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Searching for Patience

I try not to be irritated by the internet. I already have a (somewhat unearned) reputation for being curmudgeonly, just because I can’t bring myself to post out of the mouth of Little Mary Sunshine. 1,475 more words

Real World

In Google we trust

Omniscience. Just like we’d expect from God. All knowing, all seeing.

It’s become a personal god, too, watching our every move, prompting us at every click. 648 more words

Content Farms

If you read much about writing and the Internet, you have no doubt heard of “content farms.” (Sometimes “content farms” are also called “content mills.”) If not, then you may be wondering what they are. 167 more words


Content farms & AOL

Out of all the links listed under the Content & Content Farms lecture, “the AOL way” was the most brutally honest one.  Essentially, its about AOL telling their editors to cover stories that meet specific requirements, such as traffic potential, revenue potential, edit quality and turn-around time.   183 more words

Listicles are for Nazis


The internet is populated by listicles; they are now ubiquitous, finding their way into every corner of cyberspace. It is true that the listicle has been a key feature of modern magazine journalism, but the infinite space of the internet makes them a particularly attractive proposition for… 1,077 more words

Content Mills for Writers.

Today I woke up and felt like writing! This is something I need to take advantage of, because I usually don’t write until late evening. I am attributing this to my… 948 more words

Journalists, or modern day plantation workers?

Could this really be?  Is it possible that most of the articles and videos I tend to view online, were massed produced with the sole purpose of generating my clicks?   540 more words