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for this task, i was given a picture of a beach with loads of footprints, I then had to use the stamp tool to make them disappear and make the beach smooth again.


FINSHED \\content aware

In this weeks lesson we looked at how to use the content aware tool to edit a photograph to extend the photograph beyond its canvas. To do this i used a picture of a beach and sea to extend as the picture is simple and doesn’t have a lot of detail to replicate when learning this technique. 306 more words

Unit 12 - Computers In Art And Design

La Palma Glass Frog Vertical Crop Content-Aware

The above photo is an unedited RAW image file of a La Palma Glass Frog that was photographed at our popular “Dart Frogs of the Amazon Rainforest Photographic Workshops” with a Nikon D500, Nikon 105mm Micro Lens, and a Nikon SB400 Speedlight mounted on a Wimberely F-2 Macro Bracket. 424 more words


Photoshop: Content Awareness and Using Skills I Have Learnt so Far

Today I refined the skills I have learnt from previous tasks and used them to fix an old photo with creases on the surface. The purpose of this task was to recall knowledge on how to non-destructively edit an image as well as to further experiment with using the spot healing tool and clone stamp tool. 644 more words

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Content aware

In my previous lesson we had to repair a damaged black and white image and then we had to colour the image in as realistically as we could. 270 more words

Unit 3, Unit 12 And Unit 53 - 2D Animation

Photoshop Lesson Six - Content Aware

For this lesson our task was to fix a photo from a long time ago. It had creases in it which we had to remove using the clone stamp tool, to do this non-destructively we had to create a layer on top that could also edit the layers underneath. 71 more words