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Fixing Blemishes & Content Aware

To fix a blemish on a picture, you can either use the spot healing tool or the Gaussian tool. During this activity the class used the spot healing tool to remove Morgan Freeman’s blemishes and the rig’s in the black and white photo. 79 more words

Lappa - och lagaverktyget (J)

Thanks to: https://pixabay.com/sv/users/Peggy_Marco-1553824/ – Please mail me if you don´t want me to use your picture. This is only in an educational purpose.


Tutorial - Photoshop: Content Aware Fill

Here’s a quick six step process on how to clean up your photo from any obvious distractions, zits, blemishes, background wires, poles, people, etc.

My inspiration was after we did an assignment in class to erase a dog from a photo and I really enjoyed it. 180 more words

Digital Imaging

Content Aware Image Manipulation

For this task, we used the content aware fill and scale to resize the image. First of all, we expanded the canvas on one side so that there was a blank area to work with. 67 more words

Interactive Media And Games Design

New trending GIF tagged i made this steve...

New trending GIF tagged i made this, steve harvey, family feud, content aware, content aware scale via http://ift.tt/1UlBjv1

Photoshop introducing content-aware crop

Hi friend!

Seen the news? Photoshop is about to introduce content-aware crop. That is something we will surely be happy to have. Check Adobe’s sneak peek on YouTube

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