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5 content marketing tips

It has been widely reported that if you want to grow your business you have to invest in content marketing. We’re told that companies of all sizes simply cannot afford to ignore it any longer. 689 more words


Content Creation: When Are You Ready to Fly Solo?

Have you ever woken up and hated everything? Four years ago, when my writing career became my primary focus, I felt much the same. I hated my job from the hours to the harassment, and I found myself in a surreal situation where a career changing decision had to be made. 2,095 more words

Writing For A Living

Unbelievable. I promise. (Update)

原來呢d 誇張標題網頁係有個名,叫Content Farm…

Read: 「內容農場」滋生 呃Like吸金 標題譁眾取寵 文章真假難分


(Blog post in April 2014) 


I am really annoyed by those trending articles listing out some random collection of facts which end with an extremely exaggerated comments: 108 more words

Content Farm

Confessions of a Paid Churnalist

I’ll admit it: the money was dreadful. Some months, most months, I was lucky when I made a dollar. A buck, a petty king’s ransom, for my heroic writing efforts. 405 more words


Module 6

After being a journalist major, time after time I heard people say that I would never get a job.  Despite writing being everywhere, the rise of social media has all but destroyed print journalism.   412 more words

Week 5

1. Sorry, I’m still waiting on my books to be shipped.

2. I researched how to clean shoes by typing in “cleaning shoes.” One content farm that I found was… 152 more words

Trying to Find a CG Needle in a Virtual Haystack: Attempts at an Online Writing Career

Lately, I’ve revived my attempts at trying to have an online writing career, having been spurred on by seeing those motivational posts about “pursuing my dream” and how “the only person who can cause you to fail is you.”  This means that I have spent a few more hours searching for freelance writing opportunities and then looking for something that is legitimate and not a content farm or an outright scam.   553 more words

Online Writing