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Long on Words, Short on Time? Summon Your Inner Editor

Renowned feminist and social activist bell hooks once wrote:

 No black woman writer in this culture can write “too much.” Indeed, no woman writer can write ‘too much’…No woman has ever written enough.” – …

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A writer is a storyteller.

Someone who creates content that contains a plot and has a beginning, middle and ending.  The story can have 6 words or 60,000 in which the writer shares a message with her audience through the spoken or written word. 394 more words


My top 3 things to consider with AdSense or another PPC.

If you are looking for a career in blog writing, here’s a heads up for you, it won’t happen overnight. Well, maybe it will IF you are already an established top selling author or a celebrity. 868 more words



昨天我發現一個 Facebook 專頁「heaven space」在 Facebook 群組「香港科學教育關注組」上張貼了一篇「Facebook 網誌」,題為「老師眼裡的壞學生」。看了一眼,內容是講愛因斯坦,有點興趣,就點進去閱讀。

讀著,覺得不妥:為什麼用字遣詞有我的風格?仔細一看,原來根本是我自己的文章《科學家巡禮:拋開常識的學者.愛因斯坦 (Albert Einstein)》。此文亦曾轉載於香港各大網媒,回響甚佳,蒙各方錯愛。

我本不打算追究。縱使沒有表明文章作者、擅自更改文章標題,畢竟對方在文末有放上連結(雖然連結也是錯的)。我就用自己的 Facebook 帳號在帖裡留言,提醒其正確的連結。其中亦有朋友質問其專頁與內容農場 (content farm) 風格相似。然而幾小時後,我再到「香港科學教育關注組」,竟發現那帖消失了!

原因當然是對方已把帖刪除。如果不是心虛,為什麼要刪除?我再到「heaven space」的 Facebook 網誌一看,文章仍在,仍舊沒有表明我才是作者、擅自更改了的文章標題仍舊沒改回來。OK fine,即是抄襲文章,想在「香港科學教育關注組」發文呃 like,不料被我(文章作者)發現,急急刪帖怕人知道。

我就在「香港科學教育關注組」發文質問(下圖左)。結果換來對方如此回應(下圖右): 16 more words