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What To Do In 100 Days

While President Buhari may have intended to observe the 100th day anniversary of his Presidency on a low key, members of the political opposition clearly had other plans and were quick to point out how the President had failed to deliver on his electoral promises. 534 more words

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Blue Stuffed Chair

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One of those weeks ...

When you don’t schedule your time effectively you fail to meet deadlines.

Ask me. I know.

I am so far behind in so much at the moment. 267 more words


Can Nigerians Delay Gratification?

After a rather intense day in court, I began to wonder the challenges I am to face in the legal profession. If I must fulfill my dreams of achieving success at the highest level in the profession, I must brace up to the challenges and encumbrances that may,easily,stand in the way of my progress and still emerge unscathed. 592 more words

Contemporary Issues

The Realities For Some 

As you know, I’m a high school English teacher in an urban ‘disadvantaged’ area near Sydney in New South Wales in Australia. And you probably know that I love my job because I love my kids. 1,024 more words

My Musings


President Muhammadu Buhari’s appointment of some of his administration’s most key officials has set off a firestorm of condemnation, with critics characterising the nominations as overwhelmingly lopsided, lacking in gender balance and regional equity. 414 more words

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Can He Be ‘Compelled’ To Change His Name?

The reported story of an Indonesian man named ‘Tuhan’ is intriguing. By accounts,that is the name he was given at birth. In his language however, the name means ‘God’. 574 more words

Contemporary Issues