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Dusk: a blade of honey between our shadows, draining.

From Ocean Vuong’s ‘On Earth We Are Briefly Gorgeous‘.


sun snorts the snorkel


sun snorts the snorkel  (  s o m e  r h y m e s  )

mist whips the vicar & tryst jams the jangles

rip quips the river & flip flops the flow

egg kegs the kestrel & leg spans the dangles

wing sings the wizard & boat shows the row

land licks the sailor & mop moths the candles

handstands the baker & feet knead the dough

bread bins the tinker & flap cracks the scrambles

tank tops the bottle & grass greens the mow

spleen spins the weaver & clean sweeps the vandal

sea saws the beaver & pin pricks the sew

on swans the plodder & song whales the rambles

ale froths the fodder & drip drops the toe

brick shits the builder & tear snares the brambles

quick sands the gilder & cage caves the crow

pen inks the portal & sword swish the sandals

sun snorts the snorkel & spun spores the glow



ooh aar


ooh  aar  (  a  p o e m  )

calf a hound of fluttery flights

calf a hound of needle

stacks the hay - the honey sews ground

crop crows the eagle




From sermons
Else’s over random radio volume mist, unhappy films in weary
earlier echoes pollution, More threatened static
I honour spirits, kill factory worry… 17 more words

Poetry & Prose

Forever Man

I’m not usually a mourning person

but tomorrow I’ll make an exception.

Like the film Inception

you made no sense to my rose bud mind… 349 more words


Pinocchio - Early Edition


Awake; like empty waves of trains in the bleary morning rush | the daily commute of metal wheeled coffins; tightly grasped by pall bearers—conductors | engineers who seek the high road to Mecca, America’s Freedom Tower; and points South | the Metro sinks to the depth of the burgeoning skyline; traces ghost lines of antiquity | to hug the rails of a fat dollar bill and a hungry New York Daily News. 238 more words

Contemporary Poetry

An Imaginary Embrace

You lie against me like

the ocean on the seabed.

Creatures swim between us

out for blood,

but as I hold your head

I realise they need us… 7 more words