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Trump Builds Wall Made of Mexico: Ends U.S. Asylum for Pass-Through Migrants | YouTube

So, basically, President Trump – famous for saying he would “build a wall and make Mexico pay for it” – has done himself one better: he’s built, as the title of this video puts it, a “wall made of Mexico”! 305 more words

Does Diversity Really Unite Us? Citizenship and Immigration | Imprimis

Historically, constitutional government has been found only in the nation-state, where the people share a common good and are dedicated to the same principles and purposes. 1,191 more words

On Targeting White Males

I think it is well past time to call a halt to the growing tendency of many on the Left of comfortably using racist language in singlng out white males as primarily responsible for social injustice. 529 more words

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Giving Notice

She asks, did you feel that, or

was it Hugo under the bed?

Hugo indeed had flattened himself

against the floor

under the bed, 122 more words