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#Photoshop: Use Perspective Crop

Sometimes you want to straighten out an image to make it look like it is flat, and not at an angle. Luckily Photoshop has the Perspective Crop Tool to make this easy! 289 more words


Processing Tip #3: Be gone!

Most of the time I try to compose my images so as to eliminate distracting or unsightly elements. But every so often, you end up with a garbage can where you don’t want it, you know what I mean? 114 more words


Old photo

Found this picture that I took back in 2011. Had just read an article about PhotoShop and a tool called ‘Content-aware-fill’. I liked the sky in this, so I’ve added some more of it. 6 more words


Tutorial Photoshop // Menghilangkan Benda Tanpa Menghapus Background + Tips

Dalam suatu gambar pasti ada saja benda yang mengganggu objek, atau benda yang tidak cocok ada disana untuk kepentingan kita. Untuk menghapusnya mau tidak mau kita harus melakukan cara manual, yaitu mencari warna yang pas dengan background, lalu menimpanya dengan ‘Brush’ supaya mirip dengan background. 377 more words

By Shofee

Restoring Trudie Ann Part 3

Cleaning with Healing and Patching tools

In Part 1, I used Camera Raw to make very basic adjustments on the original scan of Trudie Ann. In Part 2, I used the old, but still useful, Dust & Scratches filter to take care of a lot of very minor spots that film scans often have. 1,377 more words


Remove unwanted items

To remove any unwanted items from an image, go to the “Enhance” panel on the left of the screen & click on the icon that looks like a plaster (or band aid), the spot healing tool. 106 more words


Free App: Handy Photo


Handy Photo is from the makers of TouchRetouch (an app that I like to use to remove things from photos) and AntiCrop. It is so full of features, that I recommend you grab it while its free. 593 more words