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Resin windows

Progress from foggy geometric resin froms, to slightly shinier pieces after much elbow grease. I have also developed the design to include Maine metal tubing inside the forms to imitate struts inside a greenhouse and also to reflect the Rubin used for the rivets that go through the resin. 58 more words

Red stone sterling silver ring

Sterling silver bands and bubbles creating not your usual wide ring. Red stone, which is a dark red or bordeaux if you like agate, vibrates surrounded by silver.  88 more words


For my expansive module this semester I’ve been looking at movement, and after a lot of research I’ve been really enjoying looking into the movement of fabric in the wind, and how I can solidify this in one piece. 171 more words



So recently I’ve been doing a lot of delft casting, which includes a lot of making a mess of the workshop with sand and scrambling around for scraps of pewter to recycle. 207 more words


Box of Delights - 2 week project

It’s been a while, but it’s been so busy! They really threw us in at the deep end to kick start third year with an intense 2 week project that ran alongside starting up our Personal Development 2 project. 135 more words

100 days 100 necklaces - Day 40

I had kept those glasses for a bad day, like you keep your joker in your hand, waiting for the right time in the game to play it. 463 more words