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Herramientas Content-Aware en Photoshop CC

En esta ocasión quiero mostrarles la forma en que uso una de las herramientas que más me gustan de Adobe Photoshop CC; las herramientas de Content Aware, para producir la fotografía de acá abajo. 386 more words


Black Cats

Cat image was edited in Photophop to adjust image size, brightness and contrast. The image of a fourth cat was removed using the “content aware patch tool” and “clone stamp tool”. 11 more words


#Photoshop: Use Perspective Crop

Sometimes you want to straighten out an image to make it look like it is flat, and not at an angle. Luckily Photoshop has the Perspective Crop Tool to make this easy! 289 more words


Processing Tip #3: Be gone!

Most of the time I try to compose my images so as to eliminate distracting or unsightly elements. But every so often, you end up with a garbage can where you don’t want it, you know what I mean? 114 more words


Old photo

Found this picture that I took back in 2011. Had just read an article about PhotoShop and a tool called ‘Content-aware-fill’. I liked the sky in this, so I’ve added some more of it. 6 more words