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Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right

The evolution, or, as some would call it, the metastatic mutation, of the Republican party is one of the most unescapable facts of US politics in recent memory. 882 more words


Nationalist Christian Hungary is thriving: rising marriage rates, falling abortions and highest birthrates in 20 years | Voice of Europe

While European nations languish with rapidly declining birthrates, Hungary stands out with rising marriage rates, falling abortions, and its highest birthrate in 20 years, Breitbart reports. 77 more words

The Right to Bear Which Arms? - 2A Interpretation and the Federalist Papers | The Truth About Guns

The 2020 presidential campaigns have just begun, but on the issue of gun control, we’re already hearing a common refrain from numerous candidates: The Second Amendment does not protect anyone’s right to own, as they put it, “weapons of war”… 370 more words

OPINION: HS2 is a waste of money. Let’s scrap it

Amber Rudd, the self-diagnosed ‘kingmaker’ in the upcoming Tory party leadership contest, has stated that her key economic judge of character when choosing who to endorse in the elections is based upon who is going to continue with HS2. 784 more words

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Archie Ratcliffe: For A Confirmatory Vote

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As if politics couldn’t get any more dysfunctional, it was hit by the tsunami that was the European Parliament elections. And what followed that? 621 more words

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Deliberate Amnesia: The Media, Mike Pence, & LGBT Rights

A month or two back, one of the biggest stories about the nascent Democratic Presidential Primary was the “feud” between Pete Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, and Vice President Mike Pence, the former governor of Indiana. 2,216 more words

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