to entertain
Let’s hope not the harbinger of pain… 172 more words

Poems On The Theme Of Living Our Lives

Myths We Can't Do Without

Myths We Can’t Do Without

The unicorn is a mythical beast whose existence is problematical
But it does not really affect us if its hooves we ne’er hear patter… 247 more words

Contemporary Issues

A Gift of Charity, Part 2: The Body of Christ at Work

Two months ago I posted a blog called “A Gift of Charity.” It was about my friend, Ed Komoszewski, whose health has been in very bad shape for many years. 787 more words

Contemporary Issues

Why should the country not sleep

When Westlife croons,

I have a dream, a fantasy

To help me through reality

And my destination makes it worth the while

Pushing through the darkness, still another mile,

1,050 more words
Contemporary Issues

Who Needs Archives?

Who Needs Archives?

At first sight a rather uninviting prospect
Endless shelves, perhaps victims of neglect
Yet contained in these dusty annals there is life… 392 more words

Contemporary Issues